Patriot, Ohio Scanner Frequencies



Patriot, Ohio IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US

Patriot, Ohio Streets

Allison Rd
Anthony Land Rd
Atha Rd
Barlow Rd
Bentley Rd
Bethel Rd
Black Rd
Blessing Rd
Boggs Rd
Boggs School Rd
Burnette Rd
Bush Rd
Cadmus Rd
Carter Rd
Centerpoint Rd
C H and D Rd
C H & D Rd
Cindy Ln
Clay Lick Rd
Co Rd 110
Co Rd 120
Co Rd 122
Co Rd 126
Co Rd 128
Co Rd 130
Co Rd 132
Co Rd 134
Co Rd 136
Co Rd 138
Co Rd 140
Co Rd 142
Co Rd 144
Co Rd 146
Co Rd 148
Co Rd 150
Co Rd 20
Co Rd 22
Co Rd 36
Co Rd 38
Co Rd 40
Co Rd 42
Co Rd 48
Co Rd 50
Co Rd 52
Co Rd 54
Co Rd 56
Co Rd 58
Co Rd 60
Co Rd 66
Co Rd 68
Co Rd 70
Co Rd 72
Co Rd 74
Co Rd 76
Co Rd 78
Country Ln
Cremeens Rd
Crews Rd
Cricket Trail Rd
Delaney Rd
Dougan Rd
D Rd
Drummond Rd
Dry Ridge Rd
Dugan Rd
Dundee St
Eakman Rd
Elliott Rd
Evans Rd
Fielding Rd
Fierbaugh Rd
Flagsprings Rd
Fultz Rd
Gage Rd
Gallia Rd
German Hollow Rd
German Ridge Rd
Grate Rd
Grub Rd
Hannan Trace Rd
Harvey Rd
Hively Rd
Houck Rd
Hull Rd
Hutch St
Jackson Rd
Jacobs Rd
James Rd
Jeffers Rd
Jenkins Rd
Kennison Rd
Kingery Rd
Kiser St
Lincoln Pike
Little Bullskin Rd
Loucks Rd
Lukas St
McCombs Rd
Metzger Rd
Miller Rd
Mobley Rd
Morgan Sisters Rd
Mount Zion Rd
Mudsoc Rd
Neal Rd
Nebo Rd
Northup Rd
Owens Rd
Patriot Rd
Peniel Rd
Peters Cave Rd
Pickens Rd
Pioneer Trail Rd
Price Rd
Provens Rd
Pumpkintown Rd
Pyles Rd
Ramblewood Rd
Rees Rd
Richards Rd
Rich Rd
Rosa Rd
Ross Rd
Rutt Rd
Scott Ln
Scurlock Rd
Shade River Rd
Shaffer Rd
Shato Rd
Smokey Row Rd
Stanley Rd
State Rte 141
State Rte 233
State Rte 325
State Rte 775
Stauffer Rd
Straight Rd
Symmes Creek Rd
Thornton Rd
Townhouse Rd
Twp Hwy 390
Twp Hwy 394
Twp Hwy 402
Twp Hwy 476
Twp Hwy 516
Twp Hwy 52
Twp Hwy 538
Twp Hwy 540
Twp Hwy 542
Twp Hwy 544
Twp Hwy 568
Twp Hwy 572
Twp Hwy 574
Twp Hwy 586
Twp Hwy 594
Twp Hwy 686
Twp Hwy 690
Twp Hwy 694
Twp Hwy 696
Twp Hwy 702
Twp Hwy 704
Twp Hwy 706
Twp Hwy 708
Twp Hwy 710
Twp Hwy 716
Twp Hwy 732
Twp Hwy 744
Twp Hwy 746
Twp Hwy 752
Twp Hwy 754
Twp Hwy 756
Twp Hwy 758
Twp Hwy 762
Twp Hwy 764
Twp Hwy 766
Twp Hwy 768
Twp Hwy 770
Twp Hwy 774
Twp Hwy 776
Twp Hwy 778
Twp Hwy 780
Twp Hwy 782
Twp Hwy 784
Twp Hwy 790
Twp Hwy 798
Twp Hwy 800
Twp Hwy 808
Twp Hwy 816
Twp Hwy 818
Twp Hwy 820
Twp Rd 488
Twp Rd 494
Twp Rd 742
Village St
Wagoner Rd
Watts Rd
Webster Rd
Wedemeyer Rd
White Cemetery Rd
White Hollow Rd
Whitey Rd
Wiseman Rd
Wolf Run Rd
Woodie Rd
Woodside Rd
Wray Rd
Wright Rd
Yellowtown Rd