Leavittsburg, Ohio Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Leavittsburg, Ohio IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS10796 - SCRR-10796 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US

Leavittsburg, Ohio Streets

Allen Smith Rd
Anderson Anthony Rd
Bachert Rd
Bailey Anderson Rd
Barclay Messerly Rd
Bechtel Rd
Benedict Leavittsburg Rd
Bentz Rd
Bishop Rd
Bosworth Rd
Bosworth St
Briggs Rd
Brookside Dr
Burnett St
Burwell Rd
Caleb Rd
Center Rd
Center World South Rd
Choctaw Ave
Clark Ave
Clemmens Ct
Co Hwy 108
Co Hwy 122
Co Hwy 132
Co Hwy 133
Co Hwy 134
Co Hwy 139
Co Hwy 141
Co Hwy 142
Co Hwy 79
Co Hwy 83
Co Hwy 845
Co Hwy 95
Diehl South Rd
Dorothy Ave
Eagle Creek Rd
Elm St
Elvina St
Emert Rd
Fisher Ave
Flora Rd
Florine Ave
Gillmer Rd
Hearn Ct
Hobart Rd
Homeview Ave
Kale Adams Rd
Kayser Rd
Layer Rd
Mahoning St
Manhattan Ave
Masters Rd
Mateer Rd
McConnell Rd
McManus Rd
Meadowbrook Dr
Nelson Mosier Rd
N Leavitt Rd
N Leavitt Rd NW
N Meadowbrook Dr
N River Rd
Orris Rd
Pangborn Rd
Park Rd
Parkview Ct
Peerless Ave
Pendleton Rd
Pleasant Park Ct NW
Potic Dr
Powrie Rd
Raveloe Ct
Rio Terra St NW
Rio Vista Rd
Risher Rd
Risher Rd SW
Ritter Rd
Riverside St
Riverview Dr
Ruth Ave
S Leavitt Rd
Snyder Rd
South St SW
State Rte 5
State Rte 82
Templeton Rd
Templeton Rd NW
Turner Rd
Twp Hwy 1027
Twp Hwy 121
Twp Hwy 123
Twp Hwy 125
Twp Hwy 1306
Twp Hwy 132
Twp Hwy 134
Twp Hwy 135
Twp Hwy 137
Twp Hwy 216
Twp Hwy 400
Twp Hwy 401
Twp Hwy 402
Twp Hwy 403
Twp Hwy 405
Twp Hwy 406
Twp Hwy 474
Twp Hwy 534
Twp Hwy 535
Twp Hwy 545
Twp Hwy 581
Twp Hwy 583
Twp Hwy 584
Twp Hwy 585
Twp Hwy 597
Twp Hwy 598
Twp Hwy 599
Twp Hwy 601
Twp Hwy 603
Twp Hwy 627
Twp Hwy 630
Twp Hwy 633
Twp Hwy 656
Twp Hwy 662
Twp Hwy 76
Twp Hwy 77
Twp Hwy 846
Twp Hwy 850
Twp Hwy 852
Twp Hwy 863
Twp Hwy 864
Twp Hwy 885
Twp Hwy 893
Twp Hwy 894
Twp Hwy 93
Twp Hwy 95
Wakefield Rd
Whitman Ct
Wilda Ave
Winters Rd
W Market St
Wood Lenhart Rd
Woodview Cir