Supply, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Supply, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS174 - COGENT-174 - Cogent Communications, US
AS6559 - NCIH - State of NC - State Telecommunications Services, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS33749 - ATMC - Atlantic Telephone Membership Corp., US

Supply, North Carolina Streets

2nd Ave SW
3rd Ave SW
4th Ave SW
5th Ave SW
6th Ave SW
7th Ave SW
Abbotts St SW
Aberdeen St SW
Acadian Ave SW
Access Rd SW
Acres St SW
Adams Dr SW
Aire St SW
Alan Trl SW
Al Haynes Rd SW
Alotadoe Rd NW
Alvin St SW
Amberjack St
Amberwood Dr SE
Amy Dr SW
Anchor Dr SW
Andrews Dr SW
Angler Dr SW
Anna St SW
Ann Boney Dr SW
Annies Way
Ann St SW
A Parkers Tate Rd SW
Apollo St SW
Armada St SW
Arrow Wood Rd SW
Arthur St
Asheboro St SW
Ash St SW
Asphodel Dr SW
Aster Ln SW
Atlantic Ct
Augusta Trl SW
Augustine Ave SW
Azalea Dr SW
Bacons Bluff St SW
Bailey Ct SW
Baker Dr SW
Ball Park Loop SW
Balsam Dr SW
Barefoot Bay Pl SW
Barnacle Dr SW
Barracuda St SW
Bass Ave
Bath Way
Battlestar Ct SW
Bayboro Ln SW
Baymeade Trl SW
Bayshore Dr SW
Bayside St SW
Bay St SW
Bayview Dr SW
Beacon Dr SW
Beaufain St SW
Belhaven Dr SW
Bellamy Dr
Bellamy Dr SW
Berry Ln SW
Bessemer Dr SW
Bethany Ct SW
Bexley Ct SW
Big Macedonia Rd NW
Billys Dream Cir SW
Birch St SW
Blackbeard Dr SW
Black Bear Run SW
Blackberry Ln SW
Blackduck St SW
Black Gum St SW
Blackhawk Ln SW
Blackjack St SW
Blanton Rd SE
Blockade Runner Dr
Blossom Trl NW
Bluebird Ln SW
Blue Bounty Rd SW
Blue Dr SW
Bluefine Ter SW
Blue Fish St SW
Blue Marlin St SW
Blue Sky Dr SW
Blue Teal Dr SW
Bob-White Rd
Bocage St SW
Bogie Ct SW
Boonesboro Rd SW
Boones Neck Rd SW
Bowling St
Bowman St SW
Boxwood Ln SW
Boyd St
Breaker Watch Rd
Breaker Watch Rd SW
Breakwater St
Breakwater St SW
Breeze Ln
Brian and Crystal Way NW
Brian Ln SW
Bridgeton St SW
Brittle Star Cir SW
Brixley Way SW
Brookford Ln SW
Brooks Lndg SW
Browns Channel Rd SW
Brunswick Ave E
Brunswick Ave W
Bryan Q Dr SW
Bryant Way SW
Buck Branch Rd SW
Buckeye St SW
Buckhorn Dr SW
Buite St
Buoy Dr SW
Burgaw St SW
Burlington St
Burney Ave NW
Burnsville St SW
Butte St
B-Var Rd SW
by the Sea
Cabot Ct SW
Caison Ave SW
Caisons Creek Dr SW
Cajah St SW
Calvert St SW
Camelia Dr SW
Cameron Dr SW
Canal Dr
Canalview St
Canalview St SW
Captain Kidd Dr SW
Captains Walk SW
Captains Wheel Ave SW
Carlisle St SW
Carol Dr
Carol Dr SW
Carolina Ave
Caron Dr SW
Carpenter Way NW
Carrie Ellen Ln SW
Carrie Way NW
Carstens Way SW
Cattail Way SW
Cauble Trail SW St SW
Cauble Trl SW
Causeway Pl SW
Cecil Ave SW
Cedar Grove Rd SW
Cedar Landing Rd SW
Cedar Ln SW
Center Ct SW
Chair Shop Pl SW
Chalmette Dr SW
Champion Dr
Champion River Run
Channel Side Dr SW
Charles St SW
Charlotte St
Cherokee Ave SW
Chestnut Dr SW
Chimney Way SW
Chris St
Christina Ave SW
Chuckie Dr SW
Cindy Ln
Cindy St SW
Circle Dr SW
Civietown Rd SW
Clambake Ct SW
Clam Bay Dr SW
Clam Dr SW
Clara St SW
Claybranch Rd NW
Clear Dr
Clear Dr SW
Clearview Rd NW
Clearwater Ct SW
Clippership Dr
Clover Ln SW
Clubhouse Dr SW
Coastal Dr SW
Coastal Shores Rd SW
Cockleshell Dr SW
Cole St
Colleton Dr SW
Compass Rose Ln SW
Conch St
Concordia Ave SW
Constance Ave SW
Coon Hunters Trl SW
Copley Ln
Coquina Cove Dr
Corbin Ln SW
Cordis Trl SW
Cortes and Walton Ln NW
Country Loft Way SW
Countryside St SW
Courtenay Dr SW
Courtney Dr SW
Covey Ln SW
Cowtrain Rd NW
Cox Dr SW
Crab St
Craven St SW
Creek Ln SW
Creek Vista Ln SW
Creekwood Ct SW
Crest Ln SW
Crestwood Dr SW
Creswell Pl SW
Cribb Rd SW
Cross Bones Rd SW
Cross Ln SW
Crosswinds Ave
Crystal Waters Way SW
C St
Cumbee Rd SW
Cutlass Dr SW
Cyprus St SW
Daisy Trl SW
Dal St SW
Danbury Loop SW
D-Ann St
Dare St SW
Darley Dr
Darrell Dr SW
Dave Ray St SW
David L St SW
Davis Dr
Davis St
Deal Dr
Debra St SW
Decator St SW
Deer Dr SW
Deer Trace St
Deerview Way NE
Deer Vista Dr SW
Deerwood Trl NW
Delanne St SW
Destiny Catilyn Ave SW
Devonne Way SW
Diane Dr S W
Dixon St
Dobson St SW
Dockside Dr SW
Doctors Cir SW
Doe Creek Ln SW
Doe Run Dr
Dogleg Dr SW
Dogwood Trl SW
Dogwoo Trl SW
Dolphin Dr
Dolphinview Ct SW
Dove Dr SW
Dover Ln SW
Driftwood Acres Dr SW
Dublin St SW
Duck Haven Ave SW
Duck Xing SW
Dunescape Dr
Durham St
Durvis Way SW
Eagle Cove Dr SW
Eagle Crest Dr SW
Eagle Ct SW
Eagle Eye St SW
Eaglet Dr SW
Eaglewood St SW
Easterly Dr SW
Eastfield Ln NW
Eastwind Dr SW
Eden Dr SW
Edgarwood Way SW
Edgewood Ave
Edison Rd NW
Edisto Ave SW
Edmonston Dr SW
E Fairway Cir
E Fiddler Ct SW
E Gangplank Ln SW
Egret Ct
Egret Dr SW
E Hickory Pl SW
E Kelp Ct SW
Eleanor St SW
Elkin St SW
Elk Rd SW
Ellis Rd
Elm St SW
Elmwood St SW
Elon Dr SW
Emiline St SW
Empire Rd SW
Enfield St SW
Erwin St SW
E Scotchtown St NW
E Sea Aire Canal SW
E Sea Palm Ct SW
Estate St SW
E Tanglewood Dr SW
Etta Ln NW
Evergreen Dr SW
Everview St NW
Fairfield Ave SW
Fairway 9 Ct SW
Fairway Cir Ct
Fairway Ct 4 SW
Fairway Ct 8
Fairway Dr SW
Fairway Three Ct SW
Fall St
Fall St SW
Fawnbrook Ln SW
Fawn Dr SW
Fawn Haven Ln SW
Fay Cir SW
Fayetteville St
Federal Rd NW
Ferguson St NW
Ferry Landing Dr SW
Ferry Rd
Fiddlers Dr SW
Field-Lewis Rd NE
Fieldview Ln SW
Fir St SW
Fisherman Rd
Fish Rd SW
Floyd B Clemmons Old C C Rd NW
Folly Lake Ct SW
Folly St SW
Ford Ln SW
Forest Dr SW
Forest Pine Dr SW
Fort Charles Dr NW
Fort St SW
Foscoe St SW
Four Water Ln SW
Fox Squirrel Ln SW
Foxtrot Way NW
Francis St SW
Frederick Trl SW
Fresh Oyster Ln
Frigate Dr
From Port SW
Fulford Ave SW
Gabriel Way
Galleon Aly SW
Galloway Rd
Gal-Var Rd
Gamewell Ct SW
Gangplank Ln SW
Gannon Ct SW
Garland Dr
Gaston Trl SW
Gator Ln SW
Gay St SW
Gazebo Way SW
Genoes Point Rd SW
Genoe's Pt Rd SW
Gerda Ave
Gill Net Ave SW
Ginger St SW
Glen Ave SW
Glenmora Dr SW
Gloryland Rd SW
Golden Dune Way
Golden Ln NW
Golf Lake Dr SW
Golfview Ct SW
Gordon Ln SW
Grant Way NW
Grape Myrtle SW
Greenbriar Ave SW
Greenfield Rd NW
Green Pine Dr SW
Greensboro St
Green Swamp Rd NW
Greenwood Lndg
Gregory Rd SW
Grissett Rd SW
Gristmill Ln SW
Grouse St SW
Grove Trl SW
Gull View Ln SW
Gum St
Hall St SW
Halstead St
Hankins Way NW
Harbor Bay Ct
Harbor Cove SW
Harbor Dr
Harbor Dr SW
Harbour Edge Ln SW
Harbour Heights Ln SW
Harold St SW
Harris St
Harry Ann Trl SW
Hatteras Ave SW
Haven Ct SW
Hazelnut Trl SW
Healing Water Ln SW
Helmsman Dr SW
Henry Fulwood Rd SW
Henry's Dr SW
Heron Dr
Heron Lake Dr SW
Heron Landing Wynd
Herrin Dr SW
Herthwood Pl SW
Hewett Rd SW
Hexagon Dr SW
H & H Rd SW
Hickory Pl SW
High Hill Dr SW
Highpoint St
Hillcrest Dr SW
Hillock Dr SW
Hoffman Rd SW
Holden Beach Rd
Holden Beach Rd SW
Holden Plantation Ave SW
Holiday St
Hollering Point Rd SW
Hollis Ave SW
Holly Rd
Homes Dr SW
Hootie Trl SE
Hopgood St SW
Horizon Dr SW
Ice Ct S W
Ida Mae Way SW
Indian River Dr SW
Indian St
Indigo Branch Rd SW
Inlet Ct
Iona Ln SW
Iowa Ct SW
Island View Rd SW
Isley Ct S W
Ivy St SW
Jackson St SW
James St SW
Jamie Ln
Jancy Ct
Jasmine St
Jean Lafitte Dr SW
Jeffery St SW
Jeffs Trl SW
Jeremy St SW
Jessica Ln SW
Jingle Ct SW
J Metts Dr NW
Joe's Dr SW
John Adams Trl SW
John Ave SW
John Daniel Dr SW
John D Robinson St SW
Johnson Way SW
John T Holden Rd SW
Jolly Roger Dr SW
Jordan Blvd
Joseph St SW
Josh Cir
Joy St
Junction Way NE
June St SW
Junior Ln SW
Juniper St SW
Justin Ln SW
Kanoy St SW
Keith St SW
Kelford St SW
Kenley St
King St SW
King William's Ct SW
Kinston St SW
Kirby Rd SW
Kristen Ln SW
Kyle St SW
Lafayette St SW
Lake Dr SW
Lake Harriet Dr SW
Lake Paula Dr SW
Lake Peggy Cir SW
Lake Pointe Dr
Lakesedge Dr SW
Lakeside Ave SW
Lakeview Dr
Lakeview Dr SW
Lake Vista Ct SW
Lancaster Dr
Lancaster Woods Dr
Landmark SW
Lands End Way
Laura St SW
Laurie Ln SW
Lawnie Dale Cir SW
Lawrence St SW
Lee Ella Ln NW
Lena Ln SW
Leonard Rd SW
Lesa Dr SW
Lewis St SW
Lh Rd SW
Liberty Ln SW
Lightwood Dr SW
Linda K Trl SW
Linkel's Angels Trl SW
Lions Paw Dr
Litewood Rd SW
Littlefield Rd
Little Macedonia Rd NW
Little Palm Ct SW
Live Oak Dr SW
Lockwood Ln
Lockwood St
Locust St SW
Loggerhead Dr
Lois Ave
Longleaf St SW
Loop Ct SW
Loreauville Dr SW
Loretta St SW
Lott St SW
Lucien I Fulford Rd SW
Lula Trl SW
Lumberton St
Lyndon Ln
Mackerel St SW
Madera Pl SW
Mae Ln SW
Maiden Ln SW
Mainsail Ln SW
Main St
Makatoka Rd NW
Mallard Run Dr SW
Ma Neda St SW
Manteo St SW
Manuel Ln SW
Maple Creek Rd SW
Maple Hill Dr SW
Maple Ln
Maple St
Marina Dr SW
Maritime Way SW
Marker Fifty Five Ave
Marlin Dr
Marsh Acres Ct
Marsh View Dr
Marshview Dr SW
Marsh Walk
Martin Ln SW
Mary Lou Ln SW
Mason Ct SW
Maymont St NW
Mayo St SW
McCall St SW
McCray St
McLamb Ave SW
McLean Ln SW
Medical Campus Dr NW
Melrose Ln
Middle River Rd NE
Milliken Ave SW
Milliken St
Mistletoe Ln SW
Monster Buck Ests NW
Mooney Way SW
Moore St SW
Moor View Rd SW
Morgan Rd SW
Mount Pisgah Rd SW
Mullet Dr
Mullett St
Mum St SW
Muriel St SW
Myrtl Ct Rd
Myrtle Pt SW
Myrtlewood Dr SW
Nags Head Rd SW
Nancy St SW
Nantes Ct SW
Natchez St SW
Nautilus Ln SW
N Bluebeard Trl SW
N Boonesboro Rd SW
N Ebbtide Ln
Neptune St
New Bern St SW
Newman Pl SW
Nezer Ave SW
N Highpoint St SW
Nickle St S W
Norman Dr SW
North Ct
Northridge Dr SW
Northwind Dr SW
N Tanglewood Dr NW
N Tanglewood Dr SW
Oak Ct SW
Oakdale St SW
Oak Hill Ct SW
Oakland St SW
Oak Point Ln SW
Oakshore Dr SW
Oakview St NW
Oakwood Dr SW
Oar Ave SW
Ocean Blvd E
Ocean Blvd W
Ocean Breeze Dr SW
Ocean Crest Ct SW
Ocean Hwy E
Ocean Hwy W
Ocean Pine Rd SW
Ocean Sound Cir SW
Ocean Station Rd SW
Ocean Trail Ct SW
Ocean View Ave SW
Ohana Dr NW
Oh Bryant Ests NW
Old CC Rd NW
Old Ferry Connection SW
Old Ferry Rd SW
Old Ocean Hwy
Old River Rd
Olin Dr SW
Omaha St SW
Ontario St SW
Ophelia Ln SW
Orvin Ln SW
Osprey Ct
Otto's Pl SW
Ouida Trl SW
Owl Ln SW
Oxpen Rd SW
Oyster Bed Cove SW
Oyster Catcher Dr SW
Oyster Harbour Pkwy SW
Oyster Ln SW
Oyster Pearl Ct SW
Oyster Shoals Ct SW
Paddlewheel Trl SW
Palm Grove Ct
Panama Ln SW
Parcel Way SE
Parish Dr SW
Parton Ct SW
Patrick Henry Cir NW
Patrick St SW
Patriot Ln SW
Paul Andrew St
Peachland St SW
Pearl Way NE
Peg Leg Ln SW
Pelican Roost Dr SW
Penny St SW
Perch Ct SW
Percy Place Cir SW
Perth Ct SW
Petes Way NW
Pheasant Ave SW
Phillip St SW
Physicians Dr NW
Pine Dr SW
Pinehurst St SW
Pine Knoll Ln SW
Pine Tree Cir SW
Pine Valley Dr SW
Pine View Dr SW
Pinewood Dr SW
Pin Fish St SW
Pintail Ave SW
Pirate Ln SW
Pirate Shores Dr SW
Pitt Ct S W
Plantation Ct SW
Plaza Dr SW
Pleasant Ln
Plum Tree Trl SW
Pointer Rd SW
Polly Branch Dr SW
Pompion St SW
Pontalba Dr SW
Poplar Rd SW
Portside Dr SW
Potterfield Dr SW
Prospect Rd NW
Purple Finch Ln SW
Quail Dr SW
Quail Haven Ave SW
Quail Roost Dr SW
Quilt Rd SW
Quincy St SW
Quinton St
Raeford St
Raleigh St
Ralshore St SW
Randy St SW
Rangers St
Raymond St SW
Ray St
Ray St SW
Reaves St SW
Red Bud Rd SW
Redfish Run SW
Red Snapper St SW
Regal Isle SW
R E Gore Dr SW
Richmond St SW
Ridge Forest Dr SW
Ridge Rd SW
Riverside Dr
River St SW
River View Ln SW
Robinson Dr
Robinsons Park Trl SW
Robinsonville Rd SW
Robinsville Rd SW
Roger St
Roland St SW
Rolling Green Dr SW
Rosemary Ln SW
Rose St
Royal Oak Rd NW
Ruffin Ln SW
Running Brook Trl NE
Russell Hewett Rd SW
Russ St SW
Sabbath Home Rd
Sabbath Home Rd SW
Sable Oak Cir SW
Sailfish Dr
Salicornia Dr
Salisbury St
Saltation Dr
Salters Ct SW
Salt Pine Rd SW
Samuel Bernard Dr SW
Sand Castle Dr SW
Sand Dollar Dr
Sand Dollar Dr SW
Sand Dune St
Sand Hill Dr SW
Sand Hill River Roadsw
Sand Piper Ln
Sandridge Ln SW
Sandspur Ln
Sandy Bluff Dr SW
Sandy Ridge Dr SW
Sandy Shoals Ave
Sanford St
Sassafras Ln SW
Sasser Ln SW
Savanna Ln SW
S Bluebeard Trl SW
S Boonesboro Rd SW
Scallop Pl
Scallop Pl SW
Schooner Dr
Scotch Bonnet Dr
Scotch Castle Dr SW
Scotch Sea Ln SW
Sea Aire Dr SW
Sea Breeze St SW
Sea Captain Ln SW
Seacoast St SW
Sea Cove Pl
Sea Cove Pl SW
Seacrest Ave SW
Sea Fan Ct SW
Seago Ln SW
Sea Gull Dr
Sea Gull St
Sea Holiday St SW
Sea Lane St
Sea Lane St SW
Sea Lavender Rd SW
Sea Oats Dr
Sea Ranch Way SW
Seascape Boulevard N SW
Seascape Boulevard S SW
Seashell Dr SW
Sea Shell St
Seashore Hills Rd SW
Seashore Rd SW
Sea Shrimp St SW
Seaside Dr
Sea Side St
Sea Trace Ln SW
Sea Tree St
Sea Tree St SW
Seaview Dr
Sea Vista Dr SW
Sea Way St SW
Sea Wind Ct SW
S Ebbtide Ln
Secession Dr SW
Sellers Rd NW
Serenity Ln
Setter Cir SW
Shade Tree Ln SW
Shady Lane Dr
Shane St SW
Shelby Ln SW
Shell Dr
Shell Landing Rd SW
Sherrow Estate St SW
Shoreline Dr
Shrimp St
Shub Ln SW
Sidney St SW
Silent Grove Ave SW
Sims Trl SW
Sing Trl SW
Sixpence Dr Sn
Skimmer Ct
Skipper Run Dr SW
Skipping Stone Ct SW
Skyview Ln NE
Smith Rd NE
Somerton St SW
Songbird Ln SW
Sonja St SW
Southport-Supply Rd SE
Southridge Dr SW
Southwind Dr SW
Sparkle Ln NW
Sparta Loop SW
Spring Branch Rd SW
Springdale Ave SW
Spruce St SW
S Shore Dr
Stanbury Rd SW
Standen Ln SW
S Tanglewood Way
S Tanglewood Way SW
Stanley Rd SW
Staples Mill Dr NW
Starfish Dr
State Hwy 130
State Hwy 211
State Rd 1115
State Rd 1116
State Rd 1119
State Rd 1120
State Rd 1122
State Rd 1123
State Rd 1124
State Rd 1125
State Rd 1126
State Rd 1127
State Rd 1128
State Rd 1129
State Rd 1130
State Rd 1131
State Rd 1132
State Rd 1133
State Rd 1137
State Rd 1138
State Rd 1139
State Rd 1140
State Rd 1141
State Rd 1181
State Rd 1189
State Rd 1195
State Rd 1199
State Rd 1211
State Rd 1214
State Rd 1215
State Rd 1216
State Rd 1236
State Rd 1240
State Rd 1245
State Rd 1249
State Rd 1286
State Rd 1342
State Rd 1343
State Rd 1344
State Rd 1345
State Rd 1346
State Rd 1400
State Rd 1535
State Rd 1841
Sterling Dr
Stevenson Rd NW
Stockade St SW
Stone Chimney Rd SE
Stone Chimney Rd SW
Stone Crab Ct SW
Stone Ct
Stone Ct SW
Stone Ridge Rd
Strawflower Dr
Styron's Landing Rd SW
Summer Place Dr SW
Summer Trl SW
Sunfish St SW
Sunny Place Rd SW
Sunrise St SW
Sunshine Dr
Supply St SE
Swain Creek Trl NW
Sweet Pea Dr SW
Sweetwater Ln SW
S Windward Dr SW
Swordfish Dr
Sword St SW
Sykes St SW
Taft Rd SW
Talman St SW
Talon St SW
Tarpon Dr
Thompson Ave SW
Tideland St SW
Tide Ridge Dr
To Starboard SW
Trace St SW
Tradewinds Ave SW
Tranquil Ln SW
Trap St SW
Trawler Dr
Treasure Cove Ln SW
Treasure Ln SW
Trenton St SW
Triton Dr SW
Tropical Ave SW
Trout Ave SW
Troy Pl
Tucker Rd SE
Tuliptree Rd SW
Tuna Dr
Turkey Trap Rd SW
Turnpike Rd SW
Tuscarora St SW
Twin Lakes
Tyrell Ct SW
US Hwy 17
Vacation St SW
Vale St SW
Valverda St SW
Van Buren St SW
Vance St SW
Varnamtown Rd SW
Vermont Ln
Versailles Blvd SW
Victoria Ave SW
View Dr SW
Vineyard Landing Rd SE
Vinton St SW
Violet St
Virginia Rd SW
Walnut Dr SW
Walnut Tree Ct SW
Warren Landing Rd
Warren Landing Rd SW
Water Oak Dr SW
Waterscape Dr SW
Waterview Dr SW
Waterway St SW
Weeping Oak Rd SW
Wesley Trl SW
Westfield Ln NW
Westgate Ave
Westwind Dr SW
W Fiddler Ct SW
W Hickory Pl SW
W Hill Dr SW
Whippoorwill St SW
White Cap Ln SW
White Dove Cir SW
White Duck Ct SW
White Sands Dr SW
White St SW
Whitewood Dr SW
Whitfield Dr SW
Wildcat Dr
Wild Cherry Dr SW
Wilkes St SW
Willettsville Ave SW
William St SW
Willow St SW
Wilma Ave SW
Winchester Dr SW
Winding Way NW
Windjammer Dr
Winds Ct SW
Windswept Way
Windward Dr N
Windward Village Ln SW
Windy Point Rd SW
Windy Ridge Trl SW
Windy Ter SW
Winter St
Winter St SW
Wisteria Ln
W Kelp Ct SW
Wolf Way NW
Woodard Rd NW
Wood Duck St SW
Woodie Ct SW
Woodlawn Ave SW
Woodrow St SW
Woodside Farms Ct
Woods Ln SW
W Scotchtown St NW
W Sea Aire Canal SW
W Sea Palm Ct SW
W Tanglewood Dr
W Tanglewood Dr SW
Yacht Watch Dr
Zane Way NE