Blue Ridge, Virginia Scanner Frequencies



Blue Ridge, Virginia IP Addresses

AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US

Blue Ridge, Virginia Streets

10th St
1st St
2nd St
3rd St
4th St
Adelaide Ln
Algies Ln
Almond Cir
Annie Bell Rd
Apple Butter Ln
Arch Valley Ln
Archway Ln
Archway Rd
Audrey Ln
Auger Loop
Barkwood Ln
Beachmont Dr
Bentwood Dr
Big Otter Dr
Birch Dr
Blackhorse Gap Rd
Blue Ridge Blvd
Blue Ridge Dr
Blue Ridge Springs Rd
Bore Auger Rd
Breezy Mountain Ln
Brickyard Rd
Buhrman Rd
Camp Jaycee Rd
Cardigan Dr
Cedarbrook Ln
Charmwood Dr
Cherry Ln
Chesney Pl
Chester Ln
Claybrook Ct
Clearview Ln
Cobblestone Dr
Colonial Rd
Compton Ln
Creasy Rd
Crescent Cir
Crest Ct
Crestridge Ct
Dakota Dr
Depot Rd
Dove Ln
Easter Ln
Edelweiss Rd
Eleanor Ln
Elm Ln
Ferris Rd
Fields Ave
Flaming Arrow Rd
Fluff Rd
Fosters Knob Rd
Foxcroft Dr
Foxcroft Ln
Fralin Ln
Gillie Ln
Glen Haven Ln
Grace Hollower Rd
Gross Hollow Rd
Harper Ln
Hastings Ln
Healing Springs Rd
Heritage Dr
Hickory Falls Rd
High Meadow Dr
High Place Ln
Hillcrest St
Hobson Way
Hogan Rd
Hollyberry Cir
Hope Ln
Howell Rd
Industrial Park Dr
Ivory Creek Ln
Ivy Branch Dr
Juanita Ln
Kyles Mill Rd
Lams Ln
Leafy Ln
Leonard Farm Rd
Level Ln
Lonesome Pine Dr
Longwood Ln
Lookout Ridge Rd
Lynn Ln
Macgregor Dr
Main St
Major Wade Rd
Makayla Dr
Maple Dr
Mayberry Dr
McFalls Rd
McMurry Rd
Meadowlark Rd
Memory Ln
Milton Rd
Miracle Ln
Moriah Ln
Morning Dove Ln
Mountain Pass Rd
Mountain View Church Rd
Nannie Ln
Nature Rd
N Hancock St
Nottingham Ln
N Roanoke St
Oak Crest Dr
Oak Dr
Oaklawn Dr
Oak Leaf Dr
Oak Ridge Ct
Oil Terminal Rd
Old Church Ln
Old Sawmill Rd
Old Schoolhouse Ln
Old Tram Rd
Ole McGuire Rd
Otter Mountain Dr
Paradise Haven Trl
Parkview Dr
Pebbles Dr
Persimmon Ct
Piney Branch Rd
Pin Oak Dr
Piper Glenn
Poplar Dr
Porters Mountain Rd
Quarry Rd
Quartz Rd
Queen Regent Ct
Rabbits Way
Rainbow Forest Dr
Raspberry Rd
Renegade Rd
Ridgeview Rd
Roswell Ln
Roudabush Ln
Salt Pond Rd
Sandy Ford Rd
Scalybark Dr
Scout Rd
Serenity Ln
Shade Hollow Rd
Shadow Mountain Ln
Sherwood Cir
Sherwood Dr
Shortbread Dr
Short Rd
Silverbirch Dr
Sky Ln
Smith Ford Rd
Spruce Cir
Spruce Ln
State Rte 1411
State Rte 1425
State Rte 1426
State Rte 1427
State Rte 1435
State Rte 1436
State Rte 1437
State Rte 1438
State Rte 1439
State Rte 1440
State Rte 1450
State Rte 1490
State Rte 1501
State Rte 1502
State Rte 1503
State Rte 1504
State Rte 1506
State Rte 1508
State Rte 1509
State Rte 1510
State Rte 1511
State Rte 1512
State Rte 1513
State Rte 1514
State Rte 1515
State Rte 1516
State Rte 1518
State Rte 1520
State Rte 1521
State Rte 1522
State Rte 1523
State Rte 1524
State Rte 1525
State Rte 1530
State Rte 1531
State Rte 1532
State Rte 1533
State Rte 1534
State Rte 1535
State Rte 1536
State Rte 1537
State Rte 1538
State Rte 603
State Rte 607
State Rte 616
State Rte 652
State Rte 657
State Rte 661
State Rte 697
State Rte 698
State Rte 699
State Rte 723
State Rte 738
State Rte 767
State Rte 768
State Rte 774
State Rte 775
State Rte 787
State Rte 802
State Rte 805
State Rte 806
State Rte 887
State Rte 895
State Rte 897
Stepping Stone Rd
Stevens Chapel Rd
Stevens Cir
Stonebridge Dr
Stonehaven Ln
Stonewall Rd
Stratford Dr
Summit Ridge Dr
Tanglewood Dr
Ter Von Ln
Thornblade Way
Timberline Dr
Tomahawk Ln
Toms Rd
Tower Rd
Treasure Ln
Treetop Ln
US Hwy 221
US Hwy 460
Vernon Ln
Villamont Church Rd
Villamont Rd
Vixen Ln
Walnut Dr
Walnut Manor Dr
Webster Heights Rd
Webster Rd
Westgrove Rd
West Rd
White Oak Dr
Wildwood Dr
Willow Cir
W Lynchburg Salem Tpke
Woodcroft Dr
Woodhaven Estates Rd
Woodlawn Ave
Woodlawn Ct
Woodshire Dr
Wooldridge Rd
Wynnwood Dr
Zimmerman Rd