Nesconset, New York Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Nesconset, New York IP Addresses

AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS6128 - CABLE-NET-1 - Cablevision Systems Corp., US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS46887 - LIGHTOWER - Lightower Fiber Networks I, LLC, US

Nesconset, New York Streets

1st St
2nd St
2 St
3rd St
4th St
5th St
6th St
7th St
8th St
Adams Ct
Addie Ln
Agren Ln
Alexander Ave
Alma Lind Ln
Armon St
Atlas Pl
Audubon St
Avery Ct
Barkley Ln
Barrett Ct
Bauss Rd
Beau Jol Ct
Bella Ct
Blackwell Rd
Bobann Dr
Bonarck Ln
Bond Ln
Bowers Ct
Bradford St
Brae Mar St
Bri Ct
Bronwyn Ct
Brook Ave
Brooks Ave
Brookstan Rd
Browns Rd
Burgundy Ln
Burnham Pl
Cambon Pl
Canterbury Ln
Carl Ct
Carman Ln
Carman Pl
Carr Ct
Castle Ct
Cathy Ct
Chapman Rd
Charlemagne Dr
Chestnut St
Chivalry Ln
Cleveland St
Clubhouse Ln
Cobblestone Rd
Commander Ln
Commander Vic Ln
Co Rd 16
Co Rd 76
Cromwell Pl
Crusader Ln
Crystal Brook Ct
Daremy Ct
Darra Ct
Debra Dr
Deer Valley Dr
Dell Marie Ln
Dellmarle Ln
Denise Ct
Diane Ct
Diane Ct S
Division Ave
Donnatella Ln
Dorfer Ln
Dorothy St
Dover Hill Dr
Edgewood Ave
Edith Ln
Eklund Blvd
Ellen Dr
Empress Pines Dr
Evlynne St
Excalibur Ln
Florence St
Foltman St
Forest Ave
Fourth St
Francis Ct
Francis St
Freeman Ave
Gaigal Ct
Gaigal Dr
Galahad la
Galahad Ln
Garden St
Garfield Ct
Gary Dr
Gaynor Ave
Gemini Ln
Gibbs Pond Rd
Gina Ct
Glansdale Ct
Glenfield Ln
Glen Hill Ct
Grace Ct
Graham Pl
Greis Ave
Guinevere Ln
Halley Ct
Hampton Ave
Hawthorne Ave
Hayes St
Hearthstone Ln
Helen Ct
Heritage Pl
Heritage Pl S
Highland Pl
Hill Ave
Hoover Ave
Hunter Ln
Jackson St
Jamor Ct
Janet Ct
Jayne Ct
Jefferson St
Jeremy Cir
Joseph Pl
Kempf St
Kental Ln
Knollcrest Rd
Knolltop Dr
Lake Ave
Lake Ave S
Lakeview Ave
Lancaster Ave
Lantern Ln
Lantern Way
Laura Ct
Laurelton Ave
Lawrence Dr
Leary Ln
Leonard St
Leyden St
Lillian Dr
Lillian Rd
Lincoln Ave
Lisa Ct
Lloyd Ln
Locksly Ln
Locust Dr
Locust St
Lori Dr
Louise Ct
Louis Pl
Lyda Dr
Madison St
Maggie Ct
Magnolia Ave
Maiden Ln
Maple Glen Ln
Margaret Ave
Margaret Dr
Marion St
Mark Ln
Marys Rd
Mayfair Ct
Mayfair Rd
McAfee Ct
McCarthy Blvd
Meadow Ct
Meryl Ln
Michael Pl
Middle Country Rd
Midwood Ave
Mildred Ct
Millan Ave
Mon Repos Ln
Monroe St
Mumford Pl
Nancy Ln
Nesconset Ave
Neslo Dr
Nicholas Ct
Nichols Rd
Nicola la
Nicola Ln
Nottingham Ct
Nottingham Ct N
Oak Ave
Oakdale Ave
Oak Dr
Oak Run Dr
Oak St
Old Nichols Rd
Osage Ln
Ozone Pl
Park Ave
Park Cir
Parkway Ave
Persimon Ct
Pierson St
Pine Ave
Pine Dr
Pine Dr E
Pineland St
Pinewood Ct
Pleasant Dr
Ponderosa Ln
Premier Ct
Prince Charming Rd
Prince Valiant Ct
Quenzer St
Quist Ln
Raphael Blvd
Raspberry Ln
Raynier Pl
Regency Ct
Rhoda Ave
Robinhood Ct
Rolling Hills Dr
Ronald Ct
Roosevelt Ave
Roseanne Ct
Royal Ct
Roy Dr
Saggese Cir
Saggese la
Saggese Ln
Saint James Pkwy
Salvatore Ct
Samuel St
Sara Ct
Seawanhaka Ave
Second St
Shady Pl
Sheffield Ct
Shenandoah Blvd
Shenandoah Blvd N
Sheppard Ln
S Hillside Ave
Shore View Ct
Shore View Dr
Short Ct
Sixth St
Smith St
Smithtown Blvd
Smithtown Byp
Smithtown Islip Townline Rd
Snowdance Ln
South Ct
Southern Blvd
Spectacle Lake Dr
Spruce Dr
Standish Pl
State Rte 347
Steuben Blvd
Stonedge Ln
Stone Edge Ln
Suburban Ln
Summit Dr
Sun Hill Rd
Tall Pines Ln
Tap Ct
Tiffany Ct S
Tiffany Way
Townline Rd
Tree Top Path
Truval Ln
Tulip St
Uncas St
Unity Ct
Valiant Ct
Van Buren Ct
Vicar Ct
Viking Ct
Wagon Way
Walter Dr
Westminster Ct
Westminster Ct S
White Cliff Ln
Wiigs Rd
Williamsburgh Ln
Wilson Ave
Windwood Dr
Winners Cir
Woodland Ave
Woodview Ave
Wood View Dr
Wysocki Ct
Yardley la
Yardley Ln
Yarmouth Ln
Zausin Ct