Loris, South Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Loris, South Carolina Phone Numbers


Loris, South Carolina IP Addresses

AS2711 - SPIRITTEL-AS - Spirit Communications, US
AS21565 - AS21565 - Horry Telephone Cooperative, Inc., US

Loris, South Carolina Streets

Adelphia Dr
Airport Rd
Alford Dr
Alice Dr
Allen St
Allie Ln
Allsbrook Rd
Alton Rd
Amanda Ln
American Beech St
Ampere Rd
Angel Wood Dr
Ann St
Antrim Oake Ct
Apple Valley Rd
April Ave
Arbor Rd
Armview Rd
Ashlawn Dr
Auburn Dr
Audie Rd
Azalea Dr
Bailey St
Bakersfield Rd
B and S Rd
Barker Rd
Barrett St
Barts Rd
Bayboro St
Bay Circle Dr
Bayfield Ln
Bayshore Dr
Beauty Ave
Bellamy St
Bell St
Bennett Dr
Bennett Loop
Bergen Dr
Bethel Chapel Rd
Big Buck Ct
Bill Grissett Rd
Birchfield Dr
Bishop Cir
Black Bird Rd
Blanton Rd
Blanton St
Blount Ln
Bluebird Rd
Blue Daisy Ct
Bluegrass Rd
Blue Moon Ct
Blue Moon Dr
Blue Pride Dr
Blue Sky Rd
Blue Star Ct
Bo-K Ln
Bonnie Bay Rd
Booth Rd
Booth St
Bordertowne Dr
Bracken Ct
Branton Rd
Bridges Cove
Bright Leaf Rd
Brinson Ln
Broad St
Brookie Ln
Bryant St
Buena Vista Dr
Bullard Rd
Cactus Dr
Calico Rd
Campbell Dr
Camp Swamp Rd
Canady Ln
Canal St
Cane Branch Rd
Cannon Rd
Cardinal St
Carles Cir
Carolina Dr
Carolina Hickory St
Carrack Dr
Carriage Dr
Carrie Ln
Carter Rd
Cary St
Cascade Rd
Casey St
Cay Rd
Cbi Rd
Cedar Branch Rd
Cedar Crest Dr
Cedar St
Chapel Rd
Charleston Oaks Dr
Charlie Ln
Charwin Ln
Cherry Hill Rd
Cherry St
Cheryl Rd
Chestnut St
Chow Ln
Church St
Circle Dr
Circle Heights Dr
Circle K Ct
Clear Pond Rd
Clearveiw Ct
Cle-Esta Dr
Clemmons Rd
Clio Rd
Coats Rd
Cobblestone Rd
Coleman Blvd
Colts Neck Rd
Cotton Grass Dr
Cottonwood Dr
Country Trl
Cove Ln
Cox Ave
Cox Rd
Cozy Corner Ln
Crepe Myrtle Dr
Crestwood Ln
Daisy Rd
Dale Glen Ln
Danny Rd
Daphane Dr
Dawes St
Dayglow Dr
Day Star Way
Deacon Dr
Deckfield Ct
Deer Dr
Deer Hunters Trl
Den Dr
Devine St
Dewitt St
Dew Ln
Diamond Cove Ct
Diff Ave
Dinkler Ave
Dixie Ct
Dixie Lane Rd
Dogwood St
Dolly Ln
Dossie Rd
Douston Rd
Dove Rd
Dows Rd
Doyce Ln
Dozier St
Dream Catcher Ln
Duncan St
Durham Ln
Dusty Rd
Eagle Dr
Eagle Ridge Ln
Earl's Rd
Eds Dr
Edwards Rd
Elm Dr
Elm St
Emery Rd
E State Hwy 19
E State Hwy 9
E State Hwy 9 Bus
E State Hwy 9 Byp
Eva Dr
Everette-Rose Ln
Evert Rd
E V Rd
Fairlane Rd
Farmer Rd
Fenway Park Ln
Ferrell Rd
Flag Patch Rd
Flat Top Rd
Fleetwood Rd
Flower Ln
Floyd Farm Ct
Forest Dr
Four Seasons Rd
Four Wheeler Ln
Fowler Rd
Fowler School Rd
Fox Bay Rd
Fox Dale Dr
Fox Glen Dr
Foxwood Dr
F P Church Rd
Franklin Dr
Franklin St
Fries Bay Rd
Fulton Rd
Futrell St
Gabriel Rd
Garden Dr
Garden Spring Ln
Gaston Dr
Gateway Dr
Gatewood Dr
Gause Rd
Gaylan St
G&b Ln
Gerald Dr
Goldmine Rd
Gold Rush Ct
Good Intention Rd
Goodwin Prince Ct
Goose Bay
Goretown Loop
Graceland Rd
Graham St
Graham Tyler Rd
Grandpa Ln
Granny Grump Ln
Greenpond Rd
Green Sea Rd N
Green Sea Rd S
Gurley Rd
Hagan Rd
Haigler Rowell Ct
Hands Dr
Harrelson Ave
Harrison Ave
Harris Pond Rd
Harvey Rd
Hawk St
Helena Dr
Hemingway Rd
Henry Lewis Rd
Henry Norris Rd
Heritage Rd
Herman Rd
Herring Ln
Hewitt Rd
Hill St
Hodge Dr
Holly Hill Rd
Holly St
Holly View Ln
Holmes Ln
Homestead Dr
Honey Bee Ln
Howard Rd S
Huckleberry Ln
Hufford Rd
Huggins Rd
Hughes Cir
Hulls Island Rd
Hunters Trl
Hux Rd
Hwy 1283
Hwy 139
Hwy 141
Hwy 144
Hwy 19
Hwy 19 E
Hwy 348
Hwy 366
Hwy 646
Hwy 66
Hwy 67
Hwy 67 W
Hwy 746
Hwy 762
Hwy 777
Hwy 792
Hwy 915
Hwy 930
Inglewood Dr
Ino Dr
Irma Ln
Ivy Ln
Jackson Martin Rd
James Bay Rd
Jarame Trl
Jasmine Dr
Jasmine Rd
Jenerette St
Jessica Ct
J M Ln
Johnson Ln
Joyner Swamp Rd
Julie Ln
Justice Loop
Justin Ln
Kappa Rd
Kecia Rd
Kennedy St
Kennesaw Rd
Kenny Dr
Kingcrest Dr
King St
Kiwi Ln
Knickerback Rd
Lacy Rd
Lake Cir
Lake Dr
Lake Pond Rd
Lake View Ridge Dr
Landolfi Rd
Lawndale Dr
Lawson Rd
Lazy Acres Rd
Lazy Ln
Letha Ln
Lewis St
Liberty Church Rd
Liberty St
Lida Ln
Lilly Ln
Linhurst Rd
Lions Paw Ct
Little Hal Ln
Little House Cir
Live Oak Church Rd
Live Oak Rd
Lloyd Ct
Loblolly Ln
Log Cabin Rd
Long Branch Swamp Rd
Long Farm Rd
Long Horne Ranch Dr
Longleaf Dr
Loop Rd
Loris Lions Rd
Macedonia Dr
Main St
Manning St
Maple St
Marantha Ln
Marcum Dr
Mariners Lndg
Market St
Martin-Bell Ln
Martin St
Mary Ln
Mason Ln
McNabb Rd
McNabb Shortcut Rd
McNeil Chapel Rd
McQueen St
Meadow Dr
Meadow St
Meadow Wood Lake Ln
Meeting St
Melvin Way
Memory Ln
Midfield Rd
Milligan St
Mills Cir
Mincey Dr
Mion St
Mishoe Dr
Mishoe St
Mitchell St
Mitchell Swamp Rd
Mockingbird Ln
Monroe St
Moon Catcher Ct
Mooney Ct
Morgan Rd
Mount Zion Rd
Mt Olive Rd
Mt Peli Ln
Myrtle West Dr
Myrtle West Rd
Nathan Dr
N Cox Rd
Neil Branch Rd
N Flag Patch Rd
Noble Rd
Norris Ln
Nub Ln
Nursery Rd
Oak Dale Rd
Oak St
Ocala Ln
October Ct
Old Forest Dr
Old Loris Longs Rd
Old Savannah Ln
Old Todd Ferry Rd
Old Todds Ferry Rd
Ole Holly Dr
Ole Maple St
Ole Oak St
Olga Ln
Olin Rd
Olive Dr
Oneal Rd
Ottis Rd
Paddock Rd
Pages Pass
Palm Dr
Papas Bay Dr
Paris Ln
Patricia Ct
Paul St
Peacock Ln
Pearlie Dr
Pecan Ln
Perrin Rd
Pheasant Ridge Dr
Phillips Ln
Pike St
Pine Level Dr
Pine Meadows Dr
Pine View Dr
Pine Wood Dr
Piney Grove Rd
Pink Dogwood Dr
Playcard Ln
Pleasant Grove Rd
Pleasant Meadow Dr
Pondera Dr
Pond View Rd
Pony Cir
Porter Ln
Possum Hollar Rd
Powell Ln
Powers St
Pridgen Rd
Princess St
Prince St
Pritchard Ave
Prospect Rd
Quail Creek Dr
Quail Run Rd
Quartermaster Dr
Queens Rd
Rabon Rd
Race Track Rd
Railroad Ave
Rainbow Dr
Ralph Ellis Blvd
Rambo Trl
Ramona Cir
Raven Dr
Reaves Dr
Red Bluff Rd
Redenbo Dr
Regal Park Ln
Reynolda Rd
Rhonda Ct
Riverbend Rd
Roberson Ln
Roberts Ln
Robin St
Rogers Rd
Roman Rd
Rosario Pl
Rose Hill Dr
Rose St
Rosewood Dr
Round Swamp Rd
Royalty Dr
Roy Bell Rd
R R Ave
Rushwood Dr
Russ Rd
Saddle Dr
Saint James Dr
Salem Cir
Sam Graham Rd
Samuel Rd
San Benito Ct
Sandcastle Ln
Sanderson St
Sand Hill Bay Rd
Sandy Bay Ln
San Martin Ct
Sarvis Rd
S Bend St
S Branch Rd
Scarbrough Dr
Scenic Dr
Sea Horse Ln
Second St
Seletha Ln
Shadow Ct
Shady Ln
Shane Rd
Shannon Ln
Shaw Ln
Shell Pond Rd
Shenea Ln
Sheris Rd
Shoebuckle Rd
Shortcut Ln
Silverleaf Cir
Silver Sand Dr
Silver Slipper Ct
Simpson Creek Dr
Sisters Rd
Skipper Rd
Sky Bow Branch Rd
Smith Dr
Southern Crest Dr
Southern Cross Ln
Southland Dr
Sparrow Ln
Spivey St
Spring Dale Ln
Springfield Church Rd
Spring St
Spring Valley Ct
Stadium Dr
State Hwy 19
State Hwy 19 W
State Hwy 31
State Hwy 348
State Hwy 410
State Hwy 420
State Hwy 45
State Hwy 476
State Hwy 554
State Hwy 645
State Hwy 66
State Hwy 67
State Hwy 67 W
State Hwy 722
State Hwy 805
State Hwy 915
State Hwy 917
State Hwy 932
State Hwy 9 Bus
State Hwy 9 W
State Rd 26-857
State Rd S-26-1015
State Rd S-26-103
State Rd S-26-1059
State Rd S-26-1282
State Rd S-26-1283
State Rd S-26-140
State Rd S-26-141
State Rd S-26-144
State Rd S-26-151
State Rd S-26-161
State Rd S-26-185
State Rd S-26-19
State Rd S-26-34
State Rd S-26-341
State Rd S-26-347
State Rd S-26-509
State Rd S-26-570
State Rd S-26-647
State Rd S-26-665
State Rd S-26-67
State Rd S-26-719
State Rd S-26-744
State Rd S-26-747
State Rd S-26-760
State Rd S-26-777
State Rd S-26-787
State Rd S-26-792
State Rd S-26-842
State Rd S-26-849
State Rd S-26-874
State Rd S-26-910
State Rd S-26-928
State Rd S-26-930
State Rd S-26-933
State Rd S-26-937
Stephanie Ln
Stevens St
St James Dr
Stone Crop Ct
Stormy Sea's Ct
Strawberry Rd
Suggs St
Sumerlin Ln
Sumpter Rd
Sun Lit Meadows
Sunset St
Sunshine Rd
Swamp White Oak St
Sweetbay Magnolia St
Sweet Home Dr
Sweet Lemon Ln
Sycamore Dr
Tansy Rd
Tartan Dr
Thomas St
Three Curve Rd
Tiger Paw Rd
Timber Creek Dr
Tobacco Rd
Todd St
Tory Hill Rd
Tracey Rd
Tram Rd
Triangle St
Trooper Ln
Trotter Ridge Rd
Turkey Hollow Rd
Turner St
Twin City Cir
Tyler Rd
Union Rd
US Hwy 701
US Hwy 701 N
Valley Forge Rd
Venus Ct
Vera Dr
Vernon Ln
Virginia Dr
Volunteer Dr
Waccamaw Dr
Waccaway Dr
Walnut St
Watson Shortcut Rd
Watson St
Watts Rd
Wayside Dr
W Bear Grass Rd
W Dogwood Rd
West St
W G Rd
W Harrelson Rd
Whispering Hills Rd
Whitney Ln
W Hwy 19
Wigley Rd
Wilderness Ln
Wild Flower Rd
Williamson Dr
William St
Willow Grove Dr
Willow St
Windburn Rd
Windham Rd
Winding Creek Dr
Winding Path Dr
Winged Elm St
Woodbine St
Woodlawn Dr
Woodrow Ln
Woodyard Bay Rd
Wren St
W State Hwy 9
W State Hwy 9 Bus
W State Hwy 9 Byp
Yancey Dr
Youngs Ln
Zeek Dr