Unicoi, Tennessee Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Unicoi, Tennessee IP Addresses

AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US

Unicoi, Tennessee Streets

Adkins Ln
Adkins Rd
A D Tittle Rd
Alan Ln
Ambrose Ct
Anderson Rd
Arrowood Ln
Back Rd
Bacus Hensley Rd
Barnette King Rd
Barr Ln
Beagle Ridge Rd
Beckys Pl
Beechbrook Ct
Beech Brook Dr
Beech Brook Rd
Belcher Rd
Belicek Ln
Bella Vista Ln
Benedetto Ln
Ben Shelton Rd
Bent Oak Ln
Bessie Gaddy Rd
Bill Brummett Rd
Bill Carver Rd
Bill Garland Rd
Bill Ray Ln
Blackberry Blossom Ln
Black Berry Bossom Ln
Bluebird Ln
Bob Davis Ln
Boone Ln
Boos Ln
Bowman Rd
Bradley Park Rd
Bradley Rd
Brad Moffitt Rd
Brian Harney Ln
Brice Teague Rd
Briggs St
Brittan Rd
Brittany Ln
Britton Rd
Brown Mill Rd
Brown Ridge Rd
Broyles Rd
Brummett Rd
Brummitt Cemetary Rd
Buckeye Rd
Buddy Odom Rd
Buffalo Mountain Ln
Buffalo Ridge Dr
Buffalo Ridge Rd
Buffalo Spring Estate
Byrd Hollow
Campbell Park Ln
Campbell Park Rd
Campbell Rd
Campground Rd
Carl Ledford Ln
Carmen Ln
Carver Rd
Casteel Rd
Castille Rd
Charles Hill Rd
Charles Lynch Rd
Charles Tolley Rd
Christy Ln
Church Rd
Cicada Ln
Clarence Tolley Rd
Clearwater Dr
Connie Ln
Conway McCurry Rd
Cooper Ln
Country Club Dr
Country Club Rd
County Farm Rd
County Rd
Cove Ln
Covered Bridge Ln
Cove View Rd
Cross Cir
Cross Rd
Crystal Ln
Culbertson Rd
Daddy Moore Rd
Daugherty Rd
David Powers Ln
Davis Ln
Davis Ridge Rd
Dawsons Hill
Deer Haven Rd
Dewey Bryant
Dexter Gouge Rd
Dixie Ln
Dixon View Ln
Dogwood Ranch Rd
Don Gentry Ln
Don Mateer Dr
Don Stamper Rd
Don Whitson Dr
Don Whitson Ln
Dove Meadow Ln
Dove Meadows Ct
Duckett Rd
Dusty Hill Ln
Earl Shelton Rd
Earl Yelton Ln
E Buffalo Springs Rd
Edith Gouge Rd
Edith McIntroff Ln
Edith McInturff Ln
Edith Shelton Rd
Ellis Hollow Rd
Eloise Ln
Erwin Hwy
Fairway Dr
Fairway Pt
Fair Way Pt Rd
Flying Eagle Way
Forest Hill Dr
Four Oaks Rd
Fox Chase Ln
Foxhound Hills Cir
Francis Rd
Frankie Ln
Fredrick Rd
Fredricks Ln
Freeman Rd
Furman Bryant Rd
Gaddy Cir Rd
Gardner Rd
Garfield St
Garland Bowman Rd
Garland Exd
Garland Rd
Garland Rd Exd
Garrett Ln
George Berry Rd
George Stanley Rd
Gerald Tolley Rd
Gilman Mc Inturff Rd
Glen Effler Rd
Glenn Ln
Goldia Hyder Rd
Golf Course Rd
Gouge Rd
Grant St
Green Acres
Greenbriar Dr
Greenbrook Dr
Green Mountain Ln
Gregg Ln
Grindstaff Rd
Growers Corner Rd
Hamby Rd
Hammy Smith Rd
Hannah's Dr
Hardin Ln
Harmon Grindstaff Rd
Harmon Rd
Harris Trlr Park Rd
Harry Hill Ln
Hartley Rd
Haven Way
Hawkins Ln
Hawk Ridge
Hemlock Ln
Hensley Ln
Heritage Rd
Hickory Ln
Hickory Tree Rd
Hidden Farm Dr
Highline Rd
High St
Hillside Dr
Hill Side Ln
Hobart Ln
Hoilman Dr
Hollifield Ln
Holly Hill Rd
Homestead Hideaway Rd
Homestead Rd
Honeycutt Rd
Honeysuckle Ln
Hopson Heights Rd
Hopson Ln
Hopson Ridge Rd
Hopson Trl
Horton Rd
Howard Gouge Rd
Huffman Rd
Hummingbird Dr
Hummingbird Ln
Hummingbird Rd
Hyders Ridge Rd
Ike Briggs Rd
Ivory Blevins Rd
Ivy Ln
Jack Berry Rd
Jack Hill Cem Rd
Jack Hill Rd
Jack Horton Rd
Jackson Rd
Jackson St
Jacobs Ln
Jake Hopson Rd
James Hopson Ln
James Hopson Rd
Jean Davis Ln
Jennys Ln
Jess Hopson Rd
Jim Jones Rd
Joe Earhart Rd
John Gouge Rd
Johnny Bailey Ln
Johnny Baily Ln
Jones Cemetary Rd
Jones Cir
J S Head Rd
Katherine Lewis Rd
Kayla Ln
Ken Carver Rd
Kinder Ln
Lady Bug Ln
Lake Hill Dr
Lake View Dr
Lance Ln
Landingham Rd
Larry Hill Rd
Laughren Rd
Laurel Flats Rd
Laurel Haven Rd
Laurel Ln
Lawrence Davis Rd
Leach Rd
Lee Moore Rd
Lee St
Leonard Gouge Rd
Levi Rd
Lewis Rd
Lincoln St
Lindsay McInturff Rd
Lindsey Dr
Lindsey Rd
Little Mountain Rd
Little Pond Dr
Lloyd Garland Ln
Lois Ln
Loma Linda Dr
Lower Stone Mountain Rd
Mack Sneyd Rd
Mac Powers Rd
Magnolia Trl
Mallard Crossing Rd
Maple Hill Rd
Marbleton Rd
Marbletown Rd
Massachusetts Ave
Massachusetts Rd
Mc Claugin Rd
McCoury Ln
McCurry Rd
McInturff Rd
McIntyre Rd
Mc Kinney Rd
McLaughlin Rd
McNabb Mountain Trl
Meadowbrook Dr
Meadowstone Dr
Meadowview Ln
Memrose Ln
Misty Ln
Mocking Bird Ct
Monk Rd
Monk St
Moores Rd
Morris Rd
Mose Ledford Rd
Mosley Hollow Rd
Mountain Air Rd
Mountain Laurel Ct
Mountain Light Ln
Mountain View Farm Rd
Mountainview Rd
Mulligan Dr
Norris Rd
Oak Dr
Oaks Rd
Odom Rd
Ogle Rd
Old Iron Mountain Rd
Old Unicoi Rd
Oliver Rd
Optimist Camp Rd
Orchard Ln
Orion Dr
Padon's Way
Parsley St
Pat Gouge Rd
Penny Ln
Perry Hughes Ln
Persky Ln
Phil Hawkins Rd
Phillips Ln
Pine Cone Trl
Pine Hill Rd
Pine Ridge Cir
Pine Ridge Rd
Piney Grove Rd
Pinnacle Rd
Pitman Rd
Placid Ln
Pleasant Hill Dr
Pleasant Hill Rd
Plemmons Ln
Ponce Ln
Poplar Dr
Poplar Pl
Poplar Rd
Poplar Ridge Rd
Powder Hollow Rd
Powers Rd
Ragan Ln
Ragland Rd
Ralph Garland Ln
Ramey Ln
Randolph Rd
Ratliff Ln
Ray Davis Rd
Ray Dr
R C Street Ln
Red Fork Rd
Richard McLaughlin Rd
Rick Phillips Ln
Ricky Buchanan Ln
Ridge Wood Rd
Riverside Dr
Robert Tolley Dr
Robert Tolley Rd
Robin Ln
Rockwell Park
Rockwell Park Ln
Roller Rd
Rose Dr
Rowan Ln
Rustic Ridge Dr
R W Dr
Savannah Dr
Scenic Apartment Rd
Schlabach Ln
Sciota Rd
Sciota Woods Ct
Scioto Rd
Scott Doty Rd
Scott Rd
Seldom Rest Farm Rd
Shady Ln
Shannondale Dr
Shell Ln
Shell Ridge Rd
Shepherds Branch Ct
Short St
Shug Hawkins Rd
Sidney Grindstaff Ln
Simerly Creek Rd
Smalling Ln
Sneyd Ln
Sneyd Rd
Springbrook Dr
Springbrook Rd
Spring Flats Rd
Spring Hill Dr
Spring Valley Rd
Star Ridge Rd
State Hwy 173
State Rte 107
Stephenson Rd
Steve Simerly Rd
Steve Wilson Ln
Stewart Garland Rd
Stone Rd
Storie Rd
Sugar Hollow Loop
Sugar Hollow Rd
Sunny Ln
Sunset Dr
Sunshine Ln
Sun Tree Rd
Sutphin Rd
Swingle Rd
Tarlton Ln
Teague Ln
Tennessee St
Terry Powers Rd
Thomas Re
Three Dale Way
Three Sons Rd
Three Springs Ln
Tinker Rd
Tipton Rd
Tolley Rd
Tom Gouge Rd
Tony Ln
Top Notch Rd
Tracy Hunter Ln
Trail Horse Way
Trevor Ln
Troy Clark Ln
Tweed Ln
Twin Springs Ln
Unaka Ct
Unaka Mtn Rd
Unicoi Dr
Unicoi Dr (Erwin Hwy)
Upper Stone Mountain Rd
Valley Ln
Valmar Rd
Vestal Smith Ln
Village Ln
Virgie Hicks Rd
Virginia Ave
Virginia St
Volunteer Dr
Walter Garland Ln
Washington St
Watts Ln
W Buffalo Springs Rd
Wenlok Ln
Wetzlar Rd
Whispering Pines Rd
White Cove Rd
White Rd
White Tail Ridge Rd
Whitson Hill
Wiggand Dr
Wildflower Rd
Wildflower Trl
Wildwood Ln
Wildwood Pt
Wilkins Ln
Willard Davis Rd
Willow Oak
Willow Pond Rd
Wiseman Rd
Woodby Ln
Woodsmoke Dr
W Wind Trl
Yarber Rd
Young Rd
Zane Whitson Dr
Zane Whitson Rd