Centreville, Virginia Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Centreville, Virginia IP Addresses

AS174 - COGENT-174 - Cogent Communications, US
AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS2828 - XO-AS15 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS3371 - MCI-ASN - MCI, US
AS3900 - TEXASNET-ASN - YHC Corporation, US
AS3926 - FFX-CNTY - Fairfax County Dept of Information Technology, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS10497 - WORLDBANK - The World Bank Group, US
AS21984 - FCPS - Fairfax County Public Schools, US
AS22284 - -Reserved AS-, ZZ
AS22773 - ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC - Cox Communications Inc., US
AS26810 - HHSNET-NOC-ASN - U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, US
AS27064 - DNIC-ASBLK-27032-27159 - DoD Network Information Center, US
AS33597 - INFORELAY - InfoRelay Online Systems, Inc., US
AS55167 - NADA - NADA, US

Centreville, Virginia Streets

Adjuga Ct
Adolphus Dr
Affinity Ct
Ajuga Ct
Alcove Path
Algretus Dr
Ampstead Ct
Anne Marie Ter
Ann Grigsby Cir
Antonia Ford Ct
Antonia Ford Ln
Arrowhead Park Dr
Artillery Ct
Ashcomb Ct
Asher Ct
Asher Vw
Ashington Ct
Ashmere Ln
Astilbe Ct
Astrid Cv
Audrey Dr
Ausable Way
Austable Ct
Austable Way
Autumn Cir
Avocado Ct
Awbrey Patent Dr
Barnesdale Path
Barnsley Pl
Baron Kent Ln
Barren Springs Ct
Barros Dr
Barrymore Rd
Basingstoke Ct
Basingstoke Loop
Batavia Dr
Baton Rouge Ct
Battalion St
Battery Ridge Ct
Battery Ridge Ln
Baugher Dr
Bayberry Ln
Bay Valley Ln
Baywood Ct
Beaumeadow Dr
Beayemeadow Ct
Bebe Ct
Beckford Way
Beddingfield Ct
Beddingfield Way
Belcher Farm Ct
Belcher Farm Dr
Bella Dr
Belle Plains Dr
Belle Pond Dr
Belt Buckle Ct
Bentley Sq
Bent Maple Ln
Bent Tree Cir
Bent Tree Ln
Betsy Ross Ct
Betsy Ross Ln
Big Yankee Ln
Billingsgate Ln
Birchleaf Park Ct
Black Horse Ct
Blue Aster Cir
Blue Post Rd
Blueridge View Dr
Bobann Dr
Bodley Sq
Bolton Rd
Bonham Pl
Bonnet Ter
Boydell Dr
Braddock Rd
Braddock Ridge Dr
Braddock Springs Rd
Branham Ct
Brass Button Ct
Braywood Dr
Brenham Dr
Bridlington Ct
Brim Ln
British Manor Ct
Brittney Elyse Cir
Broad Brook Ct
Bromfield Trce
Bronze Post Ct
Bronze Post Rd
Brookmere Dr
Brookmoor Ln
Brown Post Ln
Brushwood Way
Buffalo Run Ln
Buggy Whip Dr
Bull Run Dr
Bull Run Post Office Rd
Bungleweed Ln
Cabells Mill Ct
Cabells Mill Dr
Caddington Rd
Calamint Ct
Caliper Ct
Callaway Ct
Calvary Pl
Canteen Ct
Cardigan Sq
Carlbern Dr
Carriage Way Ct
Castleford Ct
Castle Harbor Way
Cat Tail Ct
Cedar Break Dr
Cedarhurst Ct
Cedar Key Ld
Cedar Knoll Dr
Cedar Loch Ct
Cedar Post Ct
Cedar Spring Rd
Cedar Walk
Centre Square Dr
Centreville Crest Ln
Centreville Farms Rd
Centreville Rd
Centreville Sq
Chandley Farm Cir
Chandley Farm Ct
Chapel Run Ct
Chasewood Cir
Chelsey Pl
Chestnut Hollow Ct
Cheverly Ct
Cheverly Dr
Choptank Ct
Cider Barrel Cir
Cider House Ln
Clarendon Springs Ct
Clarendon Springs Pl
Claret Pl
Claybank Ln
Clay Pipe Ct
Clay Spur Ct
Climbing Rose Way
Clubside Ln
Coachway Dr
Coble Laskey Ct
Cochran Pl
Coleman Ct
Colonel Taylor Ln
Compton Ln
Compton Rd
Compton Valley Ct
Compton Valley Pl
Compton Valley Way
Compton Village Dr
Coneflower Ct
Confederate Ridge Ln
Connor Dr
Cool Fountain Ln
Cool Oak Ln
Co Rd 616
Co Rd 859
Coreopsis Ct
Cottingham Ln
Cranoke St
Creek Bed Ct
Creek Branch Ct
Creek Run Dr
Creekstone Ln
Creek Valley Ct
Crenshaw Dr
Crimson Sky Ct
Crim Station Rd
Cristo Ct
Croatan Ct
Croatan Dr
Crystalford Ct
Crystalford Ln
Cub Run Ct
Cub Run Park Dr
Cub Stream Dr
Darkwood Cir
Darkwood Dr
Darrington Way
Day Valley Ct
Deer Hill Ct
Deer Lake Ct
Deer Lake Ln
Deer Pond Ct
Deer Pond Rd
Derring St
Destin Ct
Devereaux Ct
Deviar Dr
Dianthus Ct
Doyle Ln
Drifton Ct
Drill Field Ct
Dumas Ct
Eagle Button Ct
Eagle Tavern Ln
Eagle Tavern Way
Ealing Ct
Eames Ave
Early Autumn Dr
Eastcliff Cir
Eddy Ct
Edgecomb Ct
Edman Cir
Edman Rd
Elkheart Ct
Ellicot Ct
Ellicott Dr
Elliston Ct
Emerald Green Ct
Emerald Pool Ct
Emeric Ct
English Saddle Ct
Euphrates Ct
Faircloth Ct
Fairfax National Way
Fallscliff Ln
Farming Way
Farm Pond Ct
Farnam Cluster
Farrahs Calvary Rd
Fawn Hollow Pl
Federation Dr
Fence Post Ct
Fernbrook Ct
Fernbrook Dr
Field Flower Trl
Fiery Dawn Ct
Fiery Dawn Dr
Filly Ct
Fire Fox Run
Flagler Ct
Flagler Dr
Flagstaff Ct
Flamborough Rd
Flomation Ct
Flourcastle Ct
Flowerdew Hundred Ct
Flower Hill Ct
Flower Hill Dr
Folkers Lndg
Forest Pond Ct
Fort Dr
Fount Beattie Ct
Four Chimney Dr
Fox Meadow Ct
Frankford Cir
Franklin Fox Dr
Frosty Winter Ct
Gabrielle Way
Gatwick Sq
General Johnston Pl
General Lee Dr
Generals Ct
George Baylor Dr
Giant Oak Ct
Gill Brook Ln
Glade Spring Dr
Gladewright Dr
Glassford Pl
Glencrest Cir
Glen Meadow Ct
Glen Meadow Dr
Glen Meadow Pl
Glen Meadow Rd
Glory Creek Trl
Golden Oak Ct
Golden Oak Rd
Goldmoore Ct
Gold Post Ct
Gordon Dr
Gothic Dr
Gothwaite Dr
Grainery Rd
Grande Forest Ct
Granville Ln
Grape Holly Grove
Gray Post Ct
Gray Valley Ct
Great Rocky Run
Green Park Way
Green Post Ct
Green Trails Blvd
Green Trails Ct
Gresham Ln
Greymont Dr
Gringsby Ct
Grisby House Ct
Gristmill Square Ln
Gristmill Square Trce
Grobie Pond Ln
Grogan's Ct
Grumble Jones Ct
Guard Mount Ct
Gulliver Rd
Gun Cap Ct
Gun Mount Ct
Gunners Pl
Gunther Ct
Hallissey Ct
Hancock Ct
Hanna Ct
Hardee Chambliss Ct
Harmony Hill Ct
Harness Hill Ct
Harrison House Ct
Hart Forest Dr
Hartlaub Ct
Hartwood Ct
Hartwood Ln
Harvest Ct
Harvest Mill Ct
Hatfield Sq
Havener House Ct
Havener House Way
Haversack Rd
Haymarket Ln
Haysickle Ct
Haystack Ct
Heathrow Ln
Hedgerow Ct
Helmsly Ct
Heritage Crossing Ct
Heritage Crossing Ln
Heron Dr
Hibner St
Hickory Post Ct
Hidden Canyon Rd
Highbourne Ln
High Grove Hills Ln
Hirst Valley Way
Hollow Oak Ln
Hollyspring Ln
Honey Hill Ct
Honeysuckle Ct
Honnicut Dr
Honsena Dr
Hoskins Hollow Cir
Hovingham Ct
Hoxton Sq
Hunt Chase Ct
Hunting Path Pl
Illuminati Way
Indian Rock Rd
Indian Summer Ct
Insignia Ct
Iron Stone Ct
Jackson Fields Ct
Jacob Ln
Jade Post Ln
James Harris Way
Jameson Ct
Jarnigan St
Jarrett Ct
Jarski Ct
Jaslow St
Jeb Stuart Sq
Jenlar Dr
Jenn Ct
Jennifer Ct
Jenny Leigh Ct
Jillians Forest Way
Joel Beach Ln
John Charles Lndg
John Ewell Ct
Johnny Moore Ct
Johnson Ave
Jordans Journey Dr
Joseph Johnston Ln
Jovet Ct
Jovet Way
Juglan Ct
Jule Star Dr
Kamputa Dr
Kearns Ct
Keepers Park
Kendra Way
Kentwell Cir
Kerrywood Cir
Kertscher Ter
Kettle Mountain Dr
Kimanna Dr
Knapsack Ln
Knoll View Pl
Knoughton Way
Kyle Dr
Lady Madonna Ct
Lalos St
Lambeth Sq
Lamium Ln
Lampec St
la Petite Pl
Latshaw Rd
Laura Ratcliff Ct
Lavatera Ct
Lavender Mist Ct
Lavender Mist Ln
Lawnes Creek Ct
Lee Forest Path
Lee Hwy
Lee Overlook Rd
Leicester Ct
Leland Rd
Level Green Ln
Lierman Cir
Lightburn Ct
Lightburn Ln
Lilva Dr
Linden Creek Ct
Littlefield Ct
Little Rocky Mountain Ct
Little Rocky Run Cir
Lock Dr
Locust Branch Ct
Locust Grove Ct
London Towne Sq
Lotus Ln
Ludington Pl
Lynhodge Ct
Mackenzie St
Maidstone Ct
Malabar Ct
Malcolm Jameson Way
Malton Ct
Manassas Gap Ct
Manorwood Dr
Maple Creek Ln
Maple Mountain Dr
Maple Rock Ct
Maple Valley Ct
Marshall Crown Rd
Marston Cluster
Martins Brandon Way
Martins Hundred Dr
Mary Todd Ct
Mary Todd Ln
Massaponax Pl
Matthews Vista Dr
McAlester Way
McCambell Cluster
McConnel Ct
McCoy Rd
Meadow Crest Ct
Meadow Glade Ln
Meeting Camp Rd
Meherrin Ct
Meherrin Dr
Melton Pl
Middlebourne Ln
Middle Creek Pl
Midnight Blue Pl
Millicent Ct
Mist Flower Dr
Misty Meadow Way
Montiero Dr
Montjoy Ct
Montverd Ct
Moore Rd
Morning Dove Ln
Mossy Bank Ln
Mount Gilead Rd
Mount Olive Ct
Mount Olive Rd
Muddy Creek Ct
Multiplex Dr
Munsey Pl
Musket Ball Dr
Muskett Way
Muster Ct
Nandina Ct
Nanticoke Ct
Naylor Rd
N Barros Ct
Netherton St
New Braddock Rd
Newgate Blvd
Newgate Tavern Ct
Newhall Ct
Newton Patent Ct
Nicholas Schar Way
Northbourne Dr
N Slope St
Oak Cluster Dr
Oakengate Way
Oakham Pl
Oakmere Dr
Oakmere Pl
Oak Rock Ct
O'Day Dr
Old Centreville Rd
Olddale Rd
Olde Kent Rd
Old Mill Rd
Ordway Rd
Ormond Stone Cir
O'Shay Ct
Ost Way
Ottawa Rd
Outpost Ct
Overcoat Ln
Overland Ct
Owens Wood Ct
Pachysandra Ln
Paddington Ct
Paddington Ln
Pale Moon Way
Palisades Dr
Palmerston Sq
Palmetto Bay Ct
Palmetto Pl
Pamela Dr
Papilion Way
Paradise Mill Rd
Patriarch Ct
Patrick Ct
Peace Meadow Ln
Pearson Valley Ln
Pebblebrook Dr
Pebblebrook Trce
Pelhams Trce
Pendleton Pl
Picket Oaks Rd
Pickets Post Rd
Pickwick Rd
Pittman Ct
Pleasant Forest Dr
Pleasant Valley Rd
Plumbago Dr
Point Cir
Point Ct
Ponderlay Dr
Pond Field Dr
Pony Hill Ct
Poplar Valley Ct
Portage Pl
Post Corners Trl
Powder Flask Ct
Powers Ln
Prairie Mallow Ln
Prairie Willow Ln
Prairie Willow Way
Preacher Chapman Pl
Prince Way
Purple Dusk Ct
Quail Pond Ct
Quiet Cedar Ln
Rabbit Hill Ct
Rabbit Run Ct
Rachael Alice Ln
Raina Dr
Rainy Spring Ln
Rampant Lion Ct
Ravenscar Ct
Red Barn Ct
Red House Dr
Red Post Ct
Red River Dr
Regents Park Rd
Regimental Ct
Richard Simpson Ln
Ridge Haven Ct
Ridgemont Dr
Ridge Pond Rd
Ridge Water Ct
Ridings Manor Pl
Rinard Dr
Ritchie Rd
Riverland Run
Riverwind Ter
Roamer Ct
Roamer Ln
Rockbridge Pl
Rock Canyon Dr
Rockdale Ct
Rock Forest Ct
Rock Landing Ct
Rockledge Pl
Rock Ter
Rockton Ct
Rocky Branch Ct
Rockymount Ct
Rocky Run Dr
Rocky Valley Dr
Rocky Way Ct
Rosalie Ridge Dr
Rosebud Ln
Rosemallow Cir
Rosy Ln
Round Lick Ln
Round Post Ct
Rowena Dr
Royal Oak Ln
Running Post Ct
Rushbrook Dr
Rustling Leaves Ln
Rydell Rd
Sacred Ln
Saddle Downs Pl
Saguaro Pl
Saint Germain Dr
Saint Hubert Ln
Saint Timothy's Ln
Salisbury Plain Ct
Sammie Kay Ln
Sapphire Sky Ln
Sara Marie Ter
Sawteeth Way
S Barros Ct
Schoolfield Ct
Scotch Run Ct
Scott Ter
Seasons Dr
Secret Hollow Ln
Selby Ct
Sequoia Farms Dr
Serviceberry St
Sharpsburg Dr
Sharps Dr
Sheals Ln
Shelburne Ct
Shelburne St
Shelter Way
Sherborne Knolls
S Hills Ct
Shipley Ct
Shirey Ln
Shreve St
Silo Valley Vw
Singletons Way
Skipton Ct
Skylemar Trl
Smethwick Pl
Smithaven Pl
Smithfield Ct
Smithfield Pl
Smiths Trce
Smithwood Dr
Snellings Ct
Snowhill Ct
Snowhill Ln
Sorrel Chase Ct
Soucy Pl
Sour Gum Dr
Southwarke Pl
Spence Pl
Spindle Ct
Spruce Run Ct
Starbird Ct
Stargazer Ter
Starry Night Ln
State Rte 28
State Rte 609
State Rte 614
State Rte 620
State Rte 645
State Rte 658
State Rte 898
Stillfield Ct
Stillfield Pl
Stilsby Ct
Stone Chase Way
Stone Creek Ct
Stone Creek Dr
Stone Crossing Ct
Stone Maple Ter
Stonepath Cir
Stone Range Dr
Stone Rd
Stone Ridge Dr
Stonewater Ct
Stoney Branch Ct
Store House Ct
Store House Dr
Strasburg Dr
Stratton Major Ct
Stream Pond Ct
Stream Pond Dr
Stringfellow Rd
Stroud Ct
St Timothys Ln
Sudley Forest Ct
Sudley Rd
Sully Lake Ct
Sully Lake Dr
Sully Park Dr
Sully Rd
Sully Station Dr
Summerlake Way
Summer Pond Dr
Summer Tree Rd
Summit St
Suncatcher Ct
Sun Meadow Ct
Sunset Ridge Ct
Sunset Ridge Rd
Surrey House Way
Sutler Store Ct
Sweetwater Ln
Sweet Woodruff Ln
Sydell Ln
Tallayast Dr
Tanners House Way
Tarleton Dr
Terrycloth Ln
Thera Way
Thorndike Ct
Thorndyke Ct
Top Sergeant Ln
Tracy Schar Ln
Travis Edward Way
Tree Line Dr
Tre Towers Ct
Trevilian Pl
Trillium House Ln
Trinity Pkwy
Trinity Post Way
Triplett Dr
Truitt Farm Ct
Truitt Farm Dr
Truro Parish Ct
Tulip Leaf Ct
Turin Ln
Twilight Glow Dr
Twin Creeks Ct
Twin Pine Ct
Ulderic Dr
Uniform Dr
Upperridge Ct
Upperridge Dr
US Hwy 29
Verona Ln
Veronica Rd
Village Center Dr
Village Square Dr
Vine Cottage Dr
Vinson Pl
Virginia Chase Ct
Virginia Chase Dr
Virginia Infantry Rd
Virginia Pine Ct
Virgin Rock Rd
Wakley Ct
Walney Rd
Walter Bowie Ln
Waterdale Ct
Waterflow Ct
Waterflow Pl
Watermark Cir
Water Pond Ct
Waters Creek Dr
Water Springs Ct
Water Wheel Way
Watery Mountain Ct
Wealdstone Ct
Weinstein Ct
Welton Ct
Welton Dr
Westbourne Pl
Westfields Blvd
Westwater Ct
Wetherburn Ct
Wetherburn Dr
Wharton Ln
Wharton Park Ct
Wheat Mill Way
Whispering Glen Ct
Whitechapel Ct
White Post Ct
White Post Rd
Wicker Ln
Wild Brook Ct
Wildflower Ct
William Carr Ln
William Colin Ct
William Mosby Dr
Willoughby Newton Dr
Willow Creek Dr
Winding Oak Cir
Winding Ridge Ln
Winding Woods Ct
Winding Woods Dr
Windrift Ct
Winterfield Ct
Winterfield Dr
Wisteria Arbor Ln
Wood Creek Ln
Woodfield Dr
Woodford Dr
Woodgate Manor Cir
Woodgate Manor Pl
Wood Home Rd
Woodland Ridge Ct
Woodland Ridge Dr
Woodleaf Ct
Wood Lilly Ln
Wood Meadow Way
Woodmere Ct
Woodmere Dr
Woodmere Pl
Wood Rock Way
Woodspring Ct
Woods Run Ct
Worth Ct
Worthington Woods Way
Woven Willow Ln
W View Dr
Wycoff Sq
Wycombe St
Wyndham Rose Cove
Yellow Poplar Dr