Haslet, Texas Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Haslet, Texas IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS2828 - XO-AS15 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS4263 - CERNET-ASN-BLOCK - California Education and Research Federation Network, US
AS4943 - NOL-AS - Networks On-Line, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS7459 - GRANDECOM-AS1 - Grande Communications Networks, LLC, US
AS11427 - SCRR-11427 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS20115 - CHARTER-NET-HKY-NC - Charter Communications, US
AS22980 - APOGEE-TELECOM - Apogee Telecom Inc., US
AS26077 - NEXTLINK-TEXAS - Nextlink Broadband, US

Haslet, Texas Streets

1st Pl
1st St
1st St S
2nd Pl
2nd St
Abbeyglen Ct
Agora Ct
Agua Bay Ln
Alamo Bell Way
Alliance Ct
Alliance Gateway Fwy
Alliance Trl
Allyn Dr
Alpine Ct
Alterna Dr
Ansley Rd
Ansley St
Applewood Ln
Arbor Ln
Artesia Ct
Artesia Dr
Artisan Dr
Ash Ln
Ashmore Pl
Aston Falls
Aston Meadows Dr
Aston Wood
Austin Stone Dr
Autry Ln
Aviator Dr
Avondale Farms
Avondale Haslet Rd
Axton Ct
Baja Dr
Barbed Wire Way
Barrel Run
Barrett Springs Ct
Bassett Hound Dr
Bates Aston Rd
Baverton Ln
Bay Mare Way
Bayne Rd
Bear Springs Dr
Bear Springs Rd
Beau Jake Ct
Ben Day Murrin Rd
Bent Tree Ln
Berry Dr
Bilardi Ct
Birchwood Ln
Black Gold Trl
Blackhawk Dr
Blue Jean Dr
Blue Mound Rd
Blue Mound Rd E
Blue Mound Rd W
Blue Sky Dr
Bluestem Ln
Bluff Springs Dr
Boaz Rd
Bond Ranch Rd
Bonds Ranch Rd
Braemoor Dr
Brentwood Ln
Briarwood Ln
Bridle Latch Dr
Bridle Springs Dr
Broadway S
Bronc Pen Ln
Brook Green Ln
Buffalo Hollow Ct
Burlington Ct
Cactus Dr
Cactus Spine Dr
Calderwood Ct
Calhoun Ct
Canter Ln
Carrington Ct
Castle Top Dr
Cedar Ln
Cedar Post Dr
Chalk Hill
Charlotte Ann Ln
Chatamridge Ct
Chisholm Ranch Dr
Chiswick Ct
Christina Ln
Clover Dr
Clover Springs Dr
Cochise Dr
Columbus Trl
Copper Canyon Dr
Co Rd 4838
Co Rd 4840
Co Rd 4841
Co Rd 4843
Co Rd 4923
Corley Ln
Country Ln
Cowbell Ridge Dr
Cowbell Ridge Rd
Coyote Trl
Cr 4841
Craig James
Crest Breeze Dr
Crest Meadow Dr
Crofoot Trl
Crowley Rd
Dancing Horse Trl
Darby Ln
Day Dream Dr
Day Rd
Desert Hills Dr
Devontree Ct
Devontree Dr
Diablo Pass
Diamondback Ln
Donagon Ct
Dove Valley
Dream River Trl
Dun Horse Dr
Durango Springs Dr
Eagle Claw Dr
Eagle Ct
Eagle Pkwy
Elk Horn Ct
Emerald Park Ln
Enchanted Sky Ln
Erinmoor Trl
Ersebrook Ct
Esperanza Dr
E State Hwy 114
Fairway Bend Dr
Fallingwater Trl
Fence Post Dr
Filly St
Firebush Ln
Fishing Hole Ln
Florance Ann Ln
FM 156
FM 156 S
FM 718
FM 731
Fort Apache Dr
Foxglove L Ane
Frances Ann Ct
Gainesway Ct
Gammil St
Gaucho Ct
Gold Seeker Way
Grand Valley Dr
Gray Dove
Greenway Crossing Dr
Hackney Ct
Handkerchief Way
Hardnose Ln
Harmon Rd
Haslet County Line Rd
Haslet Ct
Hawks Landing Rd
Hawks Lndg
Hickory Creek Dr
Hicks Avondale Rd
Hicks Avondale School Rd
Hicks Rd W
Highland Springs Dr
Highland Springs Rd
Hoedown Way
Horn Toad Dr
Hunter Jake Dr
Hurley St
Hwy 156
Irish Glen Ct
Irish Glen Trl
John Day Rd
Kachina Ln
Kella Ct
Keller Creek Dr
Keller Haslet Rd
Keller Haslet Rd N
Kittering Trl
Lakota Trl
Lauren Christopher Ct
Leather Strap Dr
Leppee Way
Lewis Ln
Lexington Cir
Lexington Ct
Lonesome Mountain
Lonesome Prairie
Lonesome Star
Maida Vale Ct
Maida Vale Ln
Main St
Mallard Springs Dr
Maxwell Rd
McGill Dr
Meadow Bluff
Meadow Grove
Meadow Springs Dr
Mesa Blanco Trl
Mesa Crest Dr
Mesa Crossing Dr
Mesa Flats Dr
Mesquite Tree Ln
Mexicali Way
Middleglen Ct
Middleglen Rd
Misty Mesa Dr
Mistymoor Ln
Moonlake Way
Morton Hill Ln
Moss Dr
Mountain Peak Dr
Mustang Ridge Dr
Myrick Ct
N Crowley Cleburne Rd
N Crowley Rd
Nettle Ln
Nightingale Ln
Northwest Ct
Oak Bark
Odessa Dr
Oxcart Dr
Parks Ct
Plains Trl
Playa Trl
Polo Ct
Polo Ranch St
Poncho Ln
Poppy Dr
Prairie Breeze Dr
Pvt Rd 4906
Pvt Rd 4909
Pvt Rd 4910
Quail View Dr
Ragged Spur Ct
Rail Ln
Ranch Horse Run
Rawhide Ct
Red Roan Dr
Ridge Country Ct
Ridge Country Rd
Rio Bravo Dr
Rising Mist Ct
Rising Spring Rd
River Bottom Dr
Robertson Rd
Robin Rd
Rodeo Daze Dr
Ropers Way
Roping Reins Way
Rosario Ln
Round Ln
Round Pen Run
Ryebury Ct
Saddlesoap Ct
Saddlewood Dr
San Christoval Pass
Sand Hills Dr
San Felipe Trl
San Miguel Trl
Santa Fe Ct
Santa Rosa Dr
Sawmill Pass
Saw Tooth Ct
Scenic Ridge
School House Rd
Schreiber Dr
Sendera Ranch Blvd
Sierra Vista Way
Silkwood Dr
Singing Quail
Singleton Ct
Singleton Dr
Sky Blue Ct
Sky Ridge Ct
Smokey Ranch Dr
Snaffle Bit Trl
Songbird Ln
Spring Water Dr
Spring Way Dr
State Hwy 114
Storyteller Ln
Summer Dr
Suncatcher Way
Susan Kay
Swensom Rd
Tabb Trl
Tack Trl
Tall Grass Trl
Tamiami Trl
Taner Cir
Tanglebrush Trl
Taylor Frances Ln
Texan Ct
Texan Dr
Thistle Dr
Thorngrove Ct
Tijuana Trl
Trail Break Dr
Trail Stone Ln
Tralee Dr
Travis Ct
Twisting Meadows Dr
Twisting Star Dr
Twisting Wind Dr
US Hwy 287
US Hwy 287 Bus
US Hwy 81
Valetta Ranch Rd
Van Zandt Ct
Velda Kay Ln
Victory Bells Dr
Village Vista Dr
Virginia Ln
Warbler Ln
W Bonds Ranch Rd
Weeping Willow Dr
Western Willows Dr
Westport Pkwy
W Hicks Rd
Whisper Willows Ct
Whisper Willows Dr
White Cloud Ct
White Ln
Willow Creek Dr
Willow Crossing Dr
Willow Ranch
Willow Springs Ct
Willow Springs Rd
Willow Tree
Winbridge Ln
W Morris St
Wood Springs Ct
Wrangler Way
Yucca Ct
Zamora Ln
Zanna Grace Way
Zavala Trl
Zippo Way