Chapin, South Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Chapin, South Carolina IP Addresses

AS2711 - SPIRITTEL-AS - Spirit Communications, US
AS3549 - LVLT-3549 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US

Chapin, South Carolina Streets

Abberton Ct
Alexis Ln
Alice Dr
Almafi Dr
Amenity Ct
Amenity Rd
Amicks Ferry Rd
Amys Pt
Anchor Bend Dr
Anchor Light Ln
Anna Sites Rd
Arrow Shores Cir
Arrow Shores Ct
Arrow Shores Rd
Ashmeade Ln
Ashwood Hills Dr
Atlantis Ct
Augsburg Dr
Azalea Key Ln
Azur Ave
Azure Bay Ct
Back Acres Rd
Backwater Ct
Bailey Slice Rd
Bailey Woods Trl
Bakersland Rd
Ballentine Ln
Baltic Ct
Bamboo Grove Ct
Bass Pointe Ln
Bayfield Ln
Bay Front Dr
Bay Pointe Dr
Bays End Ct
Baywood Ct
Baywood Dr
Beagle Run Rd
Bear Creek Rd
Beards Creek Cir
Bear Pt
Beaufort St
Bennington Ct
Bent Oak Ct
Bent Oak Dr
Berea Rd
Big Boy Ln
Big Thursday Ct
Birchtrace Ct
Birdsong Trl
Boatswain Loop
Bogater Rd
Bookie Richardson Rd
Bowers Ln
Braveheart Ct
Brentwood Ct
Bridgecreek Dr
Bri Lor Ct
Bristlecone Rd
Broad River Rd
Brody Rd
Brook Ct
Broomstraw Rd
Brown Acres
Buddy Eargle Rd
Buoy Ln
Cabin Cove Rd
Cabot Bay Dr
Camelia Key Ln
Camping Creek Ct
Camping Creek Rd
Candar Ct
Cannon Rd
Canterfield Rd
Captain Lowman Rd
Careton Ct
Caro Ct
Caro Ln
Carteret Ln
Castle Church Rd
Catamaran Ct
Champion Ct
Chaparrel Ct
Chapin Rd
Cheryse Ct
Christopher St
Circle Dr
Clark St
Clay Ct
Clipper Trl
Clover View Rd
Club Ct
Cobble Stone Ct
Cobbtown Ct
Columbia Ave
Comalander Dr
Concord Ct
Corinthian Dr
Courtland Rd
Cove Trl
Covington Dr
Cox Ct
Cozy Ct
Creek Rd
Creekwood Ct
Creekwood Rd
Crooked Creek Ct
Crooked Creek Rd
Cross Creek Trl
Crossfox Ct
Crosswinds Ct
Crystal Cove Ct
Crystal Creek Cir
Crystal Lake Cir
Crystal Lake Ct
Crystal Lake Dr
Crystal Pt
Crystal View Ct
Currioman Dr
Curtis Ct
Cutter Ct
Cypress Springs Ct
Dallas Dr
Dallas Pointe Ln
Dan Comalander Dr
Dawn Island Ct
Dawn Island Trl
Daymark Dr
Deans Ct
Deerwater Run
Deuce Ct
Distant Ln
Dockside Cir
Dreher Island Rd
Driftwood Dr
Duck Point Ln
Dutch Fork Rd
Dutchman Shores Cir
Dutch Point Rd
Eagle Chase Ct
Eagle Claw Dr
Eagle Pointe Dr
Eagles Rest Dr
East Dr
Eastridge Ct
Eau Claire Dr
E Boundary St
Edgewood Ct
Edgewood Dr
Edyths Way
E Island Run
Eleazer Rd
Ellett Rd
Elletts Rd
Ellis Derrick Rd
Elm Creek Ct
Elm Creek Dr
Elm Spring Ct
Emerald Shores Cir
Eptings Camp Cir
Eptings Camp Rd
E Ridge Ct
Eunice Ct
Explorer Dr
Fair Haven Way
Fairline Ct
Fairway Pond Ct
Fairway Pond Dr
Fairway Ridge Dr
Fairway Ridge Ln
Fairwinds Dr
Farrs Lake Ct
Fieldstone Rd
Firebridge Ct
Firebridge Dr
Firefly Ln
Flicker Ln
Floyd Slice Ct
Forest Bickley Rd
Forrest Shealy Rd
Fortress Dr
Forty Love Point Dr
Four Foxes Ln
Foxport Dr
Foxstone Dr
Freshly Mill Rd
Frick Ct
Fricks Outlet Rd
Friendship Dr
Gallery Cliff Dr
Garrington Ct
Gateway Dr
George Bouknight Ln
George Lowman
George Lowman Rd
Glenwood Dr
Golden Ridge Trl
Goodlett Ln
Grassy Meadows Ct
Greengarden Ct
Greengarden Dr
Greenleaf Cir
Green Meadow Dr
Guise Rd
Hair Pt
Haltiwanger Rd
Harbor Mist Dr
Harborview Ct
Harborview Pt
Harborview Puente
Harding St
Harvest View Rd
Harvey Killian Rd
Haven Cir
Hawk Nest Ln
Hawks Ridge Ct
Hawks Ridge Ln
Hawk View Ct
Hay Lee Dr
Haymar Rd
Haywain Dr
Heavens Edge Ct
Heber Shealy Cir
Heidelberg Cir
Heidelburg Cir
Heimatsweg Rd
Henry Clark Rd
Hidden Cove Cir
Highwater Ct
Hiller Rd
Hill Haven Rd
Hilton Acres
Hilton Commons Ct
Hilton Glen Ct
Hilton Point Rd
Hilton Run Ct
Hilton Sound Dr
Hilton Sound Pt
Hilton View Ct
Hilton View Dr
Hilton Village Dr
Holladay Rd
Holliston Ct
Holly Bickley Rd
Holly Key Ln
Hollyoak Ln
Hopewell Cemetery Rd
Hrinda Way
Huffield Rd
Hunter Dr
Indian Cove Rd
Indian Creek Cir
Indian Fork Rd
Indian Summer Pt
Ingram Ln
Inlet Pl
Island Dr
Island Point Ln
Island Trl
Isle of Pines Dr
Jake Meetze Rd
Jasmine Bay Ln
Jasmine Key Ln
Jaybird Trl
Joe Free
Joe Free Rd
John Kinards Cir
John Kinards Ct
John Lindler Rd
Johns Creek Rd
Johnson Marina Rd
Keepers Ct
Kerry Gibbons Dr
Killian Point Cir
Killian Pt
Kimsey Dr
Kingship Dr
Kitfox Ct
Kumatage Ln
Lake Breeze Ln
Lake Ct
Lake Estates Dr
Lake Forest Trl
Lake Haven Ct
Lake Hilton Dr
Lakemont Ct
Lakemont Dr
Lake Point Dr
Lakeport Dr
Lakeshore Dr
Lakeside Dr
Lakeside Rd
Lake Spur Ln
Lake Summit Ct
Lake Summit Dr
Lake Tide Ct
Lake Tide Dr
Lakeview Ln
Lake Vista Dr
Lakewood Dr
Lamplighter Rd
Lands End Dr
Lash Ln
Lazy Brook Dr
Lazy Cove Rd
Lazy Creek Ct
Lazy Creek Pointe
Lazy Creek Pt
Leaning Oak Ct
Lemonts Rd
Leroy Frick Ln
Lester Frick Rd
Lexington Ave
Lexington Ln
Lexington St
Libby Ariail Cir
Libby Ariail Ct
Libby Ariail Ln
Lighthouse Ln
Lighthouse Rd
Lilypad Ct
Limestone Pt
Limestone Rd
Linkside Ct
Links Pointe Ct
Little Gap Ct
Little Gap Ln
Little Key Ct
Loafers Glory Ct
Long Oak Ln
Long Pine Ct
Long Pine Rd
Long Point Dr
Lookout Hill Dr
Lookout Pointes Dr
Lookover Pointe Dr
Loveless Ln
Love Valley Ct
Lowman Home Barn Rd
Lowman Home Rd
Lynch Ln
Lynn McCartha Rd
Magnolia Key Dr
Mallard Cove Ct
Mallard Dr
Maple Hollow Ln
Maple Lake Ln
Maple Ridge Ln
Marble Arch Ct
Martin Rd
Mary Dr
Mary Sites Rd
Match Point Dr
Mayflower Ct
Mayflower Rd
McLeod Rd
M C Lindler Rd
Mellow Wood Ln
Merowey Ct
Midge Creek Ct
Mike Eleazer Rd
Miller Eleazer Rd
Mill Point Ct
Millrace Ct
Mills Lake Ct
Milmont Shores Rd
Misty Harbor Rd
Misty Pine Ln
Moonraker Ct
Moonsail Cir
Mooringview Pt
Morning Breeze Ct
Moseley Pt
Mountain Dr
Mount Olivet Church Rd
Mount Vernon Church Rd
Moyer Dr
Mt Vernon Church Rd
Muddy Ford Rd
Muldrow Ln
Murray Lindler Rd
Murray Point Ln
Nautical Ct
N Columbia Ct
Nel la Ln
Newberg Rd
Newberry Dr
Newburg Ct
Night Harbor Cir
Night Harbor Dr
Noahs Ct
North Dr
Northshore Ct
Northshore Dr
NW Columbia Ct
Oak Brook Dr
Oak Trace Ct
Old Bush River Rd
Old Cedar Pt
Old Dr
Old Ferry Hwy
Old Ferry Rd
Old Forge Ct
Old Forge Rd
Old Hilton Rd
Old Landing Ct
Old Laurel Ln
Old Lexington Hwy
Old Mill Rd
Old Rd
Old Sawmill Trl
Old School Rd
Old Shealy Rd
Old Summer Pl
Olin Slice Rd
O L Rauch Rd
Osprey Lake Dr
Outback Rd
Overlook Ct
Owl Trace Ln
Oxenbridge Ct
Oxenbridge Way
Pacific Ave
Palmer Cir
Palmetto Pointe
Palmetto Pointe Ct
Palmetto Pt
Palm St
Pamela Ct
Parapet Loop
Parapet Trl
Park Dr
Paul Fulmer Rd
Peace Haven Rd
Peak St
Pebble Branch Ct
Pebble Branch Dr
Pebble Creek Rd
Pelican Dr
Pembroke Ln
Pennsylvania Ct
Peregrine Ct
Pet Sites Rd
Pine Brook Dr
Pineglade Ct
Pine Meadow Ct
Pine Meadow Dr
Pinewood Dr
Plantation Ct
Point de Haven Dr
Point de Haven Rd
Pointe Overlook Dr
Point St
Point View Ct
Point View Dr
Point View Rd
Pond Edge Ln
Primrose Ln
Purgatory Pt
Putnam Dr
Putter Point Ct
Quail Walk Trl
Quiet Cove Ct
Quiet Cove Dr
Racket Rd
Railview Ct
Ralphs Rd
Ramblewood Ln
Ranch Lake Rd
R B Baker Dr
Recluse St
Redbrush Ct
Red Fox Trl
Red Knoll Rd
Resting Place Pt
Revelstone Way
Richard Franklin Rd
Riddle Landing Rd
Robauld Ave
Rockland Rd
Rocky Branch Rd
Rocky Ramp Dr
Roland Shealy Ct
Rosehaven Ln
Rucker Rd
Rum Gully Ln
Rustyred Ct
Sail Tie Ct
Saint Charles Pl
Saint Peters Church Rd
Saint Thomas Church Rd
Saint Thomas Ct
Salem Church Rd
Sam Koon Rd
Sandbar Ct
Sandbar Rd
Sand Dollar Ct
Sandy Dr
Satinfield Ct
Sawyers Ct
Scotts Branch Rd
Scotts Hill Rd
Sea Doo Dr
Set Point Ct
Settle Cove Rd
Seven Dr
Shadowmoss Dr
Shady Acres Dr
Shady Grove Rd
Shallow Cove Ct
Shamrock Ct
Shawn Rd
Shipyard Blvd
Shipyard Ct
Shores Edge Dr
Shores Edge Rd
Sid Bickley Rd
Sienna Ct
Sienna Dr
Silver Point Rd
Skylark Ln
Slater Ct
Slices Crest Ct
Slip Stream Ln
Smallwood Ct
Smallwood Dr
Smallwood Pt
Smiths Ford Rd
Snapdragon Ct
Softwinds Ct
Soldier Gray Ln
Songbird Ct
Southwoode Cir
Southwoods Cir
Sparrow Cir
Spinnaker Pointe Dr
Spoonbill Ct
Spring Blossom Ln
Springwood Rd
State Rd S-32-1078
State Rd S-32-1254
State Rd S-32-1314
State Rd S-32-1512
State Rd S-32-231
State Rd S-32-51
State Rd S-32-753
State Rd S-32-83
State Rd S-32-949
State Rd S-36-354
State Rd S-36-355
State Rd S-36-40
State Rd S-36-691
State Rd S-36-746
State Rd S-40-1333
State Rd S-40-1393
State Rd S-40-1403
State Rd S-40-1406
State Rd S-40-1407
State Rd S-40-1442
State Rd S-40-1775
State Rd S-40-1776
State Rd S-40-2043
State Rd S-40-2056
State Rd S-40-2096
State Rd S-40-216
State Rd S-40-2265
State Rd S-40-2274
State Rd S-40-234
State Rd S-40-2402
State Rd S-40-241
State Rd S-40-2480
State Rd S-40-2481
State Rd S-40-2551
State Rd S-40-2697
State Rd S-40-2699
State Rd S-40-39
State Rd S-40-405
State Rd S-40-592
State Rd S-40-620
State Rd S-40-621
State Rd S-40-698
State Rd S-40-702
State Rd S-40-904
Steve Free Rd
Stillwater Dr
Stone Hill Rd
Stone House Rd
Stonemaker Ct
Stoneridge Rd
Stonewall Ct
Stoney Point Dr
Stoney Pointe Cir
Stoney Pointe Dr
Stoney Point Ln
Strawberry Ct
Strawfield Rd
Stucks Point Dr
Sugar Berry Rd
Sugar Maple Ln
Sugar Mill Rd
Summer Bay Dr
Summer Ct
Summer Dr
Summerglen Ct
Summer Haven Dr
Summer Haven Rd
Summerset Dr
Summit Point Ct
Summit View Ct
Sundance Pointe
Sunset Cove Pl
Superior Cir
Superior Ct
Swiftfox Ln
Sylvan St
Tail Feather Way
Tanner Ct
Tanners Mill Ct
Tanners Mill Rd
Tanners Mill Way
Tanning Creek Ct
Tapp Pt
Tennis Ct
Terra Stone Ln
Three Dog Rd
Three Oak Ct
Three Oak Ln
Three Point Rd
Tilden Point Cir
Timberlake Dr
Timmons Rd
Tomahawk Rd
Torrey Pine Ln
Trails End Ln
Trillie Ln
Tryst Pt
Turkey Beard Ct
Turkey Pointe Dr
Turkey Pointe Ln
Turkey Ridge Ct
Turkey Ridge Dr
Turtle Point Ct
Twin Pine Dr
US Hwy 176
US Hwy 76
Varsity Ct
Vernon Amick Rd
Verona Ave
Village Church Ct
Village Church Dr
Village Market Dr
Virginia St
Walkbridge Ct
Walkbridge Way
Walt Rauch Rd
Wartburg Dr
Wartburg Rd
Wash Lever Rd
Wateree Cir
Water Links Dr
Water Oak Trl
Water Pointe Ln
Water St
Wave Dancer Ct
Waxhaws Trce
Webster Pointe Ct
Webster Pt
Wedgewood Ct
Werwich Ct
Wessinger Rd
Westridge Ct
Westwinds Ct
Westwoods Dr
Whispering Oak Ln
Whispering Pine Ct
Whispering Trl
White Owl Rd
White Rock Acres Rd
White Rock Dr
White Rock Rd
Whits End
W Hollyoak Ln
W Horn Ct
Wilbur Bickley Rd
Wild Cherry Rd
Wild Duck Ct
Wild Turkey Trl
Williams Way
Willow Branch Ct
Willow Cove Ct
Willow Cove Rd
Willowood Cove
Willowood Pkwy
Willow Wood Pkwy
Will Wise Ct
Will Wise Rd
Winding Creek Way
Windpoint Ct
Windy Hill Rd
Wingo Ct
Wingspan Way
Wisteria Key Pl
Wittenburg Dr
Wonder Dr
Wood Glen Ln
Woodhill Dr
Woodlake Cir
Woodline Rd
Woodthrush Rd
Wood Willow Pt
Woolbright Ln
Wynnewood Ct
Yacht Club Pt
Yarrabee Ct