Oakton, Virginia Scanner Frequencies



Oakton, Virginia IP Addresses

AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS6039 - DNIC-ASBLK-05800-06055 - DoD Network Information Center, US
AS7046 - RFC2270-UUNET-CUSTOMER - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS22394 - CELLCO - Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, US
AS22773 - ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC - Cox Communications Inc., US

Oakton, Virginia Streets

Academic Dr
Adel Rd
Alliwells Ct
Ankeny St
Appalachian Cir
Apple Brook Ln
Aran Ct
Ariana Dr
Ashbrooke Ct
Ayreshire Rd
Baltusrol Ct
Bandol Ln
Barden Oaks Ct
Berryland Ct
Berryland Dr
Birdfoot Ln
Blake Ln
Blaketon Ln
Blenheim Dr
Blue Roan Rd
Bonds Ridge Ct
Borge St
Bradford Wood Ct
Brecknock St
Bree Hill Rd
Brians Hill Ln
Brick Mill Ct
Bridge Hill Ln
Bronzedale Dr
Bryant Pl
Bushman Dr
Capperton Dr
Carter Cooper Way
Castleton Ct
Castlewood Ln
Center Ridge Dr
Chain Bridge Rd
Chariton St
Cherry Blossom Ct
Cherry View Ct
Cherry Walk Ct
Chipnowak Ct
Chris Wood Ct
Cimmaron Oaks Ct
Cinch Ring Ct
Clarkes Landing Dr
Clide Ct
Cobb Hill Ct
Cobb Hill Ln
Colt Run Rd
Conejo Ln
Conestoga Ct
Copeland Ln
Copper Ct
Co Rd 655
Co Rd 663
Co Rd 664
Coulter Ln
Country Pl
Country Pond Ln
Cranbrook Ct
Cranbrook Ln
Cryandall Dr
Cryandall Pl
Cyrandall Dr
Cyrandall Valley Rd
Dalkeith Ct
Deerfield Dr
Derosnec Dr
Devenish Dr
Deville Estates Dr
Dominy Ct
Donns Way
Dorian Dr
Dutch Mill Ct
Easie St
Ebenshire Ct
Ellmore Ln
Elmenden Ct
Elmendorf Dr
Elmesmeade Ct
Elmridge Ct
Elmsway Ct
Elmtop Ct
Emerald Rock Dr
English Mill Ct
E Oaks Ct
E Ridge Ct
Fairhunt Ct
Fitzpatrick Ln
Flemish Mill Ct
Flowerstone St
Foxclove Rd
Fox Den Ln
Fox Glen Dr
Fox Land Ct
Fox Mill Manor Dr
Fox Mill Rd
Fox Spring Ct
Foxvale Ct
Foxvale Dr
Fox Vale Glen Ct
Fox Valley Ct
Full Cry Ct
Gemstone Ct
Geneva Hill Ct
Gerald Ln
Gershwin Ct
Granite Creek Ln
Gray St
Graystone Ct
Green Holly Springs Ct
Green Moor Ln
Greenwood Pl
Hamden Ct
Hannah Farm Ct
Hannah Farm Rd
Hawksbeard Ct
Heathland Dr
Heinz Ct
Helmont Dr
Hibbard St
Hickory Forest Dr
Hickory Hills Ct
Hickory Hills Dr
Hickory Hollow Ln
History Dr
Hollybrook Ct
Hollybrook Pl
Honda Rd
Hunter Mill Rd
Hunter Ridge Dr
Hunt Farm Ln
Hunting Hills Ct
Hunting Hills Pl
Hunt Rd
Hunts Mill Ct
James River Ct
Jerman Ln
Jermantown Rd
Justin Knoll Rd
Kilkeel Ct
Kings Cavalier Ct
Lake Edge Way
Lakenheath Way
Lake Ridge Ct
Lake Ridge Dr
Lakin Pl
Lance Ln
Langton Arms Ct
Lapham Dr
Lariat Ln
Lasswade Ln
Latigo Ct
Latigo Ln
Leakane Ct
Leeds Rd
Leigh Jillion Ct
Lena Ct
Lewis Knolls Dr
Linda Marie Dr
Lloyd Hill Ct
Lloyds Ln
Lochinver Ln
Lynch Ln
Lynnhaven Pl
Lyrac Ct
Lyrac St
Madison Meadows Ln
Mantilla Ct
Maple Ave W
Marbury Pl
Marbury Rd
Mare Ln
Marseilles Dr
Marshall Lake Dr
Mattox Creek Dr
McKinnon Way
Meadow Lake Ct
Meadowland Dr
Meadow Pond Ln
Melanie Ct
Melanie Ln
Mereworth Ct
Mereworth Ln
Michelle Ct
Mill Cross Ct
Miller Heights Rd
Miller Rd
Mimosa Pl
Misty Pond Ct
Mystic Meadow Way
Norborne Pl
Norwegian Mill Ct
Oakborough Sq
Oakbury Ct
Oak Creek Pl
Oakleigh Ln
Oakmont Ct
Oak Plank Ct
Oakton Crossing Ct
Oakton Dr
Oakton Hills Ct
Oakton Hills Dr
Oakton Knoll Ct
Oakton Knoll Dr
Oakton Manor Ct
Oakton Meadows Ct
Oakton Mill Dr
Oakton Rd
Oakton Ridge Cir
Oakton Ridge Ct
Oakton Station Ct
Oakton Terrace Ct
Oakton Terrace Rd
Oakton Woods Way
Oakwood Chase Ct
Paddock Wood Ct
Palmer Dr
Palmer Glen Ct
Palmer St
Parcel Ct
Penderwood Dr
Phoenix Dr
Phyllmar Pl
Pine Hollow Rd
Pine St
Platten Dr
Pommel Ct
Pony Farm Ct
Pony Ridge Way
Preston Heights Ct
Prince Edward Ct
Quarter Horse Ct
Quay Rd
Red Granite Ter
Remington Rd
Rifle Ridge Rd
Roman Mill Ct
Rose Creek Ct
Rutherford Ct
Saddle Crescent Cir
Saddle Crest Ln
Saddlestone Ct
Saddlewood Ct
Saint Augustine Ln
Saint Helena Dr
Samaga Dr
Sarah Joan Ct
S Erin Dr
Silkwood Ct
Silverstone Ct
Sledding Hill Rd
Sorrel Ridge Ln
Southam Ln
Stamper Ct
State Rte 123
State Rte 655
State Rte 664
State Rte 669
St Helena Dr
Stone Mill Ct
Stratford Ct
Stuart Mill Ct
Stuart Mill Rd
Sumacs St
Summit Square Dr
Sunlit Rd
Sweetberry Ct
Sweetmeadow Ct
Sweetmeadow Dr
Sweetwood Ln
Taj Dr
Talley Ct
Tate Ct
Tattersall Trl
Thaxton Ln
Timberlake Ct
Timberline Ct
Timberline Dr
Timbermill Ct
Timberneck Ct
Toreador Ln
Tradewind Dr
Trenholm Dr
Trevor House Dr
Trousseau Ln
Turnberry Pl
Twilight Ct
Twin Mill Ln
Valentino Ct
Valentino Dr
Vale Rd
Vale Ridge Ct
Vale Spring Dr
Vale Station Rd
Valestra Cir
Valeview Dr
Valewood Dr
Valley Rd
Verily Ct
Verna Dr
Village Knolls Ct
Vintage Crest Ln
Virginia Oaks Dr
V Ln
Walkerton Ln
Walnut Creek Ct
Wandabury Rd
Waples Crest Ct
Waples Glen Ct
Waples Mill Rd
Watermill Ct
Wayland St
Weber Pl
Weisiger Ln
Welbourne Ct
Westhurst Ct
Westhurst Ln
Wheatland Farms Ct
Wheatland Farms Dr
Whimbrell Ct
White Flint Ct
White Granite Ct
White Granite Dr
Willow Creek Ln
Willow Green Ct
Willow Mist Ct
Wilson Ave
Windcloud Ct
Windsong Dr
Windwood Farms Dr
Yonder Hills Way
Young Dr