Freeport, Ohio Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Freeport, Ohio Phone Numbers


Freeport, Ohio IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US

Freeport, Ohio Streets

3rd Ave
4th Ave
Adams Rd
Agate Rd
Alexander Rd
Alexander Ridge Rd
Atkinson Creek Rd
Atkinson Creek Rd SE
Bardall Rd
Bearman Run
Beaver Rd
Belmont Rd
Belmont Ridge Rd
Birmingham Rd
Blackwell Rd
Bond Ln
Bose Rd
Broken Tract Ln
Burrell Ave
Cadiz Piedmont Rd
Cadiz Rd
Campbell Rd
Camp Ln
Caston Rd
Cemetery Hill Rd
Clendening Lake Rd
Co Hwy 10
Co Hwy 16
Co Hwy 18
Co Hwy 20
Co Hwy 21
Co Hwy 27
Co Hwy 33
Co Hwy 57
Co Hwy 6
Co Hwy 60
Co Hwy 61
Co Hwy 62
Co Hwy 73
Co Hwy 78
Co Hwy 82
Co Hwy 84
Co Hwy 870
Co Hwy 892
Co Hwy 893
Co Hwy 93
Co Hwy 94
Co Hwy 98
Co Hwy 981
Comet Ln
Community Park
Conner Ln
Copper Ln
Co Rd 78
Co Rd 878
Co Rd 895
Co Rd 95
County 74
Covered Bridge Rd
Cox Rd
Crab Orchard Rd
Cross Line Ln
Crown Ln
Cummins Rd
Cunningham Ln
Dare Ln
Davidson Rd
Deck Rd
Deep Woods Rd
Delphi Rd
Detour Rd
Dewey Ave
Distant Ln
Douglas Turn Rd
Dry Ridge Rd
Dugan Rd
Dysart Rd
Easy St
Elk Run Rd
E Main St
E Muskingum St
Ermine Ln
Eva Mae Rd
Fafner Ln
Fairground Rd Exd
Ferdon Ln
Fisher Rd
Fish Hook Ln
Flicker Ln
Freeport Rd
Freeport Tippecanoe Rd
Friendly Ridge Rd
Ginger Rd
Glasgow Rd
Goldfinch Ln
Grapevine Rd
Guthrie Rd
Gypsy Hill Rd
Half Penny Ln
Hamilton Ridge Rd
Hammock Ln
Harr Ln
Henry Ln
Hetticks Hollow Rd
Hidden Haven Ln
High St
Hoop Ln
Hoop Rd
Imprimis Dr
Jasper Rd
Jennings Ln
Jones Rd
Kennedy Ridge Rd
Kinsey Orchard Rd
Koval Rd
Lakeside Dr
Lakeview Dr
Leftright Ln
Little Prince Rd
Lodge Rd
London Rd
Long Rd
Longsworth Ln
Macon Rd
Main St
Mallarnee Rd
Marina Rd
Masada Ln
McClintock Rd
McCoy Rd
McElhaney Rd
McFadden Rd
Melody Ln
Middle Hill Rd
Millers Fork Rd
Moccasin Rd
Moccasin Rd SE
Morrison Rd
Newtown Rd
Nibble Ln
Nichols Ln
Norris Rd
N Philadelphia St
Ohio St
Oklahoma Rd
Old Piedmont Rd
Old Smyrna Rd
Owen Rd
Packer Rd
Paddy Hill Rd
Paisley Rd
Pennyroyal Rd
Philadelphia St
Piedmont-Freeport Rd
Piedmont Rd
Pinch Town Rd
Pine Ridge Pl
Pine St
Plumbline Ln
Princess Ln
Ranger Lane Rd
Readman Rd SE
Redeye Rd
Repik Ln
Reven Rd
Riggs Hollow Rd
Riley Rd
Rodgers Rd
Scott Hill Rd
Seldom Seen Ln
Shipe Rd
Shipley Rd
Side Hill Rd
Skull Fork Rd
Sligo Rd
Smith Rd
Smyrna Rd
Speck Rd
S Philadelphia St
Springtown Rd
State Rte 258
State Rte 342
State Rte 799
State Rte 800
Stringtown Rd
Styx Hill Rd
Sugartree Rd
Tabacco Rd
Thin Ln
Titus Rd
Tri County Fairground Rd
Tuttle Rd
Twp Hwy 106
Twp Hwy 111
Twp Hwy 112
Twp Hwy 113
Twp Hwy 114
Twp Hwy 115
Twp Hwy 116
Twp Hwy 117
Twp Hwy 118
Twp Hwy 121
Twp Hwy 123
Twp Hwy 124
Twp Hwy 125
Twp Hwy 126
Twp Hwy 13
Twp Hwy 18
Twp Hwy 303
Twp Hwy 305
Twp Hwy 306
Twp Hwy 307
Twp Hwy 308
Twp Hwy 331
Twp Hwy 334A
Twp Hwy 338
Twp Hwy 339
Twp Hwy 340
Twp Hwy 345
Twp Hwy 358
Twp Hwy 540
Twp Hwy 541
Twp Hwy 599
Twp Hwy 6962
Twp Hwy 7852
Twp Hwy 7869
Twp Hwy 7874
Twp Hwy 7893
Twp Hwy 7894
Twp Hwy 7895
Twp Hwy 872
Twp Hwy 874
Twp Hwy 8749
Twp Hwy 875
Twp Hwy 877
Twp Hwy 8798
Twp Hwy 8907
Twp Hwy 8917
Twp Hwy 892
Twp Hwy 8936
Twp Hwy 8940
Twp Hwy 8948
Twp Hwy 8950
Twp Hwy 8956
Twp Hwy 8965
Twp Hwy 8966
Twp Hwy 8967
Twp Hwy 8973
Twp Hwy 8975
Twp Hwy 8989
Twp Hwy 8992
Twp Hwy 91
Twp Hwy 92
Twp Hwy 9672
Twp Hwy 9806
Twp Hwy 9821
Twp Hwy 9826
Twp Hwy 9845
Twp Hwy 9861
Twp Hwy 9874
Twp Hwy 9876
Twp Hwy 989
Twp Rd 73
Twp Rd 7815
Twp Rd 7872
Twp Rd 8772
Twp Rd 879
Twp Rd 891
Twp Rd 980
Tyson Mill Rd
Tysons Mill Rd
US Hwy 22
US Rte 22
Vagary Ln
Wagner Ln
Weep Willow Ln
Westchester Rd
Whipporwill Ln
W Muskingum St