Dumfries, Virginia Scanner Frequencies



Dumfries, Virginia IP Addresses

AS102 - NSF-HQ-AS - National Science Foundation, US
AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS6041 - DNIC-ASBLK-05800-06055 - DoD Network Information Center, US
AS6167 - CELLCO-PART - Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS22773 - ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC - Cox Communications Inc., US
AS22925 - ALLIED-TELECOM - Allied Telecom Group, LLC, US
AS25996 - FBICJIS - FBI Criminal Justice Information Systems, US

Dumfries, Virginia Streets

Acadia Dr
Accolon Ct
Afton Ct
Alexander Pl
Allen Dent Rd
Allerton Ct
Allstadt Farm Loop
American Elm Ct
Andrews Pl
Anglia Loop
Antrim Cir
Apple Cider Ct
Apple Ln
Ashgrove Dr
Ashmere Cir
Atterbury Ct
Atwater Ln
Autumn Ln
Avenel Ln
Avon Dr
Azalea Sands Ln
Backwater Ct
Badger Ct
Banks Ct
Barger Pl
Barnacle Pl
Barrington Pl
Barrley Ct
Barrley Dr
Barron Heights Rd
Bassett Ct
Battersea Rd
Bayou Bend Cir
Beachland Way
Beachview Dr
Beachwater Ct
Beacon Ct
Beacon Hill Pl
Beaverdam Rd
Belleplain Ct
Benecia Ln
Benson Ct
Birch Creek Ct
Bishop Pl
Blowing Leaf Pl
Boxwood Dr
Brandywine Rd
Brawner Dr
Breeze Way
Breeze Way Dr
Brent Ridge Ct
Briarwood Dr
Bridgeport Dr
Brockenbrough Dr
Buckingham Ct
Buck Ln
Buell Ct
Buena Vista Dr
Bunker Ct
Butler Pl
Butterfly Way
Cahill Ln
Cajun Ct
Camellia Ln
Camelot Ct
Cameron St
Canal Rd
Candlestick Ct
Canton Ct
Cape May Ct
Capri Ln
Catamaran Ct
Caxton Pl
Cedar Knoll Ct
Celebration Way
Chalice Ct
Champion Oak Dr
Chapman Mill Trl
Chapman Pl
Cherry Hill Rd
Chesapeake Dr
China Grove Mews
Chisholm Ln
Chogburn Ln
Cindy Ln
Clancy Dr
Clearwater Ct
Cliffbrook Ct
Cliffview Dr
Cockpit Point Rd
Cogenbury Ct
Colonial Port Rd
Colonial St
Confederate Ct
Corwin Pl
Cosgrove Way
Country Club Dr
Cove Ln
Cranberry Ct
Crestleigh Ct
Crocus Ln
Crosscut Ln
Crystal Downs Trl
Curtis Dr
Cusack Ln
Cypress Ct
Dahlgren Pl
Dalebrook Dr
Dancing Leaf Pl
Dartmoor Dr
Deer Park Dr
Denali Pl
Desert Palm Ct
Detrick Trl
Devonald Pl
Deweys Run Ln
Diamond Point Mews
Dickerson Pl
Dogwood Dr
Dolphin Dr
Dominican Dr
Dominion Dr
Dovetail Ct
Downy Flake Mews
Dr David Cline Ln
Dryden Way
Dry Powder Cir
Duke St
Dumfries Dr
Dumfries Pl
Dumfries Rd
Dumfries Shopping Plz
Duncan Pl
Dunes Ct
Ebb Tide Ct
Eby Dr
Edgehill Dr
Edgewood Dr
Equinox Way
Exeter Dr
Fairfax St
Fairway Dr
Fallstone Pl
Fawn Pl
Festival Spirit Way
Fishermans Cove
Fort Donelson Ct
Fort Fisher Ct
Fort Henry Ct
Fort Monroe Ct
Fort Pemberton Ct
Fort Pickens Ct
Fort Pulaski Ct
Fort Sumter Ct
Fortuna Center Plz
Four Seasons Dr
Four Year Trl
Fraley Blvd
Francis West Ln
Fresh Meadow Trl
Friar Loop
Ft Monroe Ct
Garcia Way
Garden Gate Ct
Gentle Wood Ln
Glastonbury Ct
Glennville Dr
Golden Gate Way
Golf Club Dr
Graham St
Grant Cottage Dr
Great Harvest Ct
Greenfield Pl
Greentree Ln
Grey Ghost Ct
Groveside Ct
Hampstead Ridge Ct
Harmony Pl
Harpers Ferry Dr
Harwood Oaks Ct
Hedgeman St
Henderson Ln
Heth Ct
Hickory Creek
Hickory Nut Pl
Hidden Valley Ct
Hide A Way Dr
Higgins Dr
Holleyside Ct
Holleyside Dr
Holley St
Holly Creek Ct
Holly Hill Dr
Holly St
Hooker Dr
Hopkins Dr
Horton Ct
Hot Springs Way
Hour Glass Dr
Howard St
Hst Virginia Ct
Hudson River Ct
Hunley Mill Pl
Huntgate Ln
Hyacinth Pl
Ibsen Pl
Inlet Pl
Interstate Dr
Iris Ln
Isle Royale Ter
Islip Loop
Jasper Hill Ct
Jasper Loop
Jefferson Davis Hwy
Jester Ct
John Pary Way
John Robinson Ln
John Rolfe Ct
Jonathan Ct
Joplin Rd
Kagera Dr
Kensington Pl
Kenton Cir
Kersey Cir
Keswick Ct
Kevin Walker Dr
Keys Ridge Rd
Kildare Ln
Kilkenny Way
Kilpatrick Pl
Kings Row Pl
Kings Valley Dr
Kirby Dr
la Mauricie Loop
Lands End Ct
Lansdale Pl
Lansing Ct
Larchmont Ct
Larkin Dr
Larkspur Ln
Laurel Ridge Rd
Laurel St
Lazy Day Ln
Leonard St
Lindenberry Ln
Linton Ct
Live Oaks Ct
Locust Creek Dr
Loganberry Ln
London Pl
Lunar Eclipse Dr
Lyda Ln
Macrae Ct
Main St
Malory Ct
Mammoth Cave Loop
Maple Glen Ct
Maple St
Marbury Heights Way
Marhalt Pl
Marjon Ct
Marlington Dr
Marsh Harbor Ln
Marshlake Ln
Maybury Pl
Maywood Dr
McClellan Ct
McDowell Ct
Medford Dr
Melody Ln
Melting Snow Pl
Metheny Pl
Mill Spring Dr
Milroy Dr
Mimosa Trl
Mina Ln
Mine Rd
Moncure Ct
Moncure Dr
Monmouth Ct
Montezuma Way
Montview Dr
Moot Dr
Morgan Ct
Mountain Laurel Loop
Mulberry Point Ct
Mulcaster Ter
Mulcaster Trl
Myrtle Pl
Myrtlewood Dr
Mystic Ct
Naples Ln
Nelm Way
New Cherry Hill Rd
Nicely Ct
Nichols Ct
Nightingale Pl
Northgate Dr
Nugent Ln
Oak Crest Ct
October Glory Loop
Old Stage Coach Rd
Old Stage Rd
Old Triangle Rd
Olivia Way
Oriole Ct
Ostenbury Ct
Outlook Ct
Outlook Pl
Overlook Rd
Oyster Bay Ct
Pacific Rim Trl
Palton Dr
Peach Ct
Pebblewood St
Peppermill Ct
Periscope Pl
Pestwick Ct
Pettler Park Dr
Philena St
Pine Bluff Dr
Pinecrest Ct
Pine Ct
Piper Glenn Ct
Pleasant Hill Pl
Pleasant Rd
Pointe Center Ct
Point Pleasant Ln
Pony Ridge Turn
Port Washington Ct
Possum Point Rd
Presidential Hill Loop
Prestwick Ct
Prince Charles Ln
Prince William Cir
Purcival Ct
Queens Ln
Renton Ct
Reservoir Loop
Rhame Dr
Ridgecrest Dr
Ridgewood Ct
Rincon Pl
Ring Necked Ct
Rising Fawn Ter
River Ridge Blvd
Rocky Mount Ln
Rose Hill Cir
Royal Crescent Ct
Russett Maple Ct
Saltwater Dr
Sanibel Ct
Sassafras Tree Ct
Scenic Dr
Seal Pl
Secret Grove Ct
Sedgewick Ct
Sedgewick Pl
Shadow Oak Ct
Shadow Woods Ct
Shady Knoll Ct
Shaker Ct
Sheffield Dr
Shell Cast Loop
Siegel Ct
Sigel Ct
Silvan Glen Dr
Silver Leaf Ct
Singletree Ln
Skiff Ct
Skyline Dr
Sligo Loop
Solstice Ln
Southwood Pl
Spalding Dr
Sparkling Brook Loop
Spillway Ln
Spriggs Lane Fire Rd
Spring Branch Blvd
State Rte 234
State Rte 619
State Rte 633
Steele Ct
Stewart Ln
Stockbridge Dr
Stone Mountain Ct
Streamside Ct
Sugarbush Ln
Sugar Maple Ln
Summer Duck Dr
Sunnyknoll Ct
Sunny Knoll Dr
Sutersmill Way
Swans Creek Ln
Taconic Cir
Taconic Ct
Tallowwood Dr
Talon Dr
Tangariro Sq
Tebbs Ln
Telegraph Station Loop
Telescope Ln
Terri Ct
Thistle Ct
Timber Ridge Dr
Timid Creek Ct
Tintagel Ct
Tompkins Ct
Toms River Loop
Tony Ct
Tranio Ct
Triangle Shopping Plz
Tripoli Blvd
Tripoli Ct
Trisail Ct
Tuckahoe Ct
Tulip Tree Pl
Tweezer Ct
Twist Ct
US Hwy 1
Vals Way
Van Buren Rd
Vaughn Ln
Vault Ln
Victoria Falls Dr
Vidalia Ct
Viewpoint Cir
Village Pkwy
Vineland Pl
Virginia Dr
Vista Dr
Washington St
Waters Edge Ct
Waters Ln
Waterway Dr
Wayside Dr
Weeping Cherry Ct
Wendy Ct
Wexford Loop
Whiskey St
Whisperwood Ct
White Haven Dr
Widewater Dr
William Johnston Ln
Williams Ct
Williamstown Dr
Willow Oak Pl
Willow Rd
Wilmer Porter Ct
Wilson St
Wiltshire Pl
Winding Creek Dr
Windsong Ln
Windward Ct
Wintercress Ct
Wood Duck Ct
Woodglen Ct
Yellow Stone Loop
Yew Grove Pl
Yorktown Dr
Yost Ln