Chapmanville, West Virginia Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Chapmanville, West Virginia Phone Numbers


Chapmanville, West Virginia IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS19108 - SUDDENLINK-COMMUNICATIONS - Suddenlink Communications, US
AS27364 - ACS-INTERNET - Armstrong Cable Services, US

Chapmanville, West Virginia Streets

1st Ave
1st St
2nd Ave
2nd St
3rd Ave
3rd St
4th St
5th St
6th St
7th St
9th St
Acorn Rd
Adams St
Adkins Fowler Rd
Airport Rd
Alberta Ln
Almost Heaven Ln
Alvie Kelly Dr
Anchor Rd
Annapolis St
Ann St
Atlanta St
Ballard Dr
Banco Rd
Barker Fork Rd
Barkers Aly
Bear Hollow Rd
Beechwood Rd
Belair Dr
Bella Vista Dr
Bell Rd
Bentley Branch Rd
Big Creek and North Fork Rd
Big Creek-Hewitt Creek Rd
Big Creek - North Fork Rd
Big Creek Rd
Big Ugly Creek Rd
Bismark St
Blackhawk Landing Rd
Blake Dr
Bloomingdale Dr
Bluebell Trl
Boise St
Boxer Ct
Boytek Dr
Brewster Dr
Bright Star Dr
Britton Hill Dr
Broad Hollow Rd
Brooke Whitman St
Brookside Meadows
Browns Run Rd
Brushy Fork Rd
Buck Fork Rd
Buffalo Lick Branch Rd
Buffalo Lick Rd
Butcher Hollow Rd
Butcher St
Cabell Dr
Cabin Br Dr
Cabin Br Rd
Cabin Rd
Camp Cliff Logan Rd
Caney Branch Rd
Canoe Branch
Caudill Dr
C Bryant Rd
Central Ave
Chafin Br Rd
Chapman Ln
Chapmanville Plz
Cherry Tree Branch
Cherry Wood Ln
Church House Hollow
Church St
Civille Plaza Rd
C J Gore Dr
Clint Gore St
Clinton Cline Dr
Clinton Ferrell Rd
Clover Lick Branch
Clover Lick Branch Rd
Clover Lick Rd
Clown Aly
Clyde Smoot Dr
Co 119/30
Co Hwy 1
Co Hwy 10/01
Co Hwy 119/29
Co Hwy 119/30
Co Hwy 119/34
Co Hwy 119/46
Co Hwy 119/54
Co Hwy 18
Co Hwy 2
Co Hwy 2/01
Co Hwy 3
Co Hwy 3/01
Co Hwy 3/04
Co Hwy 3/05
Co Hwy 3/06
Co Hwy 3/07
Co Hwy 3/08
Co Hwy 3/09
Co Hwy 3/11
Co Hwy 3/13
Co Hwy 3/15
Co Hwy 3/16
Co Hwy 3/19
Co Hwy 4
Co Hwy 4/01
Co Hwy 5/11
Co Hwy 5/12
Co Hwy 6
Co Hwy 7
Co Hwy 7/01
Co Hwy 701/05
Co Hwy 701/29
Co Hwy 701/30
Co Hwy 701/31
Co Hwy 701/32
Co Hwy 7/02
Co Hwy 702/21
Co Hwy 7/03
Co Hwy 8
Collins Rd
Colonial Ct
Columbia St
Conley Ave
Conley Branch Rd
Conley St
Co Rd 10/44
Co Rd 110/2
Co Rd 119/60
Co Rd 219/5
Co Rd 3/9
Co Rte 119/90
Co Rte 18/01
Co Rte 18/02
Country Club Dr
Country Cove Cir
Covert Branch Rd
Covert Rd
Crawley Ck Rd
Crawley Creek Rd
Croquet Ln
Crum Rd
Currys Branch Rd
Dana Miller Dr
Danny Thomas Dr
Darlington Dr
David Ray Dr
Derick Dr
Dingess Cemetary Rd
Divine Ct
Division St
Doc's Rd
Dog Fork Rd
Dogwood Manor
Dogwood Ter
Dover Ave
Drew Dr
Dutchwood Ln
Eagles Roost Rd
Earthul Workman Dr
E Boling
Ed Stone Branch Rd
Edward Ave
Edwards Ave
Egnor Dr
Ellis F K Rd
Ellis Fork
Ellis Fork Rd
Elm St
Eloise Ave
Elwood Dr
Emma Ln
E Railroad Ave
Faith Dr
Fancy Gap Road 905
Farley Dr
Farley St
Fernwood St
Ferrell Ave
Ferrell Ln
Flemings Hollow Rd
Fortress Dr
Fountain Vw
Fowler Branch Rd
Fowler F K
Fowlers Branch Rd
Fox Den Rd
Frank Craddock Rd
Frankfort Ave
Fred Bowling Dr
Freeman Ct
Friendly Neighborhood Dr
Friendly Neighbor Rd
Garmet Plant Rd
Garnet Ave
Garnett Ave
Garrets Fork Rd
Garretts Fork Rd
Gentle Breeze Dr
Glenwood Dr
Godby Bottom Rd
Godby Branch
Godby Branch Rd
Godby Fork
Godby Hill Dr
Godby Hts Rd
Golf Meadow Ln
Golf Meadows Ln
Gore St
Grayson Ln
Grey Squirrel Rd
Grover Ave
Guardian Ave
Guyan Dr
Hainer Branch Rd
Hallmark Dr
Harmon Branch Rd
Harold Dr
Harrisburg Ave
Hartford St
Haydu Ter
Haydu Terrace Dr
Heather Ln
Helena St
Hewett Creek
Hibiscus Dr
Hickory Ln
Hidden Valley Rd
High Meadows Dr
Highwater St
Hollywood Branch Rd
Honeysuckle Ln
Hope St
Hubert Hill Rd
Huckleberry Rd
Huffman Branch Rd
Hurricane Branch
Hurricane Branch Rd
Hyland Hills Dr
Iola St
Jaelyn-N-Landen Dr
James St
Johnson Blvd
Johnson Boulvard St
Johnson Dr
Julia Ave
Justice St
Kanawha Branch Rd
Kathys Trailer Ct
Kayla Ln
Kessler Hollow Rd
Kirk Hill Rd
Knob Hill
Knob Hill Rd
Lake Branch Rd
Lansing St
Lantana Dr
Lee Miller Rd
Left Fork Barker Fork Rd
Limestone Branch Rd
Lincoln Hwy
Log Heap Hollow Rd
Main St
Manila Dr
Manpower Dr
Marlene St
Marsh Fork - Striker Creek Rd
Marsh Fork-Striker Fork Rd
Mayberry Dr
Mays St
Meadow Branch Rd
Meetinghouse Branch Rd
Mighty Oaks Dr
Mill Branch
Mill Creek Rd
Miller Ln
Mills Branch Rd
Minnie Dr
Moore Branch Rd
Mopar Dr
Morning Star Dr
Mountain Meadow Rd
Mullins Ter
Myrtle Webb Rd
Naiper Meadows
Nelson Dr
N Fork Rd
Northgate Rd
Old Big Creek Rd
Old Co 3/3 Rd
Old Co 7 Rd
Old Co Rd 7
Old Dairy Rd
Old Logan Rd
Old Rd 3/03
Ollie St
Orchard Branch Rd
Owens Dr
Patty Martin Dr
Pepper Stone St
Perdue Ln
Perdue Rd
Perry Branch Rd
Perrys Branch Rd
Phico St
Pigeon Roost Rd
Pitt Branch Marsh Fork Rd
Plaza St
Powers Dr
Precious Memory Ln
Priate Dr
Providence Ave
Queen Matthews Ln
Queen's Dr
Raines Rd
Red Apple Dr
Regency Heights Rd
Renaissance Ct
Retriever Dr
Revelation Dr
Rhonda Dr
Richmond St
Ridgeview Est Rd
Ridgeview Ter
Ridgewood Rd
Right Fork Barker Fork Rd
Rivers Edge Dr
Riverside Dr
Robert Adam Dr
Rock Lick Rd
Rocky Branch Rd
Rocky Hill
Rolling Rock Rd
Rosedale Rd
Ryan Dr
Salem Blvd
Saunders Bl
Saunders Branch Rd
Saunders Creek Rd
Saunders Fork
Sawmill Rd
Serenity Way
Shady Ridge Rd
Shop Branch Rd
Slab Branch Rd
Slickrock Branch
Smokehouse Fork-Crawley Creek Rd
Smokehouse Fork Rd
Snap Dragon St
Sobeick Dr
Sobieck Dr
Southern Trl
South Ln
Spalding Dr
Spangler Dr
S Perdue Dr
Starlight Dr
State Rte 10
Stayley Dr
Steep Hill Dr
Stollinball Rd
Stone Branch Bottom
Stone Branch Rd
Stowers Ln
Street Rod Ln
Striker Fork Rd
Sunset Ct
Sunset View Dr
Sunset Vw
Sunshine Cir
Sycamore Ct
Tabor Dr
Teakwood Rd
Thunder Rd
Timberlake Rd
Tims Fork Rd
Tipple Ln
Toby Dr
Tomahawk Trl
Tomblin Dr
Topeka St
Trace Fork Rd
Tracy Vickers Ave
Tracy Vickers Rd
Trail Blazer Rd
Trenton Ave
Ugley Creek Rd
Vance St
Vannatter Ln
Varneys Branch Rd
Veres Dr
Vernon Hollow Rd
Vickers Branch Rd
Vickers Dr
Village Ct
Wallace Adams Rd
Watts Dr
Wheatley Branch Rd
Wheatley Rd
White Oak Rd
Whitman Dr
Whitt Hollow Rd
Woodcrest Dr
Woodland Dr
Woodland Hills Dr
Workman Fork
Workman Fork Rd
Workman Rd
Workmon St