Dale, Texas Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Dale, Texas IP Addresses

AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS11427 - SCRR-11427 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS17306 - RISE-BROADBAND - JAB Wireless, INC., US
AS54596 - USFON-AS1 - USFON Inc., US

Dale, Texas Streets

Adams Ln
Alexandra Ln
Altamira Ln
Antelope Ln
Arabian Stallion Run
Arabian Trl
Avis Rd
Barron Ln
Barth Rd
Bavarian Trl
Big Skye Rd
Blackfoot Ct
Blackjack St
Blossom Ct
Blue Jay Rd
Boulder Ln
Bridle Bit Ln
Broken Arrow Ln
Calder Rd
Caldwell Rd
Cam Real
Carter Rd
Cat Branch Rd
Chamberlin Rd
Chapparal Trl
Chase Ln
Chickadee Ln
Civic Dr
Clear Creek Rd
Clendennen Ln
Clydesdale Dr
Colt Cir
Comanche Way
Co Rd 141
Co Rd 145C
Co Rd 147
Co Rd 154
Co Rd 158
Co Rd 159
Co Rd 160
Co Rd 161
Co Rd 165
Co Rd 166
Co Rd 167
Co Rd 168
Co Rd 169
Co Rd 170
Co Rd 171
Co Rd 172
Co Rd 174
Co Rd 175
Co Rd 178
Co Rd 179
Co Rd 180
Co Rd 189
Co Rd 190
Co Rd 191
Co Rd 192
Co Rd 250
Co Rd 252
Co Rd 253
Co Rd 254
Co Rd 255
Co Rd 256
Co Rd 257
Co Rd 258
Co Rd 260
Co Rd 261
Co Rd 291
Co Rd 292
Co Rd 293
Co Rd 294
Co Rd 297
Co Rd 298
Co Rd 306
Co Rd 312
Co Rd 313
Co Rd 376
Co Rd 377
Co Rd 378
Co Rd 380
Co Rd 382
Co Rd 383
Co Rd 386
Co Rd 387
Co Rd 74
Co Rd 75
Co Rd 76
Co Rd 77
Co Rd 86
Co Rd 90
Co Rd 91
Co Rd 98
Co Rd 99
Co Rd K & L 2
Co Rd Rs
Co Rd Ru
Cougar Trl
County Line Rd
County Rd Rte
Coyote Run Rd
Creekside Cove
Cricket Hollow
Cricket Hollow Rd
Crooked Rd
Cross Roads Dr
Dale Cove
Dale Ln
Dale Ranch Rd
Darla Dr
Deer Run
Deer Run Rd
Dream Ave
Dusty Ln
E Apaloosa Trl
Easy St
Elm Grove Ct
Falcon Dr
FM 1854
FM 20
FM 3158
FM 672
FM 672 Farm-To-Market Rd
FM 713
FM 812
FM 86
Forest Bend
Forest Hill Cove
Forest Run
Forrester Ranch Dr
Garcia Ln
Green Acre Dr
Grouse Ln
Hanging Oak Rd
Harrier Dr
Hart Ln
Hazelnut Cove
Hidden Oak Rd
Hillcrest Ln
Hill Rd
Hilltop Dr
Hillview Rd
Homann Rd
Joe's Place Rd
Keaton Ln
Kelley Ranch Rd
Kellogg Ct
K & L Ranch Rd
Knight Ln
Landren Ln
Langtree Rd
Laredo Dr
Legend Oaks Cove
Legend Oaks Dr
Lewis Ln
Liberty Ln
Long Hollow Rd
Lytton Acres Dr
Lytton Ln
Main St
Mancias Rd
Maverick Dr
Meadowbrook St
Meadowwood Ln
Memorial Dr
Merlin Ln
Mesquite Trl
Moe Rd
Molasses Rd
Morgan Trl
Mount Sinai
Muleshoe Rd
Mustang Hollow Loop
Mustang Meadow Run
Myers Ln
Neal Ln
Norwood Cove
Oak Arbor Trl
Oak Grove
Oak Hollow
Oakwood Dr
Old Colony Line Rd
Old San Antonio Rd
Olive Oyle Ln
Osprey Dr
Packard Dr
Paint Path
Paisano Ln
Palamino Ct
Paradise Dr
Pearson Cove
Pearson Rd
Pebblestone Rd
Peneda Rd
Perez Ln
Pettytown Rd
Pineda Rd
Pinto Pony Path
Pittman Ln
Pleasant Valley
Post Oak Ln
Pr 1114
Pr 1122
Pr 1175
Pr 1178
Pr 1192
Pr 1195
Pr 2010
Pr 2011
Pr 2012
Pr 2013
Pr 4030
Prairie Hill Rd
Quail Ridge Dr
Rabbit Trl
Rains Ln
Ranch View Rd
Rd 1109
Rd 2019
Redbird Ln
Red Hawk Dr
Red Oaks Cove
Red Oaks Dr
Red Sand Trl
Renate Rd
Rianna Woods Dr
River Garden Trl
Rodeo Dr
Romberg Rd
Rose Ln
Royal Ln
Royal Rd
S 6th St
Sage Hollow Rd
Saint Johns Rd
Salvation Ln
Sand Hill Rd
Sand Holler Rd
Sandy Creek Rd
Savannah Oaks Dr
Scarlet Harts Ln
Scarlet Hearts Ln
Scarlet Oak Dr
Scarlet Oaks Cove
Scarlet Oaks Dr
Seminole Trl
Shady Oak Dr
Shady Oaks Dr
Shetland Trl
Shirley Rd
Short Hop
Shriber Ct
Silver Mine Rd
Skyline Rd
Sneed Ln
Spanish Oak Rd
Sparrow Trl
Spotted Horse Trl
State Hwy 21
Stillmeadow Cove
Stillmeadow Dr
St Mary's Rd
Sunrise St
Tapadera Ln
Taylorsville Rd
Tenney Creek Rd
Tenney Rd
Terra Alta Ranch Rd
The Forest Rd
Thompson Rd
Tomahawk Trl
Torres Ln
Track Rd
Trawell Rd
Tumbleweed Trl
Tutt Ln
Valerie Ln
View Ridge
Vine Hill Rd
Walnut Creek Ln
Walnut Rd
W Apaloosa Trl
Westbrook Dr
White Sands Pl
White Sands Trl
Whitetail Ln
Whizzerville Rd
Williamson Rd
Windmill Dr
Windmill Rd
Winners Cir
Wood Hollow Dr
Zepeda Ln