Lamar, South Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Lamar, South Carolina Phone Numbers


Lamar, South Carolina IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US

Lamar, South Carolina Streets

Adams Cir
Andrews Mill Rd
Arcadia St
Auntie Dr
Azalea Rd
Bay Branch Rd
Bee St
Bell St
Benny Hill Rd
Big Daddy Ln
Biplane Dr
Bosmith Rd
Boss Man Rd
Boykin Ave
Brown Rd
Buck Reynolds Rd
Butter Bean Cir
Calhoun St
Campbell Branch Rd
Carterville Hwy
Cattle Rd
C B Mobile Home Park
Chapel Hill St
Charlotte Ave
Cherokee Lady St
Christmas Tree Rd
Clarity St
Club Dr
Cone Dr
Co Rd 165
Co Rd 22
Co Rd 223
Co Rd 262
Co Rd 30
Co Rd 324
Co Rd 39
Co Rd 43
Co Rd 437
Co Rd 438
Co Rd 492
Co Rd 516
Co Rd 898
Cornfield Rd
Cottonflower Rd
Country Club Rd
Country Side Dr
Crepe Myrtle Ln
Criswell Ave
Cross Swamp Rd
Cypress Cemetary Rd
Cypress Rd
Dampier Rd
Darlington Ave
Darlington Hwy
Davis St
Deer Run Dr
Dewberry St
Dogwood Dr
Dovefield Rd
Dudley Dr
Duke St
Dusty Ln
E Jackson St
Elm St
E Lynches River Rd
E Main St
E Pearl St
Farmboys Dr
Farm Hill Rd
Fields Bridge Rd E
Fields Bridge Rd W
Fig Tree Ln
Fisherman Rd
Fleetwood Rd
Fleming St
Fork Rd
Four Seasons Rd
Garden St
Golden Pine St
Goodman Ave
Governor Run Dr
Grandchildrens Dr
Grannys Ln
Grapevine Ln
Grooms Dr
Gully Branch Rd
Hammer Rd
Hanging Tree Rd
Hardwick Ln
Harrell Rd
Harrells Mill Rd
Hibiscus Rd
Hicksville Rd
Hillery Ln
Honeysuckle Ln
Hopewell Rd
Hudson St
Ideal Rd
Indian Branch Rd
Jeffords Rd
Jennings Rd
Jeremy Ln
Jordon Ave
Joye Rd
Lamar Hwy
Lane Ave
Lee State Park Rd
Legrande Rd
Lesane St
Lincoln Cir
Logans Ln
Lois Dr
Lone Trl
Lorans Dr
Louie Hancock Rd
Lowell Ln
Lowell Rd
Lydia School Rd
Mackton Rd
Magon Ln
Manley Dr
Manly St
Marie Rd
Marygold Ln
McClain St
McDuffie Ln
McLendon St
Melvin Rd
Mill Branch Rd
Mims St
Mineral Springs St
Mission Ln
Moonlight Dr
N Darlington Ave
Newberry Rd
Newman Swamp Rd
New Rd
N Railroad Ave
Oates Hwy
Old Timers Ct
Outback Cir
Pate Ln
Patriot Dr
Peacock Row
Pettigrew St
Pine St
Pintail Rd
Plaza Rd
Plummer Ave
Porter St
Possum Trot Rd
Pro Shop Rd
Prosperity Dr
Providence Rd
Railroad Ave
Rainbow Ln
Red Branch Rd
Regency Rd
Reynolds Ave
River Rd
Rivers Rd
Robson Dr
Rogers St
Sandbox Rd
Sandcastle Dr
Sandy Grove Church Rd
Sandy Knoll Dr
Sanko Ave
Sanko Rd
Sanko St
San Lin Ave
Savanna Rd
Scott Dr
S Darlington St
Seaspray Ln
Seven Bridges Rd
Sharecropper Ln
Sidefield Rd
Smoky Ln
Social Ln
Softwind Dr
Soybean Ln
Sparrow Swamp Rd
S Railroad Ave
State Hwy 403
Sun Belt Dr
Sweetbriar Rd
Teachers Dr
Teachers St
Tillman St
Tolson Rd
Tomac Rd
Tomahawk Rd
Trails Edge Dr
Trails End Dr
Twonotch Dr
Tyler Ln
Una Rd
US Hwy 401
Vanessa Ln
Villa Porcine Ln
Wagon Wheel Dr
Warren St
Wesley Chapel Rd
Windham St
Windham Town Rd
W Lydia Hwy
W Lynches River Rd
W Main St
Woodlawn Dr
W Pearl St
W Seven Pines St
W St Paul Rd
Zion Rd