Clendenin, West Virginia Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Clendenin, West Virginia Phone Numbers


Clendenin, West Virginia IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS19108 - SUDDENLINK-COMMUNICATIONS - Suddenlink Communications, US

Clendenin, West Virginia Streets

1st St
2nd Ave
2nd St
3rd Ave
4th Ave
5th St
6th St
Abbott Hollow
Abbott Rd
Amma Rd
Andys Run
Andy's Run Rd
Annie St
Armstead Hollow
Art Hill
Ashley Ct
Barberry Ln
Barren Creek Rd
Beech St
Beech St W
Bethmont Dr
Bettie St
Big Sandy Ave
Blue Creek
Blue Creek Rd
Broad Run Rd
Brown St
Bufflick Rd
Cardinal St
Charleston Rd
Cherry Ln
Cheshire Ln
Cleary Rd
Clio Rd
Cobb Ave
Cobb Ln
Cobb Loop
Cold Springs Rd
Columbia Gas Rd
Concord Ln
Conrad Rd
Copperfield Ln
Co Rd 23/3
Co Rd 23/4
Co Rte 1
Co Rte 11
Co Rte 11/4
Co Rte 1/15
Co Rte 119/1
Co Rte 119/19
Co Rte 119/2
Co Rte 119/3
Co Rte 119/32
Co Rte 119/4
Co Rte 119/5
Co Rte 119/51
Co Rte 119/6
Co Rte 1/2
Co Rte 1/3
Co Rte 13/20
Co Rte 21/13
Co Rte 23
Co Rte 23/2
Co Rte 23/5
Co Rte 23/6
Co Rte 29
Co Rte 29/12
Co Rte 29/13
Co Rte 29/14
Co Rte 3/1
Co Rte 4/1
Co Rte 50
Co Rte 5/3
Co Rte 57
Co Rte 59
Co Rte 59/2
Co Rte 6
Co Rte 6/3
Co Rte 63/1
Co Rte 63/4
Co Rte 63/5
Co Rte 64/2
Co Rte 65
Co Rte 65/4
Co Rte 67
Co Rte 6/9
Co Rte 69/1
Co Rte 69/2
Co Rte 69/8
Cowboy Dr
Dallas Dr
Daves Run
Doctors Creek Rd
Dorans School
Dry Branch Rd
Dry Ridge Rd
Dutch Rd
Dutch Rdg Rd
Dutch Ridge
Dutch Ridge Rd
Eds Fork Rd
Elk Ave
Elk River Rd
Elk River Rd N
Elk River Rd S
Elk St
Elmore Ln
Elm St
Falling Rock Rd
Fiat Fork-Groves
Foreman Dr
Forest Hill
Gabe Rd
Garner Branch Rd
Goad Rd
Grandview Ests
Grasshopper Ln
Grasslick Dr
Grein Rd
Grouse Ln
Hanover Dr
Harper Ests
Harper Rd
Highland Ave
Hively Addition Rd
Hootowl Hollow Rd
Horse Fork
Hurricane Creek
Kanawha Ave
Kanawha Ave E
Keefere Hollow
Kelly Addition
Kelly Hill Rd
Kelly Rd
Kelly St
Koontz Ave
Lane Dr
Lara Pl
Laurel Fork Rd
Leatherwood Rd
Left Fork Rd
Leuvin Dr
Lewis Station Rd
Liberty Dr
Little Blue Creek Dr
Little Blue Creek Rd
Little Page Dr
Little Queen Rd
Lizemore Rd
Lucy Ln
Main Ridge
Main St
Maple St
Mary St
Maywood Ave
Maywood Ave E
Maywood Ave W
Miller Dr
Mirage Dr
Morris Creek Dr
Morris Creek Rd
Mountain View Dr
Mountain View Rd
Mudlick Rd
Mullins Mtn Rd
Nebrasca Dr
Nichols Ave
Noone Dr
North Dr
N Point Dr
N Point Rd
Ocean Ln
O Dell Rd
Old Public Road 119/2
Omi Ln
Osborne Mills Rd
Osbourne Mills
Otis St
Palace Ln
Parker Dr
Petes Fork Rd
Pleasant Ln
Pleasant St
Poplar Glen Ln
Potenza Rd
Procious Maysel Rd
Pub Rd 65/3
Pub Rd 69/4
Queen Rd
Queen Ridge
Queen Shoals
Queen Shoals Rd
Quick Rd
Reamer Hill
Reamer Hill Rd
Reamer Rd
Rhapsody Ln
River Haven Rd
Robertson Rd
Robertson St
Robinson Dr
Robyn Ln
Rolling Hills Rd
Rte 119/18
Samantha Dr
Sanderson Rd
Skyline Dr
Slack Branch Rd
Slacks Br
Slacks Branch
Slacks Branch Rd
Slacks Br Rd
Sloan Dr
Spencer Rd
S Point Dr
Stacy Lynn Rd
State Rte
State Rte 4
Stricker Ln
Stump Dr
Sycamore St
Terrace Ave
Thorofare Rd
Three Mile Rd
Tomahawk Rd
Tommy Ridge
Tommy Ridge Rd
Tomohawk Rdg
Twin Oaks Dr
Un Rd-Old RR Tracks
US Hwy 119
US Rte 119
Valley St
Valley View Dr
Valley View Rd
Vincent St
Virginia Ave
Wall St
Walnut St
Warbutton Branch Rd
Weirlong Rd
Wellford Hollow Rd
White Oak Rd
Willow Ct
Willow St
Winesap Ln
W Union Rd
Youngs Ct
Youngstown Dr
Youngs Trailor Ct