Pleasant City, Ohio Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Pleasant City, Ohio IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS19108 - SUDDENLINK-COMMUNICATIONS - Suddenlink Communications, US

Pleasant City, Ohio Streets

2nd St
Adamik Ln
Akers Rd
Bailey Rd
Banner Rd
Bluebell Rd
Boswell Rd
Broad St
Buco Ln
Caldwell St
Callahan Ln
Calvert Ln
Church Ln
Church St
Clay Pike
Clay Pike Rd
Co Hwy 128
Co Hwy 14
Co Hwy 21
Co Hwy 2372
Co Hwy 25
Co Hwy 2504
Co Hwy 343
Co Hwy 35
Co Hwy 37
Co Hwy 38
Co Hwy 52
Co Hwy 55
Co Hwy 61
Cooper Dr
Cooper Rd
Co Rd 128
Co Rd 14
Co Rd 21
Co Rd 36
Cumberland Rd
Davalla St
Davis Rd
Delmer St
Drake Farm Rd
East St
Elm St
Enlow Rd
Fishel St
Fish Rd
Fry Rd
Glenwood Ln
Halley Ridge Rd
Halleys Ridge Rd
Helena Rd
Hickle Rd
High St
Hook Rd
Irene St
Journey Rd
Kackley Rd
Kenyon Ave
Kirkbride Hill Rd
Larrick Ln
Laughlin Ln
Lestock Rd
Linwood Rd
Longinie St
Main St
Maple St
Marietta Rd
Marketsville Rd
Mill St
Mt Zion Rd
N Co Hwy 36
N Co Hwy 44
N Co Rd 36
N Co Rd 44
Nicholson Rd
Noble Hill Rd
Northstar Rd
November Ln
N Saultz St
N Star Rd
Old Infirmary Rd
Old Mine Rd
Orchard St
Outer Limits Rd
Pilck St
Pine St
Pipa Rd
Pleasant Rd
Rochester Rd
Russell St
Saltzburg Rd
Sarahsville Rd
Shattuck St
Shenandoah Rd
Shriver Ln
Shriver Rd
Slovak Rd
State Rte 146
State Rte 285
State Rte 313
State Rte 821
Stephens Rd
Town Hwy 100
Town Hwy 103
Town Hwy 105
Town Hwy 108
Town Hwy 109
Town Hwy 110
Town Hwy 118
Town Hwy 119
Town Hwy 120
Town Hwy 121
Town Hwy 134
Town Hwy 135
Town Hwy 149
Town Hwy 99
Twp Hwy 100
Twp Hwy 103
Twp Hwy 105
Twp Hwy 108
Twp Hwy 109
Twp Hwy 110
Twp Hwy 112
Twp Hwy 118
Twp Hwy 119
Twp Hwy 120
Twp Hwy 121
Twp Hwy 134
Twp Hwy 135
Twp Hwy 149
Twp Hwy 2355
Twp Hwy 2368
Twp Hwy 237
Twp Hwy 2371
Twp Hwy 2389
Twp Hwy 2500
Twp Hwy 2503
Twp Hwy 2506
Twp Hwy 2512
Twp Hwy 253
Twp Hwy 2532
Twp Hwy 2544
Twp Hwy 2545
Twp Hwy 3256
Twp Hwy 3266
Twp Hwy 328
Twp Hwy 3281
Twp Hwy 3283
Twp Hwy 3285
Twp Hwy 5207
Twp Hwy 5223
Twp Hwy 5240
Twp Hwy 5241
Twp Hwy 5246
Twp Hwy 5251
Twp Hwy 99
Twp Rd 100
Twp Rd 103
Twp Rd 105
Twp Rd 108
Twp Rd 109
Twp Rd 110
Twp Rd 118
Twp Rd 119
Twp Rd 120
Twp Rd 121
Twp Rd 134
Twp Rd 135
Twp Rd 149
Twp Rd 2364
Twp Rd 348
Twp Rd 5242
Twp Rd 99
Walhonding Rd
Walnut St
Wargo Rd
West Rd
Wikander Ln
Wildlife Rd
Wintergreen Rd
Zepp Rd
Zep Rd W