Leesville, South Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Leesville, South Carolina IP Addresses

AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS14615 - ROCK-HILL-TELEPHONE - Comporium, Inc, US

Leesville, South Carolina Streets

Ables Mill Rd
Acapulco Rd
Ac Bouknight Rd
Adams Park Rd
Admirals Row
Aiken St
Alexander St
Alice Dr
Alice Howell Ln
Anchorage Ln
Annie Hallman Rd
Ann St
Ansel Caughman Rd
Ansel Crapps Rd
Ansel Ct
A P Anderson Rd
Arbor Dr
Armor Green Cir
Arrowhead Ct
Asbill Ct
Ashley Ln
Atlas Dr
Augusta Hwy
Aull Rd
Babe Gantt Rd
Baron Manor Ct
Barr St
Bass Dr
Bass Haven Dr
Basswood Dr
Bates St
Battery Dr
Beauty Ln
Bee Bee Lake Dr
Belton-Effie Rd
Ben Franklin Rd
Ben Kyzer Dr
Bennett St
Bentwood Rd
Berkeley Rd
Bernard St
Bethel Ln
Bethlehem Cir
Beulah Rd
Biarritz Ct
Blackfoot Trl
Blueback Dr
Bobcat Rd
Bob Sharpe Pt
Bordeaux Point Rd
Bouknight St
Bowers Dr
Boyd Miller Cir
Boyd St
Bozard Mill Rd
Brady Taylor Rd
Braner Ct
Breezy Hill Rd
Breezy Pointe Ln
Breezy Pt
Briarwood Rd
Bridgewater Rd
Bridle Rd
Broad St
Brodie Rd
Brunson St
Bryan St
Buccaneer Pl
Buck Smith Rd
Bud Clamp Rd
Budjie Rd
Burks Dr
Burning Wood Rd
Burnt Oak Ln
Burnt Pine Ct
Bywood Ct
Caledonia Ct
Calks Ferry Rd
Camelot Ct
Camp Branch Rd
Candy Ln
Caney Branch Rd
Care Free Ct
Carlton St
Carmel Ct
Carolina Ln
Carpenter St
Cassie Rd
Caughman Acres
Caughman Acres Rd
Caughman Pt
Caughman St
Cedar Cir
Cedar Grove Rd
Cedar Ln
Cedar St
Charles Kneece Rd
Charles Town Rd
Chesterfield Ct
Chester Rd
Cheyenne Dr
Cheyenne Trl
Chickwood Dr
Chippewa Trl
Church St
Clamp Dr
Clay Pit Rd
Cleo Ln
Clouds Pt
Clover Rd
Cockrell Rd
College St
Columbia Hwy
Compass Ct
Convent Church Rd
Cool Water Ct
Corley Bridge Rd
Cosima Ct
Cotton Branch Rd
Cotton House Rd
Cove Ln
Cowbell Rd
Cp Ave
Craps-Weeks Rd
Creek Side Rd
Cricket Cove
Crop Duster Rd
Crosson St
Crouch St
Crout Pond Way
Crystal Cove Rd
Daggerhart Rd
Dairyland Dr
Daniel Dr
Davenport Dr
David Metts Ln
David Rish Rd
Davis Hite Pl
Davis St
Decie Rd
Dell Anderson Ln
Delmar Rd
Derrick Hollow Rd
Derrick Park Rd
Desoto Dr
Devils Backbone Rd
Dewey St
Diamond Ct
Diamond Rd
Disher Dr
Dixieland Trl
Dixie St
Dixired Rd
Dog Leg Rd
Dogwood Ln
Dogwood Pt
Duck Haven Ln
Duck Haven Rd
Durango Dr
Dusty Rd
Dutch Dr
Dutch Rd
Ebenezer Rd
E Church St
E Columbia Ave
E Crosson St
Eisleben Rd
Elana Dr
Ell St
Elmore Black Dr
Elzie Hallman Rd
Ember Ct
E Railroad Ave
Ethan Cook Rd
Etheridge Rd
Eve Rd
Everett Ln
Fairview Rd
Felix Dr
Fieldview Ct
Fisher Tank Dr
Fishhook Dr
Forest Dr
Fourway Farms Rd
Fox St
Foxtail Rd
Frances St
Frank Shealy Rd
Frank St
Fredonia Rd
Friendship St
Frontage Rd
Gantt Mill Rd
Garden Hill Rd
Gary Hallman Cir
Gary Risinger Rd
George Craps Rd
George St
Georgia Ave
Georgia Dr
Gilbert Springs Ct
Gin Branch Cir
Gin Branch Ct
Glover Abels Rd
Glover Able Rd
Godfrey Taylor Ln
Goldie Rd
Goose Berry Ct
Granite St
Grapevine Rd
Green Gold Dr
Green Hills Dr
Greens Bridge Rd
Greenville St
Greenwood Cir
Gregg St
Guppie Ln
Hailey Dr
Half Circle Rd
Hallman Mill Rd
Hallman Wagon Rd
Hampton Ter
Hanahan Ln
Hanahan Pl
Harbor Club Ct
Harbour Watch Blvd
Harebell Ln
Hare Cut Thru Rd
Harmony St
Hartley Quarter Rd
Harvest Moon Dr
Heidelberg Dr
Henderson Dr
Hickory Cir
Hipp Island Rd
Holley Ferry Rd
Holley St
Hollow Ct
Hollow Ln
Holly Ferry Ln
Holly Ferry Rd
Holly St
Horne Rd
Horse Creek Rd
Hummingbird Ln
Hutto Island Rd
Hyler Rd
Ian Dr
Ice Box Rd
Ira Caughman Rd
Irvin Risinger Rd
Ivey Fork Rd
Ivy Fork Rd
Ivy Link Rd
Jake Butler Rd
Jake Dr
James Gunter Rd
Janes Ln
Jerry Howell Ln
Jim Mack Ct
Jimmie Long Rd
Jims Rd
J M Shealy Rd
Joe Meetze Rd
Judge Long Rd
Kalyn Way
Keck's Cove Rd
Kelly Day Rd
Kestrel Dr
Keystone Rd
Kings Wallow
Koinonia Dr
Koinonia Rd
Koons St
Kyzer Mill Rd
Laboon Ct
Lady St
Laforce Ln
Lake Dr
Lakeshore Dr
Lakeside Cir
Lakeside Dr
Lake Village Dr
Lang Ford Rd
Lantern Ct
Laura Brodie Rd
Laurel Rock Pt
Lawson Rd
Leaf Trail Rd
Lee Gunter Rd
Leesville Ave
Leo Derrick Rd
Lep Derrick Rd
Lessie Ln
Lewie Rd
Lewie St
Lewis Waters Rd
Lick Creek Ct
Lightwood Knot Rd
Lin-Bren Dr
Linda Dr
Lindsey St
Line St
Lineywood Rd
Little Creek Ct
Little Creek Dr
Live Oak Rd
Livingston Ln
Loblolly Rd
Lodestar Rd
Lokey Rd
Longpath Dr
Long Ter
Lookout Pt
Lostleaf Rd
Mac St
Main St
Majestic View Ln
Mallard Watch Ct
Marcellus Rd
Margo Dr
Marshall St
Martin Dr
Martin Smith Rd
McCormick Ct
McKade Ln
McNeary Ferry Rd
Meadowsweet Ct
Meddyn Cir
Memory Ln
Merrits Dr
Metts Dr
Metts Rd
Miller Woods Trl
Mill St
Misty Morning St
Mitchell Dr
Montgomery Dr
Moonlight Ln
Mosedale Ln
Mt Hebron Rd
Mt Willing Rd
Mud Pie Dr
Murray Lucas Rd
Nathaniel Oxner Rd
Nautical Shores Dr
N Bendenbaugh
N East Ave
N Edisto Rd
Neely Wingard Rd
N Hendrix St
Nichols Ct
Nick Lyles Rd
N Lee St
N Pine St
N P Riser Rd
Nurnberg Dr
N Wonder Dr
Oak Cir
Oar Ct
Ocie Dr
Old Aiken Rd
Old Broad St
Old Columbia Rd
Old Delmar School Rd
Old Duncan Rd
Old Field Rd
Old Lexington Rd
Old Pond Rd
Oren Adams Rd
Osprey Pointe
Owens Ct
Owens Rd
Ox Eye Daisy Ln
Oxner Rd
Paige Ct
Palmetto Ave
Park St
Parler Pt
Parrish Rd
Parsonage Rd
Parthenon Rd
Paul Hite Rd
Payes Pt
Peace St
Peachtree Exd
Pebble Stone Rd
Perry Taylor Rd
Pershing St
Pine Grove Rd
Pineoak Ct
Pine Pt
Pioneer Dr
Plato Ct
Point Common Dr
Polaris Ct
Pond Branch Rd
Pond Ridge Rd
Pooles Ct
Poor Boy Rd
Poplar Springs Rd
Port'o Call
Premiere Pl
Prices Bridge Rd
Prosperity Hwy
Providence Rd
Q L Shumpert Trl
Quattlebaum Ct
Quattlebaum Rd
Quinton Ricard Rd
Rabon Cir
Rabon Dr
Ranger Rd
Rawls Dr
Ray Price Rd
Rebecca Dr
Red Hawk Dr
Red Star Rd
Reedy Gunter Rd
Reedy O Smith Rd
Rhoda Rish Rd
Riddle Rd
Ridge Rd
Ridgeview Dr
Rikard Rd
Rinehart Rd
Rish Dr
Riverbend Pt
Rock N'Creek Rd
Rocky Creek Cir
Rocky Retreat Ct
Rocky Ridge Rd
Rose St
Roy Ct
Russell Rowe Rd
Rye Ct
Saber Dr
Saluda Ave
Saluda Shores Cir
Saluda Water Pt
Saluda Waters Pt
Saluda Waters Rd
Samaria Hwy
Sandalwood Rd
Sandlewood Rd
Sandpit Ct
Sandpit Rd
Sarah Ann Rd
S Brodie Rd
Schumpert St
S East Ave
S Fork Dr
Shadow Ln
Shady Branch Rd
Shady Manor Ct
Shady Mist Dr
Shealy Rd
Shellcracker Dr
Shelle St
Shirey Branch Rd
Shorty Rd
Shumpert Hill Rd
Sikkema Ln
Skyline Dr
S Lee St
Smith St
Smith-Taylor Rd
Spann Rd
Speaks Ave
Stannie St
Stargazer Ct
State Hwy 113
State Hwy 19
State Hwy 23
State Hwy 245
State Hwy 391
State Rd S-32-1068
State Rd S-32-1122
State Rd S-32-1138
State Rd S-32-1145
State Rd S-32-118
State Rd S-32-1198
State Rd S-32-1208
State Rd S-32-124
State Rd S-32-1411
State Rd S-32-1420
State Rd S-32-1427
State Rd S-32-1537
State Rd S-32-157
State Rd S-32-158
State Rd S-32-160
State Rd S-32-1900
State Rd S-32-210
State Rd S-32-234
State Rd S-32-240
State Rd S-32-261
State Rd S-32-277
State Rd S-32-278
State Rd S-32-31
State Rd S-32-330
State Rd S-32-34
State Rd S-32-46
State Rd S-32-47
State Rd S-32-484
State Rd S-32-53
State Rd S-32-54
State Rd S-32-59
State Rd S-32-616
State Rd S-32-713
State Rd S-32-75
State Rd S-32-751
State Rd S 32-76
State Rd S-32-77
State Rd S-32-88
State Rd S-32-883
State Rd S-32-955
Steedman Rd
St Marks Rd
Stone Ridge Rd
Stutman Rd
Sugar Bottom Rd
Summer Breeze Dr
Summer Haven Ln
Summerland Ave
Summerland Hwy
Summit Ct
Summit Estates Ct
Sunhaven St
Sunny Pt
Susannah Ct
Sussex Rd
Swamp Rabbit Rd
Switch Corass Dr
Swygert Landing Rd
Tabernacle St
Tailers Trl
Tailor's Trl
Tall Timber Dr
Tall Timbers Dr
Tarpon Rd
Tartarian Rd
Temple Cir
Terrace Way
Thomas St
Thornhill Pt
Timberlane Rd
T L Sanders Ln
Tom Adams Rd
Tom Addy Rd
Tom Moore Rd
Top-O-The-Lake Rd
Totley Rd
Trotter Ct
Trotter St
Truex Rd
Tucker Dr
Turbeville Cir
Turtle Point Rd
Turtle Trl
Tweetie Ln
Two Notch Rd
Union Church Rd
US Hwy 1
US Hwy 178
US Hwy 378
US Hwy 378 W
Utica Rd
Utopia School Rd
Vale Crest Dr
Valley Stream Rd
Vansant Rd
Vanway Ct
Vanway Dr
Vanway Pt
Verley Rd
V E Smith Dr
Village Rd
Village Square Dr
Wagner Hwy
Walden Ave
Walter Shealy Rd
Waters Ferry Rd
W Church St
W Creek
W Creek Rd
Well St
W Hampton St
Whiskey Rd
Wildwood Cir
Wildwood Cove Rd
Wildwood Ct
Wildwood Pt
Wildwood Rd
Wildwood Rd Exn
William Rawls Rd
Williamson St
Willis St
Wilshire Ct
Windjammer Dr
Windmill Rd
Windy Hill Rd
Wisteria Dr
W J Kyzer Dr
Womble Ct
Wooden Bridge Pt
Woodland Way
Woodlark Rd
Woodridge Ct
Yorkshire Ct
Youmans St