Wellford, South Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Wellford, South Carolina IP Addresses

AS4459 - KDDIA-NET - Telecomet, Inc., US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS20115 - CHARTER-NET-HKY-NC - Charter Communications, US

Wellford, South Carolina Streets

Academy St
Airline Rd
Albus Dr
Anderson Ct
Andre Dr
Antley Pointe Rd
Antley Pt
Ash Ave
Aster St
Astor St
Aunt Carrie Pl
Ballenger Rd
Barker St
Barnwell Dr
Belair Ln
Belle Hill Ln
Benchmark Dr
Billings Gate Estates Way
Billingsgate Estate Way
Bimbo Rd
Black Duck Ln
Blue Spring Cir
Blue Springs Dr
Bobo Rd
Bollweevil Way
Bowers St
Bradley Dr
Broad St
Broad St Exd
Brook St
Brookstone Dr
Brooktown Dr
Brookville Dr
Brown Dr
Bumblebee Ln
Canady Rd
Canfield Dr
Cannon Cir
Cannon Rd
Carlock Rd
Carriage Gate
Carriage Gate Dr
Carver St
Cater Ct
Cedar Ave
Center St
Chandler St
Charles Dr
Charlotte Hwy
Charter Oak Cir
Cherry Creek Ln
Church Ct
Church St
Church St Exd
Coleman Rd
Compton Dr
Courtesy Ln
Covert Creek Ct
Cox Rd
Craig Kropff Dr
David Ave
Daybreak Ct
Deerfield Dr
Dendy Dr
Dennis Hills Dr
Dewaynes Dr
Doby Ct
Dodd St
Doris Ann Ct
Dunbar St
Earl St
East St
Easy St
Edge St
Elsie Hinson Ln
Equestrian Trl
Evie Brittain Ct
Exd Hill St
Fairhill Dr
Finch Rd
Ford Dr
Forrest St
Fort Prince Blvd
Fort Prince Ct
Fort Prince Dr
Fort Prince Rd
Foster Rd
Galloway Dr
Galloway Rd
Gibbs Rd
Gibbs Village Ln
Good Dr
Gosnell Rd
Green Oak Dr
Green Rd
Greenville Hwy
Greystone Dr
Half Moon Rd
Halo Dr
Hammett Rd
Hampton Farms Rd
Hampton Rd
Hampton St
Hawkins St
Hayes Cir
Hayes Dr
Hickory Dr
Hickory Hill Rd
Hickory Knob Ln
Hillcove Pt
Hill St
Hill St Exd
Hindman Rd
Hinds St
Hind St
Howell Rd
Howe Ln
Hughes Farm Rd
Huskey Ct
Huskey Dr
Inman Rd
Innovation Way
Irby Cir
Israel Dr
Ivanhoe Cir
Jackson Dr
Jackson St
James Ave
Jaybird Ln
Jem Ct
Jimmy Dr
John Dodd Rd
John Hugh Ct
Jordan Creek Farm Rd
Jordon Creek Farm Rd
Joy Dr
Joyner Ln
Kemp Ct
Keystone Ct
Key Stone St
Knighton Dr
Landfill Rd
Landview Ct
Latarrah Dr
Lawnview Dr
Lemuel Dr
Lewis Dr
Little Mountain Rd
Loblolly Dr
Lonesome Pine Ln
Loop St
Lucille Dr
Lynn Dr
Main St
Malcolm Way
Martin Ln
Mary Alice Ct
Mavroftas Ct
Mc Carter Dr
Medlock Ct
Middlebrooke Ln
Midway Park Dr
Millbank Rd
Millwood Ln
Mission Cir
Monarch Pl
Montgomery Rd
Moore St
Morgan Rd
Morrow Ct
Mountain View Rd
Mount Zion Rd
Mustang Drag Rd
Nazareth Rd
N Craft St
Neighborhood Rd
Nelson Rd
Nesbitt Rd
New Hope Dr
New Hope Rd
Norma Ct
Northfield Dr
North St
North St Exd
Northwood Cir
Oakridge Ct
Office St
Old Landfill Rd
Old Spartanburg Hwy
Old Spartanburg Rd
Orleans Dr
Padgett Ct
Palmetto Park Rd
Parapet Dr
Parker Ln
Peachtree St
Pembrook Cir
Penrose Dr
Peterson Dr
Porter St
Powell Dr
Providence Point Ln
Pruitt Rd
Quinn Rd
Railroad St
Red Oak Dr
Richwood Dr
Ridge Rd
Rimrock Ave
Ripple Dr
Ripple Rd
Rocky Water Pointe
Roper Rd
Rosewood Dr
Russell Rd
S 1656
S 1658
S 1673
S 1823
S 1834
S 193
S 217
S 222
S 316
S 324
S 325
S 327
S 563
S 60
S 63
S 645
S 646
S 648
S 736
S 760
S 902
September Chase
Shadeland Ave
Shady Grove Ln
Shady Lane Dr
Shady Spring Way
Shane Ln
Sherwood Dr
S Hills Dr
Shiloh Church Rd
Shop St
Short St
Silver Thorn Dr
Silver Thorne Dr
Simmons Dr
Simmons St
Spartanburg Hwy
Spartanburg Rd
Spartan Exchange Rd
Springbrook Ct
Spring St
Squirrel Ln
Startex Dr
State Hwy 129
State Hwy 292
State Rd S-42-134
State Rd S-42-193
State Rd S-42-217
State Rd S-42-222
State Rd S-42-244
State Rd S-42-2651
State Rd S-42-2912
State Rd S-42-3220
State Rd S-42-4290
State Rd S-42-541
State Rd S-42-563
State Rd S-42-60
State Rd S-42-63
State Rd S-42-645
State Rd S-42-736
State Rd S-42-739
State Rd S-42-741
State Rd S-42-768
State Rd S-42-782
State Rd S-42-784
State Rd S-42-793
State Rd S-42-803
State Rd S-42-9925
Stone Dr
Suber Dr
Sycamore St
Syphrit Rd
Tackle Cir
Tanglewood Rd
Teal Dr
Thompson Rd
Timberland Cir
Tinsley Rd
Toney Ave
Totteridge Dr
Tracy Dr
Tucapau Rd
Twin Springs Dr
Uncle Will Way
US Hwy 29
Vista View Ct
Waspnest Rd
Wellford Rd
Wellford Tucapau Rd
Wellington Rd
White Rd
Wild Mustang Ln
Wild Oaks Dr
Wilikie Dr
Wilkie Dr
Willow St
Winchester Ct
Windmill Dr
Wingo Rd
Woodcliff Dr
Woodcliffe Dr