San Diego, Texas Scanner Frequencies

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San Diego, Texas Phone Numbers


San Diego, Texas IP Addresses

AS11427 - SCRR-11427 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS17293 - VTXC - VTX Communications, US

San Diego, Texas Streets

1st St
2nd St
6th St
Adkins St
Barton St
Battles St
Benavides St
Bonita Ave
Borjas Rd
Brazil St
Caballero St
Cactus St
Cadena Loop
Cadena St
Chapa Ave
Chaparral St
Chapa St
Church St
Clark St
Commerce St
Co Rd 101
Co Rd 103
Co Rd 104
Co Rd 105
Co Rd 109
Co Rd 110
Co Rd 111
Co Rd 112
Co Rd 113
Co Rd 115
Co Rd 116
Co Rd 117
Co Rd 118
Co Rd 143
Co Rd 1431
Co Rd 145
Co Rd 147
Co Rd 148
Co Rd 152
Co Rd 153
Co Rd 154
Co Rd 156
Co Rd 160
Co Rd 161
Co Rd 173
Co Rd 201
Co Rd 202
Co Rd 210
Co Rd 211
Co Rd 214
Co Rd 216
Co Rd 218
Co Rd 219
Co Rd 220
Co Rd 221
Co Rd 223
Co Rd 224
Co Rd 226
Co Rd 229
Co Rd 230
Co Rd 235
Co Rd 236
Co Rd 237
Co Rd 238
Co Rd 239
Co Rd 240
Co Rd 241
Co Rd 242
Co Rd 244
Co Rd 245
Co Rd 246
Co Rd 247
Co Rd 248
Co Rd 249
Co Rd 250
Co Rd 251
Co Rd 252
Co Rd 253
Co Rd 254
Co Rd 255
Co Rd 256
Co Rd 257
Co Rd 258
Co Rd 259
Co Rd 260
Co Rd 262
Co Rd 263
Co Rd 265
Co Rd 266
Co Rd 267
Co Rd 268
Co Rd 270
Co Rd 271
Co Rd 274
Co Rd 276
Co Rd 277
Co Rd 279
Co Rd 282
Co Rd 283
Co Rd 285
Co Rd 287
Co Rd 288
Co Rd 289
Co Rd 293
Co Rd 295
Co Rd 296
Co Rd 302
Co Rd 303
Co Rd 304
Co Rd 306
Co Rd 307
Co Rd 310
Co Rd 312
Co Rd 313
Co Rd 314
Co Rd 316
Co Rd 317
Co Rd 318
Co Rd 319
Co Rd 320
Co Rd 321
Co Rd 322
Co Rd 324
Co Rd 325
Co Rd 326
Co Rd 327
Co Rd 328
Co Rd 330
Co Rd 331
Co Rd 332
Co Rd 334
Co Rd 335
Co Rd 337
Co Rd 339
Co Rd 340
Co Rd 341
Co Rd 342
Co Rd 344
Co Rd 345
Co Rd 401
Co Rd 402
Co Rd 403
Co Rd 405
Co Rd 406
Co Rd 410
Co Rd 411
Corkill St
Court St
C R 321
Depot St
Dix Ave
Dix St
Dunn St
E 3rd St
Eagle Dr
Eagle Ln
E Alice St
E Carle St
E Chapultepec Ave
E Collins Ave
E Dix Ave
E Eli Garza St
E Gloria Ave
E Gravis Ave
E Gravis St
E Gray Ave
E Huisache St
E Humble St
E Juanita St
E King Ave
E Laredo St
Eli Garza St
el Toro Rd
E Luby Ave
E Magnolia St
E Nickenson Ave
E Nickerson Ave
E North Ave
E Quemada Ave
E Sheaffer Ave
E St Charles Ave
E St Joseph Ave
E St Peters Ave
E Theodora St
Everet St
Everett St
Ferrer St
Flores St
FM 1329
FM 2295
FM 2359
FM 2507
FM 3087
FM 3196
FM 3249
FM 625
FM 716
Garcia St
Garza St
Gravis St
Gray Ave
Gray St
Green Dr
Guerra St
Guevara St
Hackberry St
Hahl St
Heras St
Hidalgo St
Hinjosa Rd
Humble St
Hunt St
Jeff Cowley St
Jewel Ave
Kaffie St
Kay Ln
Kennedy Ave
Labbe Ave
la Mota St
Lasater St
Laurel Ave
Leal St
Louisiana Ave
Luna Dr
Magnolia Rd
Maine St
Main St
Mesquite St
Mier St
Momeny St
N 2nd Ave
N 7th Ave
N Benavides St
N Bexar St
N Dr E E Dunlap St
N D St
N Flores St
N Garcia St
N Julian St
N Main Ave
N Mier St
N Norton Ave
North St
N Perez St
N Seguin St
N St James St
N Sun Ave
N Texas Ave
N Tovar St
N Travis St
N Trevino St
N Ventura St
N Victoria St
Oak St
Old Seven Sisters Rd
Oliveira St
Palacios St
Parklane St
Parr Ave
Pearson St
Pecan St
Peters St
Pvt Powerline Rd
Railroad Ave
Railroad Blvd
Ramirez St
Ranch Rd
Ranch Rd 1345
Ranch Rd 863
Real St
Reforma St
Richard Cruz St
Riley St
S 2nd Ave
S 3rd Ave
San Martin Rd
Santa Cruz Rd
Santa Maria Ave
Santa Rosa de Lima
Santa Rosa de Lima St
Santa Rosa St
Santo Nino
S Aridalva St
S Benavides St
S Bexar St
School St
S Cuatro Milpas Ave
S Dr E E Dunlap Hwy
S Dr E E Dunlap St
S Duval Ave
Sejita Rd
Sendeja St
S Flores St
S Garcia Ave
S Garcia St
Shaw St
Shop Rd
S Julian St
S Louisiana Ave
S Mier St
S Norton Ave
S Perez St
Springfield Rd
S Reforma St
S Seguin St
S St James St
S Sun Ave
State Hwy 16
State Hwy 339
State Hwy 359
State Hwy 44
Stinson Dr
S Tobin Dr
S Tovar St
S Travis St
S Trevino St
Sur Ave
S Valencia St
S Ventura St
S Victoria St
Texas Blvd
Tunchez Dr
US Hwy 59
Vaello St
Valencia Ave
Vaquero Dr
Vega St
W 1st St
W 2nd St
W 3rd St
W 4th St
W 7th St
W Alice St
Waller St
Water Tank St
W Collins Ave
W Dix Ave
W Gravis Ave
W Gray Ave
White Ave
Willow Ave
W Juanita St
W King Ave
W Labbe Ave
W Luby Ave
W Main
W Nickerson Ave
W Panpama Dr
Wright Materials Rd
W Rogers St
W Sheaffer Ave
W St Charles Ave
W St Joseph Ave
W St Peters Ave
W Theodore St
W Zaragosa St
X St