Damascus, Virginia Scanner Frequencies

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Damascus, Virginia Streets

Acorn Ln
Addison Dr
Adkins St
Alex Rd
Almond Ln
Alvarado Rd
Appalachian Trail Dr
Azen Rd
Backer Ln
Bears Paw Ln
Beartree Gap Rd
Beech Mountain Rd
Bennington Way
Birch Ln
Blossom Rd
Bluff Hollow Rd
Boggs Dr
Boonesfarm Rd
Bowlin St
Brittany Ln
Brook St
Buckeye Hollow Rd
Butterfly Rd
Cemetery Rd
Cemetery Ridge Rd
Chestnut Mountain Rd
Clifton St
Commerce St
Coolgreen Rd
Coounty Rd 726
Co Rd 1200
Co Rd 1212
Co Rd 600
Co Rd 601
Co Rd 602
Co Rd 603
Co Rd 605
Co Rd 642
Co Rd 711
Co Rd 712
Co Rd 713
Co Rd 715
Co Rd 716
Co Rd 718
Co Rd 719
Co Rd 723
Co Rd 725
Co Rd 727
Co Rd 728
Co Rd 729
Co Rd 755
Co Rd 756
Co Rd 757
Co Rd 773
Co Rd 774
Co Rd 776
Co Rd 777
Co Rd 788
Co Rd 858
Co Rd 859
Co Rd 862
Co Rd 878
Co Rd 885
Co Rd 888
Co Rd 889
Co Rd 890
Co Rd 899
Co Rd 907
Cornett Rd
Cotton St
Creek Junction Rd
Damascus Dr
Daniel Boone St
Dayton Way
Delmar Rd
Diamond Dr
Discovery Rd
Docie St
Doerun Ln
Douglas Dr
Drowning Ford Rd
Dry Branch Rd
E 1st St
E 2nd St
E 3rd St
E 4th St
E 5th St
E Bank Ave
E Bank St
E Creepers Way
E First St
E Imboden St
E Laurel Ave
Ena St
E Ratcliff Rdg
E Second St
Extract St
Fig Tree Rd
Fisher Hollow Rd
Forge Rd
Fritz St
Frost Ln
Gazebo St
Golfers Dr
Government Rd
Grassy Ridge Rd
Green Cove Rd
Haney St
Hanover Ln
Hill Crest Ave
Hollyfield Rd
Horsepen Rd
Intermont St
Jeb Stuart Hwy
Klondyke Rd
Konnarock Rd
Lambeth Ln
Larkspur Ln
Lexington St
Lincoln Cir
Locust Branch Rd
Logging Camp Rd
Lone Wolf Trl
Lumberton Rd
Lyers Ln
McCann Rd
McCready Rd
Mock Ave
Monroe Rd
Moss Valley Ln
Mountain City Rd
Mountain View Dr
Mountainwood Rd
N Beaver Dam Ave
N Bone Hollow Rd
New Cut Rd
N Legion St
Nova Dr
N Railroad Ave
N Reynolds St
N Shady Ave
N Smith St
Olive Branch Ln
Orchard Hill Rd
Ours Ln
Outback Dr
Peppertree Rd
Petes Dr
Piper Rd
Plymouth Ct
Rambo St
Rebel Cir
Reed St
Rhymer Rd
Rolling Hills Ln
Ruby St
Rutledge St
S Alley St
Sawmill Rd
S Beaver Dam Ave
S Bone Hollow Rd
Schoolhouse Rd
Silver Mountain Rd
Sioux St
Spr Line St
S Railroad Ave
S Reynolds St
S Shady Ave
State Rte 91
State Rte T-1201
State Rte T-1202
State Rte T-1203
State Rte T-1204
State Rte T-1206
State Rte T-1207
State Rte T-1208
State Rte T1209
State Rte T-1210
State Rte T-1211
State Rte T1213
State Rte T-1214
State Rte T1215
State Rte T-1216
State Rte T-1217
State Rte T-1218
State Rte T-1219
State Rte T-1220
State Rte T-1221
State Rte T-1223
State Rte T-1224
State Rte T1225
State Rte T716
Sturgill Rd
Sullivan Dr
Taylor Valley Rd
Terrys Dr
Textile St
Three Sticks Ln
Tread Nock Pl
Trestle St
Trivett Dr
US Hwy 58
Vails Mill Rd
Virginia Creeper Trl
Waccamaw Ln
Waters Rd
Water St
W Bank St
Whispering Pine Ln
Whistlestop Rd
White Tail Dr
Widener Valley Rd
Wilburn Rd
W Imboden St
Windy Hill Rd
W Laurel Ave
W Liberty Ave
Woodchuck Rd
Wright Rd
Zion Church Rd