Sicklerville, New Jersey Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Sicklerville, New Jersey IP Addresses

AS174 - COGENT-174 - Cogent Communications, US
AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS6128 - CABLE-NET-1 - Cablevision Systems Corp., US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS14531 - LM-ATL - Lockheed Martin Corporation, US

Sicklerville, New Jersey Streets

1st Ave
Abbey Ct
Aberdale Ln
Aberdeen Dr
Acorn Ct
Adam Ct
Adam Pl
Ainsworth Ln
Alberta Ave
Alberts Ave
Alice Ct
Amber Pl
Amesbury Pl
Andell Pl
Andrea Ct
Andrews Rd
Annapolis Ct
Annapolis Dr
Anthony Pl
Arbor Meadow Dr
Arborwood Ln
Arcadian Dr
Ardley Pl
Arlington Rd
Arnell Pl
Arrowwood Dr
Asberry Pl
Ash Ct
Ashland Ave
Ashton Ln
Aspen Rd
Asperula Dr
Aster Dr
Atlantic City Expy
Avella Ln
Avondale Ct
Avon Pl
Azalea Dr
Bainbridge Ct
Baldwin Dr
Balsley Ct
Bamboo Ct
Barn Side Ct
Bassett Ct
Beacon Hill Dr
Beaver Dam Dr
Bedford Ct
Belleview Ave
Belmont Ct
Bent Ct
Berkshire Rd
Berlin Cross Keys Rd
Berwick Ln
Berwyck Ct
Bicentennial Ct
Billingsport Dr
Birch Dr
Birch Hollow Ln
Black Horse Pike
Blossom Trl
Blue Anchor Rd
Blue Meadow Ln
Blue Spruce Dr
Blue Stone Cir
Box Turtle Ln
Brandon Ct
Brandywine Way
Brantley Way
Brearly Dr
Breckenridge Dr
Briar Creek Rd
Bridle Path Ct
Brighton Ct
Britt Lea Dr
Bromley Dr
Brookshire Rd
Brookstone Dr
Bryce's Ct
Bryn Mawr Ct
Burberry Ct
Buxley Ct
Byron Ct
Cambridge Ave
Camino Ct
Candlestick Ln
Canterbury Cv
Canterbury Pl
Cardinal Ln
Carrie Ct
Carrie Pl
Carr Ln
Carroll Ct
Cat Briar Ct
Catherine Ct
Cattell Dr
Cedar Brook Rd
Cedar Grove Dr
Cedar Hill Dr
Cedar Ln
Celia St
Centennial Ct
Centennial Dr
Centennial Rd
Chapel Cir
Charleston Dr
Cherry Grove Ln
Chestertown Rd
Chesterwood Pl
Chevy Chase Rd
Chews-Landing Rd
Chews Landing Stown Rd
Chews Landing Williamstown Rd
Chrissy Way
Christmas Tree Ct
Church Rd
Cinnamon Ct
Clements Hand Ct
Cliff Ct
Cliveden Pl
Clover Ct
Clubhouse Ln
Coachlight Dr
Cobblestone Ct
Cold Springs Ct
Colts Neck Dr
Concord Blvd
Conifer Ct
Conifer Way
Cooks Aly
Cooper Ct
Cooper Skill Dr
Cooper Ter
Coralberry Ct
Coralberry Dr
Corncrib Ct
Cottage Gate Rd
Country Hollow Cir
Country Ln
County House New Brooklyn Rd
Covington Dr
Cowpath Ct
Crawford Dr
Crisfield Ct
Crisfield Rd
Cross Hill Cir
Cross Hill Rd
Crossing Pl
Cross Keys Berlin Rd
Cross Keys Rd
Crystal Ct
Daffodil Dr
Dalton Pl
Damon Dr
Danbury Dr
Davis Ave
Daytona Ave
Dayton Ave
Dayton Ct
Debbie Pl
Deb Lynn Dr
Debras Ln
Decatur Ln
Deer Run Dr
Delaware Ave
del Sol Pl
del Sordo Dr
Desilvio Dr
Desmond Run
Devonshire Ct
Diamond Ct
Diana Dr
Dickenson Dr
Division St
Donna Marie Ct
Dori Ct
Dorothy Dr
Dottie Ln
Double Woods Rd
Dove Ct
Dover Ln
Dresden Ct
Drexel Ct
Drexel Gate Dr
Duchess Dr
Duchess Rd
Duke Dr
Dundalk Ln
Dunlin Way
Eagle Ct
Eastmont Ct
Eastmont Ln
Easton Ct
Easton Dr
Edelweiss Ct
Eden Ct
Eden Hollow Ct
Eden Hollow Ln
Edgemere Ct
Edgeview Ln
Edgewater Ct
Edgewood Rd
Edinshire Rd
E Gate Dr
Eisenhower Ct
Eisenhower Ln
Elaine Dr
Elbow Ct
Elbow Ln
Elena Ct
Elizabeth Pl
Elm Dr
Elsworth Ct
Elsworth Dr
E Meadowbrook Cir
Emerald Ct
Endfield St
English Ivy Dr
Erial Clementon Rd
Erial Rd
Erie Dr
Essex Ave
Fairmount Ave
Fairmount Dr
Farmhouse Ct
Farmhouse Rd
Fawn Ln
Fellowship Ct
Fillmore Way
Fir Ct
Firethorn Ln
Flagstone Dr
Fletcher Blvd
Flores Ln
Ford Ct
Forrest Dr
Four Mile Branch Rd
Fox Hollow Ln
Fox Meadow Cir
Fox Meadow Ct
Fox Meadow Dr
Foxwood Ct
Franklin Ln
Frederick St
Friendship Ct
Fripps Old Rd
Frosty Hollow Ct
Funny Bone Ct
Galena Ct
Gander Ct
Gardenia Ct
Garwood Rd
Gatehouse Ct
Gerry Ct
Gerry Ln
Girard Ave
Gladwynne Ct
Glen Burnie Ct
Glen Burnie Dr
Glenn Forge Dr
Goats Hill Rd
Golden Meadow Ln
Goose Neck Ct
Goose Neck Ln
Gosling Ct
Granite Ct
Gravelly Hill Ct
Graypebble Cir
Greystone Ln
Grimes Rd
Grove St
Hamlet Ct
Hampshire Ct
Hampshire Rd
Hampton Ct
Hampton Gate Dr
Hampton Pl
Hanover Pl
Hanzer Dr
Harmony Circle Rd
Harmony Circles Rd
Harrington Ln
Hartley Ct
Hartsdale Ln
Harvest Ln
Hathaway Dr
Hawk Hollow Dr
Hawthorne Ct
Hawthorne Rd
Haystack Ct
Hazel Ave
Hazeltop Dr
Heath Ct
Heather Dr
Heatherwood Dr
Helmwood Ct
Hemlock Ln
Herbert Blvd
Heritage Hill Dr
Hewitt Ln
Heywood Ln
Hickory Ct
Hickstown Rd
Hidden Hollow Ln
Highland Ave
High Meadows Dr
High Pointe Ridge
Highwoods Ave
Hillside Ct
Hinchliffe Ln
Holland Ave
Holly Dr
Homestead Ct
Honeysuckle Ct
Honeysuckle Dr
Hoot Owl Dr
Hopewell Ln
Howell Pl
Huckleberry Ave
Huron Dr
Hyacinth Ln
Indian Hill Ln
Innsbruck Dr
Ivy Hall Ln
Ivy Ln
Jackson Ct
Jackson Ln
Jaeger Ct
Jaques Ct
Jarvis Ct
Jarvis Rd
Jasmine Ln
Jeanene Ln
Jerome Ave
Jerrys Ct
Joanne Dr
Johnson Rd
Jones Ln
Jonquil Way
Josie Ln
Juniper Ln
Kali Rd
Kay Ln
Kearsley Ct
Kearsley Rd
Keats Ct
Keith Ct
Kelly Dr
Kendrick Ave
Kenwood Dr
Kenwyck Ct
Killington Ct
Kim Ln
King Arthur's Ct
Kings Rd
Kings Row
Kohomo Ave
Kristian Dr
la Jolla Ln
Lake Placid Dr
Lamont Ct
Lancaster Pl
Langdon Ct
Larkspur Cir
Latham Way
Laurel Ave
Lawrence Ct
Leanne Dr
Lee Ln
Lehigh Ct
Lennox Ct
Lerner Ct
Lexington Park Rd
Lexington Way
Lillian Ave
Lincoln Ave
Linden Ct
Line St
Little Ct
Little Mill Rd
Ln of Acres
Loch Lomond Dr
Locust Ct
Loft Mountain Dr
Logan Ct
Log Cabin Rd
Longbow Ct
Longwood Dr
Loretta Blvd
Lynn Dr
Lyons Ct
Lyric Ct
Madeley Ct
Madison Ln
Magnolia Ct
Mallards Crest Ct
Mango Ct
Manor Ct
Manor Hall Pl
Maple Dr
Maple Hollow Ln
Marble Ct
Marcia Ct
Marseille Pl
Martin Dr
Martin Ln
Mary Ellen Ln
Mason Dr
Mattapex Ct
Maureen Ct
Mayapple Ct
Mayapple Rd
Mayflower Dr
Maynard Dr
Meade Ct
Meadowbrook Ct
Meadow Rue Ln
Medford Ct
Meetinghouse Cir
Melbourne Ln
Melissa Dr
Melwood Ct
Memphis Ct
Mercer Dr
Mercer Ln
Michael Rd
Michigan Dr
Midfield St
Militia Hill Rd
Mill Ct
Milstone Ct
Mission Ln
Mont Blanc Ct
Monticello Dr
Montrose Dr
Morgan Ave
Morgan St
Morningstar Ct
Morris Dr
Morrison Dr
Muirfield Dr
Mulberry Ct
Mulberry Ln
Mulberry St
Mullen Dr
Nashua Dr
N Berwyck Ct
N Central Ave
New Brooklyn Blackwood Rd
New Brooklyn Blue Anchor Rd
New Brooklyn Cedarbrook Rd
New Brooklyn-Erial Rd
New Brooklyn Park Rd
New Brooklyn Rd
New Freedom Rd
New Hope Ln
Newport Rd
Newton Ave
Niagara Ter
Nicholas Dr
Noblemans Ct
Noble Rd
Normandy Dr
Normans Ford Dr
Nottingham Dr
N Star Ct
Oak Ave
Oak Dr
Oak Forest Dr
Oak Hollow Ln
Oak Leaf Ct
Oak St
Old Bridge Ave
Old Egg Harbor Rd
Old Erial Rd
Old Farm Rd
Old Orchard Dr
Olympia Ln
Orlando Ct
Orlando Dr
Orth Ave
Overlook Cir
Oxford Ct
Pam Pl
Parkhill Ln
Park Rd
Park Side Dr
Park St
Parktown Pl
Parkview Dr
Parliament Rd
Parsons Ct
Patricia Ln
Patricks Mill Ct
Patriot Ct
Patterson Ln
Patton Ln
Peaceful Ct
Peachton Ln
Peachtree Ln
Pease Blvd
Penfield Ln
Pennsbury Pl
Penns Grove Ct
Peoria Ct
Peoria Ln
Perryville Ct
Perryville Rd
Pershing Ln
Persia Ct
Persimmon St
Peter Cheeseman Rd
Pheasant Ct
Pheasant Dr
Phebe Ct
Piedmond Ln
Pierson Pl
Pine Cone Ct
Pine Glen Dr
Pine Glen Ln
Pine St
Pinewood Ct
Pinewood Ln
Piney Point Pl
Pittman Ln
Pittman Pl
Pleasant View Dr
Plymouth Rd
Point View Cir
Point View Ct
Pondview Ct
Pondview Ln
Poplar St
Porter Ave
Powell Dr
Presidential Dr
Price Ln
Primrose Ln
Primrose Rd
Pritchard Ln
Prospect Ave
Prospect Ct
Prospect Rd
Quail Ct
Quiet Rd
Quilting Ln
Radcliff Ct
Ragan Ridge Rd
Raintree Ct
Raintree Dr
Ramona Gonzalez St
Randolph Dr
Randolph Ln
Ray Smith Rd
Read Dr
Red Bank Dr
Redbud Dr
Red Fox Trl
Red Gravel Cir
Redwood St
Renee Ct
Reston Rd
Revere Way
Rhode Island Rd
Richmond Dr
Ridge View Ct
Rittenhouse Sq
Romana Gonzalez St
Roosevelt Dr
Rosalind Cir
Rosebush Ct
Rose Ct
Rte 705
Russell Ave
Rutledge Dr
Ryan's Run
Sagebrush Ln
Saint Moritz Dr
Salem Ct
Sandstone Dr
Santalina Dr
Sassafras Ct
Sassafras Dr
Sawood Dr
Sayre Dr
Scattergood Ct
S Cedar Brook Rd
Scenic Point Cir
Scenic View Dr
S Central Ave
Schoolhouse Ln
Serene Ln
Serenity Ln
Seven Causeways Rd
S Grove St
Shane St
Shelby Ct
Shelly St
Shenandoah Dr
Sheridan Dr
Sherman Ln
Sherri Ln
Sherwick Ct
Shultz Ave
Sickler Ave
Sicklerville Rd
Sicklerville Turnerville Rd
Silvius Ct
Sinatra Dr
Skyline Dr
Slate Ct
Sleepy Hollow Ct
Sleepy Hollow Ln
Smithy Ln
Snowberry Ct
S Old Egg Harbor Rd
Sonora Ct
Sonora Ln
Spar Dr
Spicebush Ct
Spring Hollow Dr
Spring Valley Rd
Spruce Dr
Stafford Pl
Stage Coach Rd
State Rte 42
State Spur 536
Sterling St
St Moritz Dr
Stonecrop Ct
Stone Hollow Dr
Stony Brook Ct
Stowe Ct
Strand Ave
Sturbridge Dr
Sugar Bush Dr
Sugarmaple Ln
Summit Ave
S Waldon Ct
Sweet Bay Ave
Sweetbriar Dr
Swift Run Dr
Sycamore Ave
Tailor Ln
Tanglewood Dr
Tara Dr
Tavern Ln
Teaberry Ct
Teakwood Ln
Thackery Ct
Thistleton Rd
Thornhill Ct
Thousand Oak Dr
Tiffany Pl
Tigerlily Ln
Tollgate Ct
Torrington Dr
Touchstone Ct
Tripp Ln
Tupelo Ct
Tupelo Ln
Turnabout Ln
Turnerville Hickstown Rd
Turnerville Rd
Turtle Hollow
Twin Hollow Ct
Twisting Ln
Vail Rd
Val David Ct
Vance Ave
Vanderbilt Ct
Vanderbuilt Ct
Vernon Ct
Viburnum Ct
Victoria Manor Ct
Village Cir
Villa Knoll Ct
Villanova Ct
Vista Ct
Wagon Wheel Dr
Waldon Ct
Walnut St
Waltham Run
Waltham Way
Walton Ct
W Annapolis Dr
Waterview Dr
Westerly Dr
W Gate Dr
Whalen Ave
Whippoorwill Dr
Whitall Dr
White Ash Ave
White Cedar Dr
Wilby Rd
Wildcat Branch Rd
Wild Flower Cres
Wild Flower Dr
Willet Ct
Williamstown Erial Rd
Williamstown New Freedom Rd
Williamstown Rd
Willow Ct
Willshire Rd
Wilson Dr
Wiltons Corner Blvd
Wiltons Landing Rd
Wilton Way
Wiltshire Rd
Wimbledon Run
Windemere Dr
Windsor Dr
Winfield Ct
Winfield Rd
Wintergreen Ave
Winterthur Dr
Woodford Way
Woodhaven Way
Woodshire Dr
Woodside Ln
Wood Thrush Ave
Wye Mill Dr
Wynmere Dr
Yardley Ct
York Ct
Yorkshire Rd
York Ter
Zoe Ln
Zoe Rd