Irmo, South Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Irmo, South Carolina IP Addresses

AS2711 - SPIRITTEL-AS - Spirit Communications, US
AS2939 - SCAROLINA-AS - State of South Carolina, US
AS3549 - LVLT-3549 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS11101 - PALMETTOHEALTHAS - Palmetto Health, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS12208 - TRUVISTA - TruVista Communications, US
AS14335 - VC3 - VC3, Inc., US
AS20261 - MSA-CORP - Medical Services of America, US
AS22394 - CELLCO - Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, US

Irmo, South Carolina Streets

Aaron Kelly Rd
Abbey Ct
Adare Ct
Aderley Ct
Aderley Oak Ct
Aderley Oak Dr
Aderley Oak Loop
A J Amick Rd
Alcorns Rd
Allie Dailey Rd
Alverston Ct
Alwick Ct
Amberview Ct
Amberwood Cir
Amberwood Ct
Amick Dr
Andover Cir
Angela Dawn Ct
Anna B Ln
Annie Adkins Rd
Arbor Oaks Cir
Arbor Oaks Ct
Arbor Oaks Ln
Arbor Springs Dr
Aristides Dr
Arrow Lake Rd
Ascot Glen Ct
Ascot Glen Rd
Ascot Ridge Ct
Ascot Ridge Rd
Ashbourne Rd
Ash Ct
Ashwood Dr
Audubon Ct
Audubon Oaks Way
Autumn Brook Dr
Autumn Woods Dr
Averill Ln
Avonwood Ct
Aylesbury Rd
Bakewell Ct
Ballentine Estates Rd
Ballentine Point Rd
Baltica Ln
Barger Cir
Battery Rd
Bauknight Dr
Bauknight Rd
Beaconfield Ct
Beacon Point Rd
Beagle Ct
Beckworth Ct
Beckworth Ln
Beech Branch Ct
Beech Branch Dr
Beechwood Ct
Beechwood Ln
Belfair Ct
Belfair Rd
Belfair Way
Benchmark Ct
Bent Water Ct
Berkswell Dr
Bethview Dr
Beulah Ln
Bickleigh Ct
Bickleigh Rd
Bickley Rd
Bighorn Ct
Billsdale Ct
Billsdale Rd
Bilmont Dr
Bilston Ct
Bithynia Cir
Blackburn Rd
Blackburn Rd E
Black Creek Ln
Black Stone Dr
Blackwater Ln
Blazing Cove
Blue Bird Trl
Blue Cedar Rd
Blue Hills Ct
Blue Indigo Cir
Blue Mountain Dr
Blue Stone Ct
Bob Dorn Rd
Bonuck Rd
Bookman Mill Cove
Bookman Mill Ln
Bookman Mill Rd
Botany Cir
Botany Dr
Boulters Lock Rd
Bow Church Ct
Bow Church Rd
Bowhill Ct
Bradstone Cir
Bradstone Rd
Brafield Pl
Brassfield Ct
Breckenwood Trl
Brickling Rd
Bridgedale Dr
Bridgewater Cir
Bridle Ridge Rd
Bright Leaf Rd
Broad Bluff Ct
Broad Bluff Point
Broadbluff Pt
Broad River Rd
Broad Stone Rd
Bronlow Dr
Brooksong Ct
Brookstone Ct
Brookstone Way
Brookview Ln
Buckhead Dr
Bucktail Ct
Bucktail Dr
Burkett Rd
Busch Oaks Ct
Cabin Ct
Cabin Dr
Cable Head Rd
Caddis Creek Ct
Caddis Creek Rd
Cades Ct
Caedmons Creek Dr
Caedmons Walk
Cannonade Ct
Canterwood Rd
Cape Flattery Ct
Cape Lookout Ct
Cardinal Cove Rd
Carlisle St
Carl Shealy Rd
Carolee Ct
Carrie Shealy Rd
Casco Bay Rd
Cashel Ct
Castle Vale Cir
Castle Vale Ct
Castle Vale Rd
Cavendish Ct
Cedar Crest Ln
Cedar Grove Rd
Cedar View Dr
Centrum Dr
Chadford Cir
Chadford Ct
Chadford Rd
Chapelwhite Rd
Chappelwhite Rd
Charing Cross Rd
Charlie Griner Rd
Charlwood Ct
Charlwood Rd
Chase Ct
Chatteris Rd
Chesterbrook Ct
Childs St
Chillingham Ct
Chillingham Rd
Chipwood Ct
Chiswick Ct
Church St
Cinder Hill Ct
Clare Ct
Clarence Ballentine Rd
Clarion Rd
Clee Hill Ct
Clouser Dr
Clover View Rd
Cobbleville Ct
Cockspur Cir
Cockspur Ct
Cockspur Rd
Coldwater Ct
Coleby Ct
College St
Colnbrook Rd
Columbia Ave
Columbiana Dr
Concord Place Rd
Connie Wright Rd
Coogler Rd
Coolwater Ct
Coopers Hawk Cir
Coots Way
Cornerstone Cir
Cornerstone Way
Cotswold Ct
Cotting Ct
Cove Ct
Cove View Dr
Craven Arms Ct
Crayford Rd
Creekwater Ct
Cressfell Cir
Cressfell Rd
C Richardson Rd
Cromwell Ct
Crooked Tr Ct
Crossgate Ct
Crossthorn Rd
Crown Point Ct
Crystal Harbor Ct
Crystal Manor Dr
Crystal View Ct
Darcy Ct
Deancrest Ct
Dean Crest Rd
Deer Hill Rd
Delaine Woods Dr
Denbeck Rd
Derrick Dr
Devonport Dr
Devy Ct
Doland Ct
Doncaster Ct
Doncaster Dr
Donerail Ct
Dreher Shoals Rd
Dunleith Ct
Dunleith Way
Dupre Ct
Dutch Cir
Dutch Dr
Dutchfork Branch Ct
Dutchfork Creek Trl
Dutch Fork Rd
Dutchman Blvd
Dutch Oaks Dr
Dutch Village Dr
Dyers Hall Cir
Dyers Hall Ct
Dyers Hall Rd
Eastview Dr
E Creek Ct
E Dean Rd
Edward Amick Rd
Eichelberger Rd
Elcock Cir
Eleazer Rd
Elliott Richardson Rd
Elstow Rd
E Lykes Ln
Emerald Oaks Way
English Ivy Ln
Ernie Ct
E Slaton Ct
Evergreen Dr
Everton Dr
Falbrook Ct
Fallsbury Rd
Farming Creek Rd
Fenlaw Ct
Filson Bluff Rd
Firetower Rd
Fletcher Ln
Flint Hill Rd
Forest Ct
Forest Walk Ct
Forge Farm Ct
Fork Ave
Fox Chapel Rd
Foxglove Cir
Foxglove Ct
Foxglove Ln
Fradan Ln
Freestone Dr
Freshly Mill Rd
Freshly Shoals Rd
Friarsgate Blvd
Friarsgate Ct
Gaillard St
Gales River Rd
Gallantry Ct
Gallantry Dr
Gallatin Cir
Gallatin Ct
Garden Brooke Dr
Garden Gate Ln
Gates Rd
Geiger Rd
Gene McKay Blvd
Genessee Ct
Genessee Rd
Gibbes St
Gidding Ct
Glee Hill Ct
Glen Arbor Loop
Gleneagle Cir
Glenhawk Loop
Glen Ridge Ct
Glen Rose Cir
Glen Rose Ct
Gowham Ct
Grafton Ct
Grantham Cir
Grantham Ct
Grantham Rd
Grayside Rd
Green Ash Ct
Green Shank Ct
Griffin Ct
Grindstone Ct
Halma Ct
Halo Ct
Hamilton Park Ct
Hamilton Park Dr
Hamlin Way
Harlan Ct
Harleston Rd
Harper Park Rd
Harrier Ct
Harry Derrick Rd
Hartfield Ct
Hawkfield Ct
Hayburg Dr
Hay Hill Ct
Headwater Cir
Hearthwood Cir
Heather Ct
Hedgefield Ct
Hedgefield Rd
Herbert Bouknight Rd
Hever Ct
Hexham Cir
Hialeah Dr
Hickory Hall Ct
Hickory Hall Ln
Hickory Knob Hill Rd
High Bluff Ct
High Bluff Ln
High Ridge Rd
Hilldowne Rd
Hill Trace Trl
Hobby Ct
Hollenbeck Ct
Hollenbeck Rd
Hollingshed Creek Blvd
Hollingshed Rd
Holly Creek Dr
Holly Hill Ct
Holly Hock Ct
Holmsbury Ct
Holmsbury Rd
Holten Ct
Hookston Ct
Hookston Way
Hope Creek Dr
Hopestone Xing
Hope Trace Way
Hopewell Church Rd
Hornberg Ct
Huckleberry Ct
Huggins Ave
Hunting Glen Ct
Hunting View Ct
Hunting View Dr
Hunt Master Ct
Indian Ridge Ct
Ivy Garden Ln
Ivy Gate Ct
Ivy Green Cir
Ivy Green Ct
Ivy Green Ln
Jabo Corley Rd
Jacquelyn Powers Cir
Jahue Ct
James Ballentine Rd
Jarrod Ct
Jasper Lykes Ln
Jesse Derrick Rd
Jim Koon Rd
John Ballentine Rd
John Chapman Rd
John Derrick Rd
John Kinards Cir
Johnny Lorick Cour
Johnny Lorick Rd
Johnny Sites Rd
Johns Hill Ct
Johns Hill Ln
Jonathan Ln
Jones Rd
Julius Richardson Rd
Kennerly Rd
Kennesaw Rd
Kenton Ct
Kenton Dr
Ken Webber Rd
Kenwood Ct
Kestrel Ct
Kestrel Dr
Keyspur Ct
Kings Creek Ct
Kings Creek Rd
Kingshead Ct
Kingston Forest Dr
Kingsway Rd
Kinley Rd
Kip Ct
Kirkstone Rd
Kirton Ct
Knights Hill Ct
Knottsberry Way
Koon Rd
Krider Ct
Kristy Ben Ct
Laguna Vista Dr
Lake Estates Ct
Lake Murray Blvd
Lamson Dr
Landstone Cir
Landstone Ct
Laurant Way
Laurel Oak Ct
Laurel Oak Ln
Laurens St
Laurent Way
Lawrin Ct
Leaforth Ct
Leaminghouse Ct
Leamington Cir
Leamington Way
Leeford Ct
Leitner Point Rd
Lely Ct
Leon Ct
Lexington Ave
Libby Ln
Little Hampton Dr
Logan Rock Ct
London Pride Rd
Longwood Pass
Lookout Ln
Lord Howe Rd
Lordship Ln
Lowescroft Cir
Lowman Rd
Lum Rd
Lykes Ln
Lyne Cove Ct
Maid Lynn Ct
Maidston Cir
Maid Stone Ct
Maid Stone Rd
Manus Rd
Maple Tree Ct
Marabou Ct
Margate Ct
Marina Rd
Market Hall Ct
Marway Ct
Massey Cir
Mayland Ct
Maypop Ln
Maytree Ct
Meadow View Rd
Meggett Rd
Middle Creek Rd
Midhurst Ct
Miles Bowman Rd
Milford Park Dr
Miller Rd
Millplace Dr
Millplace Loop
Milway Ct
Milway Rd
Minehead Ct
Minehead Rd
Mingo Falls Ct
Misty Glen Cir
Misty Glenn Ct
Mistywood Ln
Montclair Dr
Montclair Rd
Morningstar Ct
Moseley Ave
Moses Hall Dr
Mrs Macks Rd
Muskrat Run
Muskrat Run Rd
Nature Creek Trl
Netherland Dr
Newton Rd
Nichols Branch Ln
N Nichols Creek Pt
Northstone Ct
N Palace Ct
N Royal Tower Dr
N Wingard Rd
N Woodrow St
Oak Hampton Rd
Oak Park Dr
Oak Stand Ct
Old Brickyard Rd
Olde Stream Ct
Old Farm Ln
Old Hall Ct
Old Hall Rd
Old Market Ln
Old Tamah Rd
Old Tree Ct
Old Well Rd
Olin Sites Rd
Ollie Dailey Ln
Ollie Dailey Rd
Orvis Ct
Osborne Ln
Oscar Amick Rd
O'Sheal Rd
Overcup Ct
Owens Lowman Rd
Owenswood Ln
Paddock Chase
Page Derrick Rd
Pale Ivy Ln
Palmetto Stakes
Palmetto Wood Ct
Palmetto Wood Pkwy
Park Place Dr
Parlock Cir
Parlock Ct
Parlock Rd
Paso Fina Dr
Pat Ellisor Rd
Peachtree Dr
Pearson Cir
Pebble Shore Rd
Pennbrook Ln
Pennigail Ct
Pennyboy Rd
Penshore Ct
Peppers Rd
Periwinkle Ct
Persimmon Wood Ct
Pine Creek Ct
Pink Dailey Rd
Pioneers Point Ct
Pipestove Ct
Pitsford Ct
Placid Dr
Plum Wood Ct
Poets Walk
Pollock Rd
Quattlebaum Rd
Queen Oak Ct
Quick Terrace Rd
Raintree Ct
Raintree Dr
Ramer Mill Ct
Ramsbury Ct
Rapids Ford Ct
Rauch-Metz Rd
Redbourne Ln
Redington Way
Reynard Ct
Richardson Dr
Rick Lindler Rd
Rideoutte Point Rd
Ridge Cliff Ct
Ridge Run Trl
River Bottom Rd
River Creek Dr
River Run Rd
River Song Cir
River Song Rd
Riverwalk Ct
Riverwalk Way
Riverway Ct
Robin Lynn Ln
Rock Hampton Rd
Rocky Meadows Rd
Rocky Point Dr
Rocky Ridge Rd
Rolling Creek Cir
Rolling Creek Pkwy
Rondell Ct
Roof Lowman Rd
Rose Oak Dr
Rose Thorn Ct
Round Hill Ct
Royal Tower Dr
Rushing Wind Dr
Rush Rd
Rydal Ct
Saddleback Ledge Ct
Saddlerock Dr
Sagefire Ct
Saint Albans Ct
Saint Albans Rd
Saint Croix Ct
Saint Johns Rd
Saints Creek Ct
Saints Creek Ln
Saints Creek Pl
Saint Stephens E
Saint Stephens W
Salem Church Rd
Salem Methodist Church Rd
Salvia Ct
Sam Bauknight Rd
Sam Bradshaw Rd
Saratoga Rd
Savannah Branch Trl
Scanley Ct
Scanley Rd
Seafarer Ct
Seaford Ct
Sease Rd
Serpentine Rd
Shadowood Dr
Shady Creek Ct
Shady Grove Rd
Shady Ln
Shadywood Ln
Shawn Bay Rd
Shawn Ct
Shell Cracker Ct
Shetford Rd
Shillingford Rd
Shorebreeze Dr
Short Pine Ct
Sickle Ct
Sid Eargle Rd
Sid Sites Rd
Signal Ln
Silkworth Pl
Silver Beech Ridge
Sites Bottom Rd
Skyhawk Rd
S Mercer Ct
S Mercer Dr
Someton Ct
Sonning Rd
Southampton Dr
Sparwood Ct
Split Rock Ct
S Royal Tower Dr
Staffwood Ct
Staffwood Dr
St Albans Rd
Stamport Cir
Stamport Ct
St Andrews Rd
Stanford Ridge Ct
State Hwy 6
State Hwy 60
State Hwy 80
State Hwy 939
State Rd S-40-1058
State Rd S-40-1150
State Rd S-40-1151
State Rd S-40-1152
State Rd S-40-129
State Rd S-40-1330
State Rd S-40-1334
State Rd S-40-156
State Rd S-40-1672
State Rd S-40-1673
State Rd S-40-1674
State Rd S-40-1680
State Rd S-40-1689
State Rd S-40-1862
State Rd S-40-1945
State Rd S-40-217
State Rd S-40-2336
State Rd S-40-2338
State Rd S-40-2339
State Rd S-40-234
State Rd S-40-2340
State Rd S-40-2341
State Rd S-40-2342
State Rd S-40-2371
State Rd S-40-2373
State Rd S-40-2383
State Rd S-40-2396
State Rd S-40-2399
State Rd S-40-2434
State Rd S-40-244
State Rd S-40-2475
State Rd S-40-2539
State Rd S-40-2602
State Rd S-40-2603
State Rd S-40-2604
State Rd S-40-2638
State Rd S-40-2641
State Rd S-40-2642
State Rd S-40-2643
State Rd S-40-27
State Rd S-40-2778
State Rd S-40-2805
State Rd S-40-286
State Rd S-40-296
State Rd S-40-385
State Rd S-40-3984
State Rd S-40-497
State Rd S-40-498
State Rd S-40-58
State Rd S-40-590
State Rd S-40-591
State Rd S-40-612
State Rd S-40-643
State Rd S-40-682
State Rd S-40-688
State Rd S-40-6996
State Rd S-40-80
State Rd S-40-957
State Rd S-40-958
State Rd S-40-959
Steeple Crest Ct
Steeple Crst N
Steeple Crst S
Steeple Ridge Rd
Stockland Rd
Stonemede Dr
Stonemill Ct
Stonemont Dr
Stonewall Ct
Strawberry Ridge Ln
Summer Branch Ct
Summer Branch Ln
Summer Creek Ct
Sundance Ct
Sunrise Pt
Sunset Point Rd
Sutallee Ln
Sutton Way
Swainson Ct
Sweetberry Ct
Sweetland Ct
Sweet Thorne Cir
Sweet Thorne Ct
Sweet Thorne Rd
Tackeria Ct
Tacoma Ct
Tall Oaks Dr
Tamworth Ct
Tanglesworth Rd
Tattlers Ct
Tattlers Trl
Temple Walk Rd
Tennyson Dr
Thames Valley Ct
Thames Valley Rd
Thelma Hicks Rd
Thistle Ct
Thornby Rd
Tiger Paw Ln
Tight Lie Ct
Timberknoll Dr
Tipton Cir
Tip Top Ct
Tom Bailey Ln
Tom Blanchette Dr
Top Flight Ct
Torrington Rd
Trails End Rd
Tranquil Trl
Traylors Gate Cir
Trellis Ln
Trellis Way
Trent Ct
Trent House Rd
Treyburn Cir
Treyburn Ct
Trinity Three Cir
Trinity Three Ct
Trinity Three Rd
Turtle Cove Ln
Tuscany Ct
Twill Ct
Twin Falls Ln
Twinflower Ln
Twin Gates Rd
Twisted Hill Rd
Uldeen Sites Rd
Ultra Way
Upton Grey Ct
Upton Grey Rd
US Hwy 176
US Hwy 76
Valeworth Dr
Valley Falls Ct
Valley Vine Ct
Wallbrook Ct
Walnut Grove Cir
Walnut Grove Way
Walters Rd
Walters Trl
Wandering Brook Rd
Warden Way
W Ashford Ct
W Ashford Way
Wateree Creek Rd
Water Garden Ct
Wateroak Dr
Watershire Dr
Waterside Ct
Watersong Ln
Wayne McCaw Rd
Wayne McCaw Rd Exd
W Creek Ct
Wells Garden Ct
Wells Point Dr
Wenlock Cir
Wes Bickley Rd
Wessex Blvd
Westcott Ridge Rd
Western Ln
Weston Watch Rd
Wharfsdale Rd
Whetstone Creek Ct
Whiskery Ln
Whispering Meadow Ln
Whitby Ct
Whitby Rd
White Clover Ct
White Water Ct
White Water Dr
Wicklow Ct
Wildhorse Ct
Willard Bouknight Rd
Willie Davis Rd
Willow Creek Cir
Willow Creek Ct
Willow Creek Dr
Willow Fork Way
Willow Trail Ct
Will Richardson Cir
Will Richardson Rd
Windbreak Ct
Winding Rd
Windmill Cir
Winesett Ct
Winesett Rd
Wise Rd
Woodhouse Ct
Woodhouse Dr
Woodhouse Loop
Wood Lily Ln
Woodrow St
Woodspur Ct
Woodspur Rd
Woodstock Rd
W Rock Dr
W Rock Ln
W Royal Tower Dr
W Shady Grove Rd
Wychwood Rd
Wyncliff Ct
Yearling Ct
Yellow Leg Ct