Salters, South Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Salters, South Carolina IP Addresses

AS20257 - FTC-INET - Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc., US

Salters, South Carolina Streets

A B Smith Rd
Agriculture Ave
Bamboo Loop
Belle Dr
Benzie Ln
Betsy Dr
Blakely Rd
Bossy Rd
Boykin Rd
Broomstraw Rd
Bud Ave
Buttercup Rd
Cabana Ln
Cantey Ln
Cape Dr
Carolina St
Cayman Rd
Chance Ln
Charleston Rd
Chatman Rd
Chesapeake Rd
Church St
Clove Ln
Coast Line Rd
Colony Ln
Coral Curve
Co Rd S-45-115
Co Rd S-45-143
Co Rd S-45-145
Co Rd S-45-146
Co Rd S-45-147
Co Rd S-45-16
Co Rd S-45-167
Co Rd S-45-168
Co Rd S-45-19
Co Rd S-45-197
Co Rd S-45-219
Co Rd S-45-220
Co Rd S-45-221
Co Rd S-45-246
Co Rd S-45-247
Co Rd S-45-257
Co Rd S-45-317
Co Rd S-45-376
Co Rd S-45-385
Co Rd S-45-453
Co Rd S-45-50
Co Rd S-45-500
Co Rd S-45-501
Co Rd S-45-502
Co Rd S-45-570
Co Rd S-45-665
Co Rd S-45-666
Co Rd S-45-796
Co Rd S-45-797
Co Rd S-45-90
Corner Ave
Cotton Gin Rd
Council Rd
Covington Rd
Cyclone Dr
Dahlia Loop
Dartmouth Dr
Dean Ave
Denver Ln
Depot St
Dixie Rd
Dorchester Rd
Dotts Rd
Dover Dr
Dowen Rd
Dozier Ln
Driffin Ln
Driffin Rd
Driggers Ave
Dutch Neck Rd
Eagle Dr
Eddie Woods Rd
Edwin Rd
Emil C Baker Rd
Emily Rd
Eva Loop
Falcon Ln
Fame Dr
First Loop Rd
Flank Ave
Frazier Ave
French Dr
Front St
Gila Ave
Glad St
Gladstone Ave
Glasco Rd
Glory Ave
Gourdin Rd
Guess Rd
Harrison Rd
Harwick Cir
H B Johnson Rd
Hector Dr
Heineman Rd
Helmet Ln
Henderson Rd
Henderson St
Horseshoe Rd
Izzard Rd
Jessica Ln
Jonah Dr
Mabel Ln
Mag Ave
Manchester Ave
Manning Hwy
Marion Church Rd
Martin Luther King Hwy
Martin Luther King Jr Ave
Mary Rd
May St
McBride Ave
McMaster Rd
Mesquite Ln
Minute Ln
Morning Star Rd
Mulberry Rd
N Columbia Rd
Nice Ave
Old 52 Rd
Old Gapway Rd
Onyx Ave
Paris Cir
Paris Exd
Paul Murray Rd
Penny Rd
Phibbie Ln
Pickle Rd
Plymouth Dr
Popcorn Dr
Ranzie Grove Rd
Roberts Ln
Robin Dr
Rocket Rd
Rocky Ford Rd
Rowell Rd
Saddle Brook Rd
Saint Louis Rd
Saint Phillips Rd
Samuels Ave
Savannah Ln
Scottswood Rd
Seaboard Rd
Seabrook Rd
Seward Ave
Spamm Rd
State Hwy 261
State Hwy 375
State Hwy 377
Sterling Rd
S Williamsburg County Hwy
Swinton Rd
Symphony Ln
Taft Rd
Tate Rd
Thistle Dr
Thorntree Rd
Thunderbolt Rd
Truck Rd
Union Church Rd
Union Rd
US Hwy 52
US Hwy 521
Wintergreen Rd
Winter Ln