Whittier, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Whittier, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS26801 - ZITOMEDIA611 - Zito Media, L.P., US

Whittier, North Carolina Streets

Acorn Ln
Adams Estate Rd
Adventure Trl
Albritton Ln
Alfalfa Ln
Ama Rdg
Amber Ln
American Way
Amy Walker Rd
Andrew Davis Rd
Apple Blossom Ln
Appletree Ln
Arbor Ln
Armour Rd
Arrowhead Ln
Autumn Trl
Avalon Ln
Baily Rd
Banjo Ln
Bannack Springs Rd
Barefoot Meadows
Barefoot Meadows Rd
Barkers Creek Rd
Bass Ln
Bear Lake Cir
Beck Branch Rd
Bedrock Rd
Beech Tree Rd
Bee Knob Cemetery Rd
Bee Tree Ln
Bell St
Bended Knee Dr
Best Rd
BIA Hwy 1236
BIA Hwy 376
BIA Hwy 437
BIA Hwy 469
BIA Hwy 548
Bidwell Rd
Big Cat Rd
Big Time Rd
Birdtown Rd
Bishop Ln
Black Bear Ln
Blackberry Br
Blackberry Branch Rd
Blackwolf Rdg
Bluebird Cir
Blue Bird Rd
Blue Mist Mountain Rd
Blue Mist Rdg
Bob Hall Rd
Bonnie View Ln
Boo Hollow Rd
Boot Hill Rd
Bourbon Rd
Boxwood Dr
Bradley Branch
Bradley Branch Rd
Bree Dr
Brettwood Dr
Brigadon Branch
Brigadoon Branch
Brigadoon Branch Rd
Brigsy Ln
Brookview Ln
Bumgarner Cemetery Rd
Bunting Trl
Burgandy Ln
Butterfly Ln
Cabins in the Smokeys Dr
Cahons Rd
Cambridge Pl
Camitur Ashe Rd
Camp Branch Rd
Camp Creek Rd
Campground Cemetery Rd
Canvasback Ct
Carolina Dr
Cascade Dr
Casino Trl
Cattle Dr
Celestial Ln
Check Cir Rd
Cheek Circle Rd
Cherry Tree Rd
Chestnut Cove Rd
Chevy Dr
Chickadee Trl
Childers Barn Ln
Chinquapin Cove
Choga Dr
Choice Pl
Church St
Claude Brooks Rd
Clingmans View Dr
Clover Ln
Columbus George Rd
Conifer Dr
Conley Mountain Association Rd
Conley Pl
Conleys Creek Rd
Cool Springs Rd
Cooper Farm Rd
Coosa Ridge
Cornelelious Ashe Rd
Cornelious Ashe Rd
Cougar Ln
Country Acres Rd
Country Club Dr
Cozy Cove Rd
Cracker Jack Ln
Cranberry Ridge
Creeksong Rd
Crimson Dr
Crystal Creek Ln
Cubbys Ln
Cumberland Trl
Currituck Rd
Cutler Dr
Dahlia Dr
Dam Rd
David Ln
Dawnview Dr
Deer Haven Rd
Dewdrop Ln
Diamond Ridge
Dicks Creek Rd
Doberman Ln
Dogleg Rd
Dogwood Ln
Dogwood St
Don Lambert Rd
Double Bridge Rd
Dragonfly Ln
Dreamcatcher Ln
Dry Bone Rd
Duckback Trl
Dynasty Dr
Eagle Ridge Crl
Easy St
Echo Ridge Rd
E Hampshire Blvd
Ela Rd
E Mesa
Enchanted Ridge
Epona Dr
Estes Dr
Evening Shade Ln
Fairlane Loop
Falcons Peak Ln
Farmers Cove Rd
Featherstone Dr
Fellowship Dr
Firefly Rd
Flaming Arrow
Folklore Dr
Forest Run Rd
Forget Me Not Ln
Forrest Hill Ln
Fort Wilderness Rd
Four Wheel Dr
Fred Sutton Rd
Fremont Dr
Freshwater Rdg Rd
Garderners Cove
Gass Rd
Gateway Rd
Ginseng Ridge Dr
Ginseng Ridge Rd
Glennan Trl
Gloryland Way
Golden Ln
Grace Rd
Grandview Estates Dr
Grand View Mesa
Graybeard Hill Rd
Great Smoky Mountains Expy
Green Acres Farm Rd
Green Lawn Ct
Green Wing Knob
Grindstone Knob Rd
Groundhog Mountain Rd
Hallelujah Acres
Hallmark Ln
Hampton Place Rd
Hampton Rd
Harley Cole Rd
Heartwood Way
Heather Ln
Hemlock Ln
Henry Bird Rd
Hensley Cemetary Rd
Hensley Cemetery Rd
Herbs Rd
Herron Branch Rd
Hickory Branch Rd
Hidden Springs Rd
High Point Rd
High Qualla Farm Rd
High Top Mt Rd
Hobby Horse Dr
Ho Crisp Rd
Holley Mountain Top Rd
Holley Mtn Top Rd
Holly Cove Rd
Holly Forest Ln
Homestead Rd
Honeybee Ln
Honeycomb Ridge
Honey Locust Trl
Hoot Owl Rd
Hopalong Ln
Hope Ter
Horizon Trl
Hornet Dr
Hulse Ln
Humming Bird Dr
Huntington Rdg Rd
Hwy 19A
Idyll Acres Ridge
Indian Hill Dr
Indian Hill Rd
Indian Hills Dr
Inspiration Dr
Iris Ln
Ivy Hill Ln
Jericho Rd
Jess Nations Rd
Joe Branch Rd
John T Dr
Julalbo Dr
Kaiamiter Mtn Rd
Kee-Kee Run
Keener Rd
Keepsake Ln
Kenneth Cooper Rd
Kimberly Ln
Kipper Ln
Kitchens Rd
Kittyhawk Rd
Kudzu Ln
Lake Toohow Campground Rd
Lakota Loop
Last Frontier Trl
Laurel Dr
Laurel Hill
Lazy Ln
Lettuce Dr
Levi Mathis Rd
Lewis Cove Rd
Lily Ln
Lizzie Cucumber Rd
Locust Tree Ln
Lone Oak Dr
Lonesome Dove Ln
Longbow Ln
Looking Glass Ln
Lookout Point Rd
Lookout Pt
Loop Rd
Lori Ln
Luftee Hills Rd
Luftee Lake Rd
Lullaby Ridge
Maggie Ln
Main St
Marker Pine Ln
Martin Rd
Mary Lambert Farm Rd
Mary Lambert Farm Rd Exd
McLean Rd
Mexican Dr
Midnight Dr
Mince Rd
Minute Ridge Rd
Mollybe Ln
Morning Dove Ln
Morning Glory Rd
Morning Song Dr
Mountaineer Rd
Mountain Range Dr
Mountain River Rd
Mountain View Ter
Muriel Maney Rd
Mushroom Rd
Muskogee Ln
Mustard Seed
Nakoma Pl
Nations Creek Rd
Natures Way
Nora's Nob Rd
Oak Ridge Ln
Odicar Ln
Old Bryson City Rd
Old Camp Creek Rd
Old Glory Ridge
Old Mission Rd
Old No 4 Rd
Old Soco Rd
Old Vfw Rd
Old Whittier School Rd
Olivet Church Rd
Olivet Housing
Olivet Oake Rd
Opal Dr
Osceola Trl
Osprey Ln
Outback Way
Owle Dr
Owle Rd
Painting Spring Ln
Pamlico Dr
Par 3 Rd
Partridge Pl
Passmore Ln
Patchwork Ln
Patchworks Ln
Paul Cooper Rd
Paw Paw Cove Rd
Pebble Dr
Penny Ln
Perfect Harmony
Persimmon Ridge
Pierce Elders Rd
Pine Bluff
Pine Crest Dr
Piney Mtn Rd
Pin Oak Rd
Pleasant Valley Ln
Polka Trl
Poor Boy Ln
Popcorn Valley Rd
Poplar Tree Ln
Poverty Hill
Pretty Precious Ln
Prewitt Rd
Primrose Ln
Primros Ln
Prospectors Pl
Prosperity Rd
P Taylor Rd
Qualla Hills Rd
Qualla Town Rd
Quarter Horse Dr
Quinn Holcombe Rd
Raintree Dr
Ranch Dr
Ray Cline Rd
Red Baron Ln
Redbird Cir
Red Dog Ln
Redhead Ridge
Redwing Vis
Red Wolf Dr
Red Wolf Rd
Reflection Dr
Renegade Trl
Revis Rd
Ribbon Ln
Rich Dr
Rider Ridge
Ridgetop Cir
Ridgeview Dr
Rising Ridge Rd
River Ridge Est Rd
Riverside Dr
Rockdale Rd
Rockwood Dr
Rocky Branch Rd
Rose St
Rosewood Dr
Rough Branch Rd
Ruff Ridge Rd
Rugrat Ln
Running Creek Cove
Safety One Way
Sam Dills Rd
Samuel Dr
Sapahaw Trl
Sargant Loop
Sawbuck Farm Ln
Scottish Ln
Sergeant Loop
Shady Brook Dr
Shamrock Ln
Sheep Rock Cove Rd
Shoal Creek Rd
Shuler Dr
Sierra Dr
Silent Brook Ln
Sleepy Hollow Dr
Sleepy Hollow Rd
Sley Holler Rd
Sley Hollow Rd
Smokeseegee Ln
Smokey Cove Rd
Snowshoe Trl
Snowy Owl Ln
Soco Rd
Somerset Ln
Song of the South Ln
Southview Meadow
Sparrow Valley
S Pines Mtn Rd
Sqirrels Nest Trl
State Rd 1122
State Rd 1169
State Rd 1172
State Rd 1174
State Rd 1177
State Rd 1178
State Rd 1192
State Rd 1194
State Rd 1195
State Rd 1388
State Rd 1389
State Rd 1390
State Rd 1392
State Rd 1394
State Rd 1395
State Rd 1396
State Rd 1397
State Rd 1398
State Rd 1401
State Rd 1402
State Rd 1403
State Rd 1405
State Rd 1406
State Rd 1407
State Rd 1409
State Rd 1411
State Rd 1413
State Rd 1414
State Rd 1416
State Rd 1417
State Rd 1420
State Rd 1424
State Rd 1427
State Rd 1428
State Rd 1488
State Rd 1534
Stekoih Hills Dr
Stone Wall Rd
Sugar Cane Dr
Sunflower Trail Rd
Sunny View Dr
Sunset Farms Rd
Sunset Ridge
Swallow Trail Ln
Sweet Water Dr
Sycamore Dr
Tacoma Ln
Talisi Trl
Tanglewood Dr
Tara Hills
Tarheel Rd
Tarhelia Hts
Tarhelia Ln
Taurus Ln
Tee Pee Dr
Teigue Cove Rd
Tenderfoot Trl
Terrapin Trl
Thistle Ln
Thistle Trl
Thomas Brooks Rd
Thomas Cove Rd
Thomas Valley Rd
Three Sons Ln
Tika Dr
Timberline Dr
Tomahawk Trl
Tortoise Ln
Torwood Ln
Tradition Ln
Tranquil Ridge
Treeetop Rd
Tree House Rd
Treyburn Oaks
Trickle Branch Ln
Troy Martin Rd
Tryon Estate Rd
Turkey Creek Ln
Turnip Trl
Turnmore Ln
Turtle Dove Rd
Twin Oaks Dr
Union Hill Rd
Upland Rd
US Hwy 19
US Hwy 441
US Hwy 74
Vacation Dr
Vail Pass Rd
Varners Ridge
Victoria Ln
Volunteer Trl
Wade Huskey Rd
Walela Hill Rd
Walkabout Trl
Walt Wood Rd
Warbler Ln
Waterfall Hollow Rd
Water Tower Ln
Waxing Way
Way Away Rd
Weeping Cherry Dr
Weeping Willow
Whipporwill Ridge
Whirlwind Dr
Whiskey Ridge Rd
Whispering Pines
Whistler's Pt
Whistling Duck Way
White Oak Pointe
Whitetail Trl
Whittier Depot St
Whittier Heights Rd
Whittier Hts
Whittier School Rd
Wike Cemetery Rd
Wild Rose Dr
Wildwood Ln
Williams Branch
Williamson Rd
Willowbend Rd
Wilmont Cemetary Rd
Wilmont Comm Cemetary
Winchester Dr
Winding Trl
Windsong Ln
Wonderland Trl
Wood Duck Way
Woodland Hills Dr
Worley Farm Rd
W Piney Mtn Rd
Wren Ln
Wright Rd